1. Well all...school is dismissing at noon today for everyone to grab their kids, batten down the hatches and skedaddle outta here for the big blow and flood this weekend. It's been a long time since a hurricane has come into the Texas coast so everything is kinda crazy. There is no bottled water to be purchased anywhere from Brownsville to Houston to San Antonio, the stores that still have gas have lines out the wazoo, and you couldn't guy a sheet of plywood for any amount of money to board up your windows (if you didn't have that already). People are generally going ape you-know-what. I've lived here all my life so I know the drill and know how dangerous those unpredictable storms are; I road out Hurricane Celia in 1970 lying face down in the mud, huddling behind a concrete slab (the same slab that held the building I was in until it was sucked away in one of the tremendous gusts that were clocked at over 200 mph).

    So, if you don't mind, and you're inclined to be a praying person, please send one up for the safety these folks down here that have never dealt with something like this.
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  3. by   Cattz
    OldDude- Buddy, that was a lot of stuff there. Sounds like you got it all under control for yourself. I will pray for your school, community and you and your Sweet Petunia. Please let us know that you are safe when you can and keep us posted. When is it supposed to hit where you are?
  4. by   WineRN
    I'll be definitely thinking about you and your community.
  5. by   KKEGS
    Sending up safety vibes! Please tell me you thought ahead and stocked up on your Bud Lite?!? (That's your beer isn't it?)
  6. by   Eleven011
    Stay safe!!
  7. by   Windchaser22
    Praying for you and yours. Stay safe.
  8. by   Keepstanding
    Absolutely OldDude ! Sending prayers to all who will be affected and for you and your family.
  9. by   SaltineQueen
    Stay safe!
  10. by   kidzcare
    Hoping things blow over (in the good way, not the hurricane way)!

    I'll crack a beer in your honor tonight!
  11. by   AdobeRN
    Stay Safe! I hope things dont get to crazy.
  12. by   cooties_are_real
    Old Dude. I will be praying from my part of Texas. Yes, we are expecting TONS of rain depending on who you talk to. Trying to get things ready for the first day of school and preparing for this maybe/maybe not weather on this side of the storm is getting nerve racking. It doesn't help when your yard (not home) gets flooded (a good foot or more). Thank God, it has never gotten water inside the house, even during Ike or Rita.
  13. by   abc123RN
  14. by   Flare
    I'll be thinking of you guys. Please shoot us a post when you can that you are safe - we worry.