I need a hug. <slightly off topic>

  1. Tomorrow is my own commencement. I have finally completed bu Bachelor's Degree in Public Health (many of you know that Nursing School starts this summer, joys of being an unlicensed clinical professional).

    I am so overwhelmed I feel tearful.

    My family is not really organizing themselves well, I am stressed out classes that start in two weeks, so I don't have that sense of relief that I am done.

    I don't feel proud of me, and I don't feel like my parents are proud either. I feel like a burden. My sister went to Nursing School right out of high school, doing everything "right" and I feel like that has shaded the perspective on my achievement for us all.

    And then! Then Mother's Day is Sunday. I am a mom, and I am anticipating more obligations than celebrations. As it is we are hosting a friend of my son's for an overnight.
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  3. by   nmr79
    Hugs to you! Just because you didn't take a "traditional" path doesn't mean you haven't achieved a lot. Finishing school without having a family of your own would be difficult. Finishing school when you have your own kids? That's really impressive! I can't imagine how hard it would be to juggle working, parenting, and school.
    I really dislike that this time of year is so busy. Mother's Day always seems to be lumped in with graduations, recitals, First Communions, etc. We should move Mother's Day to a slower month, like February or something, so that we have a chance to enjoy it!
  4. by   GdBSN
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Be very proud of yourself. Not everyone moves through life in the same lines, so don't ever under-estimate your accomplishments. Take a deep breath and celebrate. You deserve it. Happy Mother's Day!!!
  5. by   MHDNURSE

    Sounds like a lot right now. First of all, congratulations on completing a BA in Public Health. You did it the hard way, as a mother AND with a job, way to go! Try to embrace the fact that you are that much closer to your goal. I remember when I got my Master's it was totally anticlimactic. I didn't go to the ceremony, didn't walk, no one came. But that big, fat diploma hangs proudly on the wall in my office here at school and I'm reminded of all my hard work. Try to enjoy your Mother's Day- I do feel like it gets less and less celebrated as the kids get older. In my town there are sports games all day and my friends and I always joke as we see each other on the fields "there is no place we would rather be spending Mother's Day", LOL

    I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Hoping this weekend is better than you think it will be <3
  6. by   NutmeggeRN
    Congratulations!!!! Step Back, take a breath and think about all you have accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!


    Happy Mothers Day!!
  7. by   BeckyESRN
    Congratulations!!! and Happy Mother's Day!!!
  8. by   KKEGS
    I didn't take the traditional path either. I took night classes for 3 years while working full time and then having 2 babies and staying home with them! I started nursing school when I was 31. The older I get the more I realize there is no "right way." Be proud! We are sooooooo proud of you!!!
  9. by   OldDude
    Ohio...if I could I'd put you in a head lock and give you a serious round of noogies for saying that! I realize the load moms carry and juggle gets heavy; especially under the academic endeavor you've accomplished and will accomplish. I need to remind you, you're the engine for this train and, without you, it's just a bunch of clumps of metal sitting idle on the track with no way to move forward. So Sis took the easy route. Good for her. You're showing your metal...now be proud of yourself and celebrate!

    Happy Mother's Day!
  10. by   ruby_jane
    NOOGIES!! I have a picture of Bill Murray and Gilda Radner in my head.

    You took the long way 'round, no doubt.

    Regarding the fam....whelp, they're just going to need to organize themselves eventually, right? I found it difficult to simultaneously keep up my share of the household duties and go to nursing school so, guess what?? House wasn't clean during nursing school. It's a great opportunity for the young'uns to become self-sufficient and if someone attempts to guilt trip you into ANYTHING, remember...everyone needs to learn to wipe their own butts, make their own PBJ or mac 'n'cheese (whatever's age appropriate), get their own darn selves up in the morning and wash their own clothing.

    Those are life skills.

    I'm proud of you!!
  11. by   audreysmagic

    You've got a lot going on - being overwhelmed is normal! But you've also accomplished a lot. <3 Keep that in mind. Keep on being awesome.
  12. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    It's stories like yours that INSPIRE and MOTIVATE. When I would hear the stories of my non-traditional classmates, I knew I had no excuse not to do my absolute best, because even a brief list of what a parent had to juggle over the weekend in addition to school was 10x as much as I had to! And they got it done. YOU got it done. Way to go!! Best of luck in the coming nursing program! Based on your forum posts, I think you'll be a rockstar!
  13. by   JenTheSchoolRN

    and CONGRATS!!
  14. by   Amethya
    You did so much for you and your family, sacrificed your time and life for school and you achieved your goal! If you aren't proud of yourself, then I'll be for you! Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day!