Another Tragedy

  1. I'm not posting this to ignite a gun debate but to call on you, since we are all related by way of our many and varied relationships with students, to offer prayers and positive thoughts for Santa Fe High School parents and students...another shooting; 8 have been confirmed dead so far. Dear God!!
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  3. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Ugh, my husband just texted me and my AN TX friends immediately came to mind. I pray that all of my "co-workers" are safe and pray for those affected. So incredibly tragic.
  4. by   NutmeggeRN
    oh no....
  5. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    I've been sitting with goosebumps.
  6. by   WineRN
    My heart aches at this
  7. by   Farawyn
    So sorry for these losses. Heartbreaking.
  8. by   kidzcare
    So sad. So awful. My heart aches for those families affected.
  9. by   MHDNURSE
    Another senseless tragedy. My heart breaks for all.
  10. by   dd_txlvn
    So sad. My heart is breaking for them.
  11. by   GdBSN
    This is heartbreaking. Prayers going out to the Santa Fe community.
  12. by   Supernrse01
    Makes my morning rant seem so full of ridiculousness now. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers for all involved.
  13. by   Glitternurse
    Prayers to all involved in this horrible tragedy. My heart breaks everytime I hear about these shooting.
  14. by   Farawyn
    22 this year, I think. 22.