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denstar has 4 years experience and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. denstar

    Help me with Health Office Protocols

    Yes - I remember when a staff member found out how many kids I see in a day and how many ice packs I give out. She thought I had a rotating supply of 5 ice packs (like my TOTAL ice pack inventory was 5). Hahaha!
  2. denstar

    The Big Chill

    I agree overall, that this isn't a battle I generally choose to fight-so I feel many of my ice packs are just 'TLC ice packs'. I do find with playground/classroom injuries that seem super minor though, that if I have them go back to class (without ice) and 'see me in 10 minutes' or next class break or something if still having pain, at least 50% of the time the student does not return, as they've probably completely forgotten they were even injured in the first place! That avoids any children complaining they didn't get any ice or treatment for an injury, and avoids me giving unneeded ice.
  3. denstar

    Funny Ranting

    I think I need to add you to my 'bubble wrap' list. We'll just wrap you up in it, and then you won't get hurt so often.
  4. denstar

    Striking image of an 8 yo Hands

    Oh goodness...I'm already creating a poster to put up. If that doesn't make someone wash their hands, nothing will!
  5. denstar


    Unfortunately, I think it's pretty common. I remember being (embarrassingly far) through part of my first year and realizing - wait, who checks that the AEDs are working?!? It just hadn't crossed my mind (I think I thought of it as part of the facilities management), and there was no documentation/protocol for it. Sure enough, one of our AEDs hadn't been checked since loooong before my arrival and wasn't working. I think there are so many little (and big) things that can be missed without a proper handoff from the previous nurse and without a policy/systems in place.
  6. denstar

    Overhead in elementary school...

    Last school year, my then 7 year old told me that he and classmates had a 'mini rally' against Trump and McDonalds. How random kids are. Wish I had seen it!
  7. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    Yes! The salad bar is fantastic - the children are really encouraged to make healthy choices, and do!
  8. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    That's a good idea - for certain students who might have any of their allergens in the food bar. I'll bring that up!
  9. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    Thanks OldDude! We're figuring out a good plan going forward. Part of the issue is parents pay ahead of time for lunches. Students then go to the hot lunch or sandwich line to get the main part of their meals, and then go to the salad bar. From the salad bar they just go straight to their table to eat, so there really is no one checking salad bar food before students eat. That would be great to have food services have to check students out and have a 'back up' allergy check!
  10. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    The student sometimes brings lunch and sometimes takes hot lunch. I agree it would be best for the student to avoid the salad bar altogether, but mom seems to want him to use it still. He does always have some sore of an allergy free hot lunch option. For now, we are taking out chickpeas completely, but we can't feasibly do that for every allergy in school - we wouldn't have much of a salad bar left!
  11. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    The student has a chickpea allergy, and knew not to eat hummus, but had never actually seen a chickpea, and so, didn't know what it was. I have the parent in touch directly with our food services manager to discuss as well. Not sure if it makes a difference, but we are not only a private school, but also receive no state/federal funding whatsoever.
  12. denstar

    Salad Bar and Allergies

    Good morning, Well, last Friday, I had the moment I've had dreams about since starting school nursing - a student with an anaphylactic reaction at school. Staff did everything perfectly, and student is well now. Student complained throat "didn't feel good" at the end of lunch and then staff member noted bottom lip swelling. Student was immediately brought to me and needed his epipen. Really proud of my staff for recognizing the severity of the reaction, especially as the student was not yet in any obvious distress. Going forward, however, we're hoping to prevent any further reactions. This student (who is young), has known food allergies, and one of the foods he is allergic to was served in our school salad bar. The salad bar is open to all students, and students self serve (even the younger ones). Although we avoid peanut/tree nut products, we have a number of students with random, atypical allergies, and so we cannot guarantee these foods are not sometimes served in the salad bar. In looking to prevent reactions though, we want to see what we can change/improve on. Do any schools have salad bars and young students? Do you have any policies or advice on preventing reactions? If so, please feel free to PM as I would love to discuss. This is our 4th year of having the salad bar and the first time we've had an issue. Hoping to make it the only time. Thanks!
  13. denstar

    NP path question

    I am in Chicago and attended a direct entry masters program. I don't think anyone in my cohort had trouble finding jobs at good hospitals. Maybe this varies greatly by location? I'm from Wisconsin, and knowing the great reputation Marquette has (did my undergrad there), I would be surprised if you have trouble finding a position. Maybe see if you can reach out to Marquette and ask to speak with some recent grads to get their take?
  14. Ah, yes, for chest pain (which I don't get often), I would do full vitals, no matter what. I used to do the same for dizziness (when I was wee newbie), but I see that complaint so often I try water/snack/rest first (if students seems well otherwise), and it often resolves (or I notice the student is quite talkative, and I say, "Oh, you must be feeling better?".
  15. I think that sometimes (and I'm not being sarcastic, I literally mean just sometimes), teachers send the kids at the end of the day if they are still complaining so that the kids don't go home and say they felt unwell and the teacher didn't do anything. This way the teacher can say, well I sent them to the nurse. Do most of your kids ride the bus? The kids at my school all get picked up (we're private-no bus service), and by 3pm, whoever is picking the student up is on the way and will probably get to school at about dismissal time anyway, so sending to my office after 3pm isn't really going to get the kid home any faster. Also, do you have to take vitals on every student that comes in? I take temperatures very frequently, but only bp/pulse on occasion (and typically not for a mild stomach ache/headache without other symptoms).
  16. denstar

    Elementary- Food Precautions

    Our school used to do the same as OldDude, however, we had many parents who either didn't realize, or purposely ignored the rule and either brought in home made items, or store bought items without the label. The number of treats getting sent home was getting a little out of control too, between every single birthday and every single holiday. It actually worked out well that a group of parents formed a group to reduce the amount of sugar in school and we now do not allow food related treats to be shared at school. Parents can bring in other small gifts to share with classmates, and/or donate a book to their class. I was worried how the policy change was going to go over, but the positive feedback far outweighed any negative, and parents overall are very ahppy with the change, and for new parents coming in, they accept it as the just the way it is. My children's school (they attend a different school) do the same. The kids love it, as when they bring their book in the principal takes their picture with it and gets put on the wall in the school lobby.

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