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  1. Calling all camp nurses working 2022 session

    Leaving on Wednesday 6/22 for my 4th Summer at camp. My camp is in NH. Residential camp with 3 sessions. Any where from 100 - 240 kids per session, around 100 staff. We host international campers and staff... so fun to catch up with friends from ...
  2. Who supplies your O2 for camp?

    I work for a camp in NH. The company who has supplied our O2 tanks is not out of business. Where to you all source your tanks from? Is it a seasonal contract? Looking forward to camp again this year. We had a phenomenal season last year desp...
  3. Vaccine mandate?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering, are your camps mandating Covid vaccine for campers this year? Our camp is requiring the vaccine for all staff, but a decision has not been made regarding campers.
  4. Questions for getting started in this specialty

    I started once both my kids were a good age for camp. Knowing my amazing experience at Summer camp as a kid, I wanted to give them the opportunity. I asked around and was referred to a camp in NH. We live in Massachusetts. I was hired, and ...
  5. Any other states get responding to COVID scenarios guidelines yet?

    MA nurse also. I'm searching for the isolation room requirements. Could you provide a link? I've been searching through all my CDC and DESE information, but I can't seem to locate. Thank you!
  6. The fate of camp this Summer

    I'm wondering what the fate of camps will be this Summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I know our Board is having a teleconference next week to discuss. Our camp hosts international campers and staff. I'm sad to think that camp may not happen this...
  7. Another face mask post

    Had one student show up with a mask in K last week. Called mom. Explained that the mask is not only a distraction to student and classmates, who now think the little one is sick, but it was causing the student to constantly readjust the mask and tou...
  8. Your favorite extracurriculars?

    Official earring replacer. Yup...
  9. tick tock....1 more sleep

    Yesssss! 1 more sleep! My students are off the wall today... tons of belly aches, headaches, cough/sneezies. Sympathetic to several who the holidays are difficult for. Teachers are also over it and want every kid with a sniffle to go home. Oy....
  10. Good PRN job for school nurses

    I stayed on PRN at the hospital for 4 years. Two years ago, I took a position as a camp nurse during the summers. Best job ever! It's busy, but relatively stress free and so much fun. My kids come with me and have had so many amazing experiences ...
  11. New school nurse- not sure if I like it. Help!

    Give yourself a bit more time. School nursing is unlike any other area of nursing. It's overwhelming at first and training for a school nurse position is typically sub par. Making decisions without having another nurse to confer with is daunting a...
  12. Yoga in the morning

    Has anyone ever organized a 10 - 15 minute yoga program for kids at the start of the school day? It would be Kindergarten aged students. If so, any obvious benefits observed?
  13. Less than 3 months!!! Can't wait :)

    I start June 21st. Doing 4 weeks this year. Headed to Maine this weekend for a Wilderness First Aid course. Hoping it will be a good refresher. Plus, a weekend away by myself ?
  14. Hiring nurses

    There is a School Nurse Group on Facebook. I put a quick post up there and had several people respond. We hired a nurse that I think will be a perfect fit for our camp. Good luck!
  15. Happy Nurses' Week, my loves!

    Happy Nurse's Week! I received lovely flowers, a nice card, and a sweet desk sign that says "I'm a School Nurse, What's your Superpower?" I love my school. Have a great week everyone!