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  1. Testify in court - accent?

    I cant see how an accent can be a negative issue in court. You are not being judged on your accent you will be judged on your knowledge and presentation. It is good to fully understand the English language but being bilinual is also a great asset. ...
  2. Top medications used in LTC

    Hahahah. yup. Basically study all meds, ya never now.
  3. Top medications used in LTC

    I worked in LTC/SNF for almost two years, as an RN I did it all, including push meds. The most common were colase ( everyone was on that, regardless) Norco, Insulin, blood pressure meds ( brush up on them all) omeprazole, many different chronic pain ...
  4. How do I become a Postpartum Nurse?

    You could get in the door of the hospital you want then work your way to that unit. Get some med/surg nursing under you and get to know the staff, then make your move. May start with an On-call position while you work your regular unit then wait for ...
  5. Wow...just wow.....

    Sure sounds like the mother is the one that needs medical help. Glad the boy is not suffering with Cancer.
  6. Odourous wound

    First, you have to ask yourself, why is it stinky? Necrosis? Infection? Yeast? That needs to be treated first. Debridement, different antibiotics, anti-fungal cream. Dankins is good but you can only use it for a short period of time. If the odor con...
  7. Signing your title in everyday signature

    I have two different signatures, one for work and one for "other" stuff. My last name is long so I write it out during work for legibility purposes and of course that includes the RN and on formal letters to Docs and what not it is RN, BSN. On banks ...
  8. Most is EMT work I would imagine. I am comfortable with the requirements but not sure if EMT work in in my scope? Any advice would be great. Also, they asked an LPN to do the same thing, I am really unsure of what is in the scope of an LPN. I was t...
  9. I work in a SNF, going on a bit over a year now. I shake my head often at things that I would never do yet are being done by other RN's and LPN's. I understand that things are different in the world of long term care but some things just seem not oka...
  10. Should I ask for a raise?

    or to re-negotiate my wage? I work in a SNF and just found out they hired an LPN,( I am an RN half way done with my BSN) at the same wage I make. Not sure how to feel about that, but this LPN quit without notice after a few weeks, we are stuck withou...
  11. colostomy

    The short answers is NO. The control of when a person evacuates the bowels is driven by the colon muscles and sphincters inside the rectum, therefore there is no contraction control over muscle movement in the areas where the stoma is located. The fi...
  12. Nurse charting stuff she did not do.

    A large part of me knows that but the new nurse in me is very naive regarding the outcomes of these things and have yet to come to terms with the fact that she simply is a lousy nurse and should not be taking care of people. I feel bad, but then I...
  13. Nurse charting stuff she did not do.

    We had a med aide who charted they gave meds to a person after they died. I called her on it and she admitted to charting ahead.
  14. Nurse charting stuff she did not do.

    There is a treatment for one patient that I know is not being done because I asked the patient. She is A&O x4 so I trust what she says. The treatment is not a life sustaining treatment but still being signed for and NOT being done, and this part...
  15. Nurse charting stuff she did not do.

    This is the same indecent that started the dating and initialing of bandages. I found a bandage that had a smiley face on it, one I did a few days prior yet it was marked in the treatment book it had been changed. If things like this are done one t...