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Hi all,

I'm just wondering, are your camps mandating Covid vaccine for campers this year?  Our camp is requiring the vaccine for all staff, but a decision has not been made regarding campers.

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Not mandatory for campers, encouraged for staff.

Some international staff are required though by their staffing agency though from what I understand.

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Mandatory for campers and stafff over age 5. Must have negative covid test 2 days prior to start of camp; all campers and staff are retested on arrival day --we retested 5 days later last year and then masks came off.  No positive tests last year.  Campers living outside the US were tested 2-3 days prior  to leaving camp per requirements of country they live in as negative test required for reentry.

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We are waiting until it gets closer to camp to see what current CDC recommendations are regarding covid testing. 

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