Who supplies your O2 for camp?

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I work for a camp in NH.  The company who has supplied our O2 tanks is not out of business.  Where to you all source your tanks from?  Is it a seasonal contract?

Looking forward to camp again this year.  We had a phenomenal season last year despite all the Covid testing, Covid precautions and supply chain issues.

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You may want to check into general gas supply companies (like business that sell gasses for welding), to see if they have oxygen. Our local (rural) EMS service gets our oxygen from this type of company.

Local DME suppliers might be another option. 

If you are looking into a medical gas company, it might be helpful if you check with any local medical agencies (physician office, EMS etc) to see where they get their oxygen from to figure out who serves your local area. 

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No Oxygen used at my camp as suburban area; input as home care visiting nurse   You will need a medical order from a provider in order to obtain.  Many Durable Medical Equipment companies in my PA area will provide for a monthly fee a rental tank. Additionally, welding  supply companies can provide.   Some areas have tight supply E tanks due to covid,

National companies I've used:

Welding supplier: https://www.airgas.com/

DME:  Praxair/Lincare:  https://www.lincare.com/en/

Top Oxygen Suppliers in the U.S

Hope this helps.  Have a great Summer.

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