Illness and School Concerts

  1. Hi all -

    Do you ever have to make the call whether a child who was out sick during the day can attend a school concert that afternoon/evening? Our students had a winter concert last night and we had a kiddo who had thrown up in the middle of the night the before and was out school during the day. Mom asked me if she could attend the after school concert that day - I basically said if the vomiting seemed to be due to a contagious illness she cannot attend (especially as we've had a stomach virus pop up in school this past week that I'm trying to keep down until our winter break starts!). I did add that if it seemed due to congestion/coughing and she seemed fine the rest of the day she might be okay to come. We do not have a school policy specifically relating to school events, but regular school attendance and vomiting, students are required to be out of school 24 hours vomit free (with some exceptions made for vomiting related to mucus, etc...).

    In reality I know I made the right call, but am just feeling guilty as I know the student really wanted to attend the concert and was a little heartbroken that she didn't get to go. I guess I was just looking for a little reassurance that other school nurses handle it the same!

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  3. by   Farawyn
    Both my kids had the stomach bug for concerts.

    One missed his Spring Concert.

    The other went, and got everyone else in Pit Orchestra sick, including his teacher, but the show went on (he was the only sax and played Bari, Alto and Tenor during the production.)
  4. by   Cattz
    My answer would have been "No" also. Too bad your school won't put it in the policy that students need to be in school all day/or at least a half day to attend evening activities. The exception would be for an unrelated a dentist appt. Then the kid needs to bring a note that he/she was seen at the dentist.
  5. by   Flare
    For the most part, you miss school due to illness the same 24 hour exclusion stands for concerts and after school events. Now that being said, I'm usually not there and i can't say who would enforce the policy. If the parent chooses to send the child in and Sally ends up puking into her trumpet halfway through Moonlight Sonata, then i don't want to hear about how embarrassing it was. but you can be sure i will hear about that it happened - better keep her home afterward !
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  6. by   Eleven011
    I don't have to make the call - its in our policy that if a student is absent at all the day of an event (concert, sporting event, ect) they can't go to the event that night. The only exception is an appt not related to illness (counseling, dental checkup) and then they need a note from that appt. stating why they were absent.
  7. by   ruby_jane
    I tell the parent if the student meets criteria for exclusion then s/he cannot perform at the pep rally/concert/game/whatever. Usually I'll shoot a note to the sponsor/coach as well (mostly on request) because our band kids are very concerned about their attendance.

    But I never really check back to see whether sweet baby stayed home or not....
  8. by   Amethya
    I would say no.

    Of course, my kid was adamant of going to his Christmas Concert, and all he had was a fever and cough the day he missed school.
  9. by   AdobeRN
    If I have excluded a kid for an illness they can not perform. A parent can still drag the sick kid to view the performance - can't do anything about that.
  10. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Sick enough to stay home, sick enough to miss the concert. That's my rule of thumb.
  11. by   BeckyESRN
    Just had one vomit spectacularly at concert practice; I bet he's at the concert tonight!
  12. by   denstar
    Thanks all for the reassurance! Maybe I'll see if we can add a line to our parent handbook next year regarding after school activities/illness.
  13. by   kidzcare
    Our district has a policy that is the kids miss a certain percentage of the school day (jr high and high school have to be in attendance for at least 3 core classes) then they cannot participate in or attend any after school functions.
  14. by   WineRN
    I don't think we have a policy, but I know it doesn't matter what I say. I had a little one with a temp of 104 and vomiting go home once and the parents asked if he could still present at the science fair. I said no and I guess who I still saw that night at the science fair?