Music in your office?

  1. I always have my laptop open to a You Tube channel of some sort. This morning I was listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack, now I am listening to the Best of John Williams. I feel like the kids enjoy the music. Last Friday I had a pretty anxious kiddo in my office and I put on relaxing "spa music" and he fell asleep
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  3. by   Farawyn
    I listen to a 70/80/90s station. Low.
  4. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    Jim Brickman station here! I'm not above John Williams or Frank Sinatra though.
  5. by   Cattz
    YAAAAESSSS! All day. Everyday on low. My favorite Christian Radio station. Can't do my job without it>>>Especially, since I work in a different environment every day of the week. It keeps me focused. I love the "Ah-Ha" look that kids get when they recognize the songs.
  6. by   ruby_jane
    I have nothing but the songs in my head.

    Currently whistling "Music of the Night," though...
  7. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN
    I stream Sirus through my phone or computer. Usually The Message, but sometimes the Garth Station. Can't really hear it beyond my desk.
  8. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN
    Quote from ruby_jane
    I have nothing but the songs in my head.

    Currently whistling "Music of the Night," though...
    and now I am too.....

    so, just to change to tune:

    Baby Shark, doot doo doot doot doo doot
  9. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    I love the Counting Crows Pandora station.
    After Thanksgiving it'll be a Bruce Springsteen Holiday!
  10. by   Flare
    what i listen to changes daily. Today is mostly 80s and 90s. I keep it pretty low, it's mostly for my enjoyment
  11. by   SaltineQueen
    I listen to all day. I usually have it on contemporary christian, sometimes 80s, and at Christmas time I listen to the old fashioned Christmas channel.
  12. by   UrbanHealthRN
    I usually have music playing in my office, too. It's pretty eclectic- one day I'm listening to folk music, the next it's early 90s rap and hip-hop. Anything to keep my brain focused and me energized!
  13. by   GatezRN
    Nora Jones right now...
  14. by   bsyrn
    not usually however during the holidays it is all Christmas music