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  1. GatezRN

    NCSN are you certified?

    I passed certification a few years back. My pay bumped a good bit
  2. GatezRN


    One more day, one more day! I can do this... (sitting quietly in my vomitorium.....)
  3. GatezRN


    I ordered my Epi through EpiPens4Schools on 9/2. I recieved my 0.3mg auto injectors, but not the Jr's. I called and was told they are still on back order. Thankfully all my students with allergies have provided theirs this year.
  4. GatezRN

    Wilderness First Aid

    Hi! Has anyone ever taken a wilderness first aid course, and if so, did you find it beneficial? The course description states that the content would benefit both medical professionals and non-medical as well. Contemplating taking the course before my next camp season. Thanks!!
  5. GatezRN

    Per Diem job advice please

    Have you looked into being a school nurse substitute?
  6. GatezRN

    Therapy dogs and Allergies

    Our OT started a therapy dog program here and typically interacts with our preschoolers during their OT sessions. We reviewed allergies and our plan is to contact the parents of students with allergies prior to the student having interaction with the dog. We've had 0 issues and the program has been a great addition to our school. It's amazing to see the fine motor and language skills that have developed in our preschoolers due to this program.
  7. GatezRN

    Signed, sealed, delivered

    Signed and sent my contract for next summer also!! Loved, loved, loved my camp experience!
  8. GatezRN

    Music in your office?

    Nora Jones right now...
  9. GatezRN

    Is it camp season yet??

    I did my first stint at camp this past summer. I only committed to two weeks, but from the moment I left, I wished I had stayed longer. My kids had a blast and can't wait to go back. Met the most amazing people from all over the world! I'm so excited for next year. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas :) OK... back to my regularly scheduled program.
  10. GatezRN

    SMART goals for student learning

    Thank you all for your great ideas!
  11. GatezRN

    SMART goals for student learning

    Ugh! Its that time of year when I need to formulate a new "student learning" goal for evaluation purposes. I struggle with this each year. This year is the beginning of a two year cycle for me, so I need a goal that I can carry through for this year and next. I'm in a small school with PK and K only. I've done goals related to hand washing, healthy lifestyle choices, and proper use of inhaler in the past. I would like to do something age appropriate related to allergy awareness, I think. Does anyone have any past goals they would like to share???
  12. GatezRN


    Longest Friday ever..... Spring break starting at 3:25 today!!!! Disney bound :)
  13. GatezRN

    When is your Spring Break & what are you doing?

    April 14th and.... I'm going to Disney!!!
  14. GatezRN

    School Nurse Involvment in IEP and 504 Process

    Elementary School Nurse here. I typically get involved with IEP/504 only if there are medical considerations that may affect the student throughout the school day. I just came from and IEP meeting, actually. If there is a significant medical history and/or the student will required accommodations due to that medical condition throughout their school day, I am asked to write a health assessment. I usually meet with parents/student and conduct and interview to gather detailed health history, obtain releases to speak with physicians, and discuss concerns that the parent may have if their child were to be enrolled in our school. My reports will summarize the health history and detail my recommendations/ concerns for that particular child during the school day. If there is a health assessment requested, I am invited to the IEP meeting to share my report. Sometimes daily treatments/procedures that will require the student to be out of class are entered onto the IEP. For a student with considerations that may not require leaving the classroom, I have the team note that there is an Individualized Health Care Plan that should be followed on the IEP. Not sure if this helps, but this is my involvement in the process.
  15. GatezRN

    New adventures in Nursing...

    Just accepted my first camp nurse job and I'm so excited. Will be going to camp for two weeks in July. I loved summer camp growing up and my heart is full knowing that my kids (they are coming with me) get to have this incredible experience also.