Scaring me!


A little about myself, I am a 41 yr old male that is a maintenance manager (so I work mostly with men) right now but for the last 10 yrs has been interested in nursing. I am starting my basic classes now (Intro to Chem, Algebra, etc) and stumbled across this website a couple weeks ago. After browsing through here I can honestly say that the world of nursing seems much more frightening than first anticipated. I dont mind challenges such as heavy workloads but reading about all the political crap along with all the drama with peers is kinda scary. Anyway, just thought I would give my 2 cents and look forward to chatting with some of you in the future...



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I'm a former nursing instructor and one of my brightest students was a former maintenance manager, the top student in his class that year and one of the best I ever had. Thank you for reminding me of him.

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Good news: I have worked at three facilities on a total of 6 different units and have not encountered any of the drama I have read about here. The male nurses also seem to have a knack for not getting into any of the light gossip. :D There are nurses and techs I love, some I'm not so crazy about but have only had two that I really don't like working with. For the most part we get along well and assist each other to best care for our patients. It is also kind of ebb and flow, someone who got on your nerves last week might be your favorite this week. Know your stuff, do your job, be pleasant and you will be fine. Welcome.


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That aspect of nursing is my worse fear too. I can handle just about anything, but the nastyness and politics that can ensue in the nursing world are unmatched in other professions. I pray and hope that I dont have to deal with that but have been mentaly gearing myself up for it, non-the-less.

As has been said, the guys tend to stay out of it. And like Jules, I only work with a couple of people I would prefer to avoid, and then, only when they are on together. We cooperate and help one another.

And I know you won't have a baby and bore me to tears with everything the ankle-biter ever does.


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No need to be afraid if you go into this with the right attitude. When someone is engaging in gossip, ignore it. If the conversation turns political/religious/whatever...excuse yourself and go do something. My husband is a pro at this. He just simply refuses to get involved. As a result, he's very respected because he does not take sides. His manager knows that if/when he brings up an issue, it's legitimate and not a result of "hurt feelings" or trying to stir the pot.

You may find that your co-workers will be a cool group to work with. My better half works the 7p-7a shift and he tells me that every single job he's worked at, he finds that night shift is more laid back and fun. That's his take on it anyway.

Good luck to ya!


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Be very afraid! JK Male Nurse here, lots play politics, lots stay out of politics, room for all! Challenging field, and like most things : You get out what you put in, usually. :)If you want it, you can do it! Welcome and good luck!


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Go for it! Remember this site is a place where people can vent, so the less appealing aspects of the profession might be overrepresented....

Just my two cents.


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I worked in electric motors for 15 yrs before going into nursing. your sanity, stay in maintenance!

but other than losing your mind, it's a great job! :)


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I can tell you that I have dealt with the drama of working on a horrible shift for almost 2 years now, but I still love nursing.

The autonomy it provides, the appreciation my patients have, the pride in my work, and the public service I am able to perform give me great joy with my profession. It can be scary at times. There are times where I've nearly pulled my hair out.But then there are times when someone has held my hand, and tearfully thanked me for being kind to them. It really makes it all worth while.

This is not just a job, but a lifestyle. If you are willing to embrace it wholeheartedly, and love it, then you will love it. I am still very early in my profession, so im sure my opinion will be easily swayed in years to come, but I feel that this is one small way that i can make a difference in peoples lives and in this world.

We need people to do good in this world. I think nurses do good in this world.