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    Pure curiosity :)

    I will definitely be asking our district nurse about PEARS- seems to be a good idea. I just have BLS.
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    Just sent my first via ambulance....

    Poor kid! You made the right call, though, not moving him.
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    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    It was crazy! We were still open last Monday, after that crazy snowstorm (I think Chicago, Evanston and my district were the only schools without late starts. Then we were closed W/TH. It was glorious. My daughter and I hunkered down and did crafts, listened to audiobooks, and I binge-watched my new favorite show, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Also, if you don't have the WTForecast app, it was epic last week. It gives totally inappropriate, but hilarious descriptions of the weather.
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    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    That was my favorite news story in a long time!
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    Life outside of school

    I'm so sorry. I really miss working with the elderly sometimes. They really can be such a challenging and rewarding group to work with. Hang in there.
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    Are we done yet???

    3 more hours for me. I have had the pleasure of dealing with the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. I wish that was a joke. Three boys all came to me with puffy, bruised lips. None of them are in pain, but they are worried about how long it will last. Uh, kids, you basically just gave yourselves hickies. It's going to be that way for a while. Oh yeah, and the 8th graders have their ice skating party in an hour (across the street at the rink). The boys in that class are rough like men, with ideas like toddlers. I would love to not have a bunch of incident reports to write just as the bell rings!
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    All I want for Christmas is... (the school nurse list)

    I'd love to be removed from the gym pass equation. Kid brings a note from home/doc. Shows it to the gym teacher. Gym teacher sends kid to me. I have to stop what I'm doing to write a pass about the same issue that is already written in the note from home. I have middle schoolers who are coddled by their parents. Any time they have to run the mile or the pacer, I easily have 20 of these special snowflakes in my office. It drives me nuts! Or, if they could all present their special cases first thing in the morning, or at some dedicated time, instead of sprinkled throughout the busiest parts of the day, that would be great. But, I'd be happy with a lunch break or an ice machine:)
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    Lack of Manners

    I hate this! I get a lot of this, and my kids are 7th/8th graders! I always say "How can I help you?" Sometimes they get it, sometimes, they stare. I don't have magic powers, folks!
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    What brought you to where you are now?

    I knew I wanted to be a nurse all along, and got my BSN at 22. I loved my community, peds and psych rotations, so I figured I'd eventually be in one of those areas, but realized that I probably needed med-surge experience before anyone would hire me. I lasted about 6 months in general med-surge unit before transferring to a migraine headache unit (within the same hospital). I lasted there about a year, then went into geriatrics (it was a geriatric psych unit, but it was mostly medical patients who were old and combative-- I really liked it, the elderly folks have a special place in my heart. I hated my supervisor, though, so I then took a job in the ED. I liked the ED, but since I had psych experience, they had me work as kind of a triage person for any police drops or any aggressive or high/drunk patients. I didn't mind it, but it was overnight hours, and I was getting married and missed seeing friends and family. From there, I took an evening shift position in a psychiatric hospital, and worked both adolescent and adult psych. I liked both a lot, and I actually really liked the 3-11 shift. However, I still didn't get to see my family or friends much, so I took an outpatient job. I worked in a clinic where I loved the patients, but really didn't like my commute, and there was a miserable nurse I shared space with. We saw a little bit of everything, all ages and conditions. I stayed there for years, though, because the hours were family -friendly. I had my daughter and went back to that same job after maternity leave. I stuck it out for a few more years, and decided that it wasn't worth driving to the city every day to be miserable. I found a small adolescent psych unit at a hospital near my home and was there for 2 years. I loved it, but by that point, my daughter was in school for full days, so I almost never got to see her, since I was working 3-11. There were no daytime positions open, and I was tired of working weekends. I happened to see that there was an opening in my local district for a middle school nurse position. My daughter will eventually go here. I am less than a mile from home and have the same schedule as my kiddo. It pays 12 dollars an hour less than my last hospital job, so I kept PRN hours at my previous hospital gig, working a few shifts a month until I had socked away enough to make this work. Now I'm only here at the school, and my daughter is 9. I love it here. I work the local summer camp, which my daughter gets to come to with me. It's 4 hours a day, and pays about the same as I make during the school year, so it's pretty awesome. I don't see myself leaving anytime soon, unless an elementary position becomes available in the district. (I'd love to work with the littles, they're so cute at camp).
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    Had to give Epi Today!

    I also think you handled it well. She wasn't rapidly declining, and with her history, it sounds like you were waiting the appropriate time to tease out if it was behavioral or not. Good job! It's scary, even when we do know what to do! It's also easy to second guess ourselves, esp. if the EMTs aren't supportive.
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    Use of nurse's office

    What about the need to access emergency meds stored in the med room? I'm happy to support pumping mothers. I was once one myself, I get it. However, the needs of the student body should also be considered. Lunchtime is a high-traffic time in most health offices. Does the teacher have her own classroom that she could use? I'd be happy to share fridge space, but I would not be okay with having 20 minute chunks of time where I couldn't properly care for the students. On the other hand, if the office is pretty much unusable for 20 min, maybe you could negotiate a lunch break in that time?
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    my middle schoolers are running The Mile tomorrow

    Yep. And there are always the kids with the notes from home to excuse them for whatever vague, old, fake, etc injuries that prevent them from running, but are somehow fine when they have club sports after school.
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    my middle schoolers are running The Mile tomorrow

    Mine had their pacer test today. Sigh. I'm always so popular on any day that requires running.
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    What are your Thanksgiving break plans?

    I love taking my daughter to the city for shows:). I did a whole lot of relaxing. My parents both love to cook/host, so we went to their house on Thursday (about 40 min away), per our annual tradition. On Friday, my daughter and I had a mother/daughter day with my best friend and her girls, who are my daughter's age. We just hung at my house while the girls entertained themselves and we had a nice visit. Saturday, we went to see the movie version of the Nutcracker, and watched some college football. Sunday/Monday (snow day), I got the holiday decorations out, moved furniture around, and cleaned. This was the first major holiday since my husband and I separated over the summer. Fortunately I had my daughter for all but Wednesday and yesterday. It went well, and she seemed happy, which made me happy. Fortunately her dad and I live in the same neighborhood, so we both see her most days, for a least a little bit.
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    Returning to school after devastating Camp Fire

    Wow, I can't even imagine what you and your community are going through. You are proving your dedication by even worrying about the logistics. I hope you, personally, are okay. I agree with what others have said about deferring to your district for counseling, and to the county/state requirements for medications and permits. Good luck.
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    I love Splinter Out! (I love splinters. One of our maintenance workers had a splinter of copper in his finger. It was super satisfying to remove. I use my lice lamp if it's a tiny one, and I have all sorts of tweezers, too.
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    Post Halloween

    Today has been rough! The kids (and I) are all wiped out.
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    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Same here :)
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    Made the cafeteria staff cry today

    That's really awesome!
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    Not today!!

    Way to go! Also, I felt a weird relief after the first time I gave epi. It's good to have "the first time" anxiety out of the way. Hopefully this kid's parents take things seriously.
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    I'm so happy to have yesterday over with, for the same reason! I got my list of excluded kids down to 2, so I'm feeling good about that. I feel like the more I have to do that is time-sensitive, the more needy the kids here get! I miss drawing blood and starting IVs, so I get that. But, I try to remind myself that I don't miss out on family time by having this schedule, so it really is worth the headache.
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    Enablement Overload

    Oh wow.
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    Enablement Overload

    Yes. The complete inability to deal with anything less than perfect comfort is astounding these days.
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    Why do teachers

    Yes! I just had a kid (ff status) present, 10 minutes after the bell, with vague complaints. First, it was his throat, which looked okay when I checked it, then he was "gonna puke", then he had body aches (98.0), then he was tired. I asked him if his mother knew he didn't feel well. "Yeah, but she wanted me to try at least." Mom isn't going to pick him up, asked him to go back to class (he went ahead and texted her on his way to my office). Kid comes back 5 min later, "My math teacher (and huge hypochondriac), said I can't be in class if I'm sick." Ugh!!
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    I'm at a 7th/8th building. There are 425 kids. I get 20-30 a day, plus 2 diabetics and 5 with daily meds. There are a few others with PRN meds. A lot of them have emotional stuff/ class avoidance, so I've worked with the school psych to come up with specific plans for the really frequent flyers.