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  1. nmr79

    C'Mon Now!

  2. nmr79

    C'Mon Now!

    A father of a student emailed me, angry that the cafeteria sells Coke and 7-up, and that 7th graders shouldn't be expected to choose healthy options when that is available, what am I going to do about it? Ugh! First of all, I am the least influential person when it comes to what the cafeteria serves. I am not even remotely involved in the decision-making there. I responded that while those options are available, there is also bottled water, and a FREE filtered water dispenser with cups, right in the middle of the cafeteria, that his child can use all day long, for FREE. Yes, pop is bad for you. Also, you need to talk with your kid about your personal preference about what he drinks, or don't send money, and pack a lunch yourself for him. He's bringing this issue to the school board. Go ahead.
  3. Cool site and article! I am dealing with some really dedicated class avoiders this year.
  4. nmr79

    Teacher awesomeness

    That's awesome! Life is just better when it feels like you're all on the same team.
  5. nmr79

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Way to go! It's nice to be thanked every now and then:)
  6. nmr79

    Life outside of school

    I'm so sorry. I really miss working with the elderly sometimes. They really can be such a challenging and rewarding group to work with. Hang in there.
  7. nmr79

    Field Trip Bags

    I second the feminine hygiene products. That's honestly what gets used the most from my bags. Also included: bandaids, gauze, tissues, hand wipes, instant ice packs, student-specific epipens, a stock epipen, any care plans for kids with medical conditions...I usually toss a few water bottles in there, too.
  8. nmr79

    We're back!!!

    Hello! We were back last week, but W-F, I had the pleasure of sitting in vision screening certification. (IL nurses know how fun that is:). This week started with a bang. The gym classes all have the 16-minute run, and MAP testing. I'm anticipating a lot of traffic around here.