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  1. Hint: When you stop thinking of nursing in terms of tasks performed, you will have a much better understanding of the differences in scope of practice.
  2. Check with your state's home care association as each state has different rules.
  3. Assaulted while working

    1. Do NOT talk to your supervisor first. 2. Contact the Employee Assistance Program and request an immediate evaluation by a psychiatrist. 3. File a work comp claim if you haven't done so already, contact HR or your employee handbook for where t...
  4. Using HH computer software

    That's like asking "how long is a piece of string." Not all software programs are created equally and what one does well, another may not. Sorry, I just can't answer your poll question the way it is written.
  5. What type of volunteering do you do?

    I volunteer at a free clinic at the mosque that serves indigent and uninsured people. I adore it and really feel like I've made a difference. I don't think it's helped me find a job, but it has helped me to keep my skills up and network while unemp...
  6. Thermometers and stethoscopes--any opinions?

    I use disposable thermometers and a Littman stethoscope. I see no need for an electronic steth unless you have some serious hearing problems. I've had every manner of thermometers known to man and I like the disposables. No germ transfer, no batte...
  7. How Hard is Home Health Nursing on the Body?

    Definitely much easier on the body. I don't want to get into my physical issues on a public forum, but that's one of the reasons that I stick with home health--that and I love it!
  8. Wow, there are so many reasons that a clinical background is helpful for a marketer. First, just understanding how nursing works is a big step. Being able to talk to the nurses at any facility or doctor's office in their own language and be able to...
  9. Drug Book for Kindle?

    I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to load a drug book onto my Kindle Fire and not have to carry around an actual book, but reading the reviews on Amazon, they don't seem to be user-friendly. Does anyone actually use a drug book on their e-r...
  10. Coag Machines

    Agree with above. In terms of user friendliness, I prefer Coagucheck, but I don't have any idea what the cost of the strips would be.
  11. First day on my own and feel like a failure!

    And Kinnser is absolutely tedious in terms of documentation, which does not help with your time management. Part of being new to home health is learning to be independent with what you're doing. Coming from a facility, you're used to having someone ...
  12. Patients that made you go "How are you even alive?!"

    The guy who drove himself to the ER in VT because he didn't think his wife was a good driver. I was there when the VT was replicated in the EP lab. As my jaw is dropping to the floor, the guy is awake and talking to me, saying, "Yeah, I'm starting ...
  13. First, what kind of agency is this? If this is a Medicare agency and you are doing Medicare visits, then the pay is way too low, no matter where you are. Plus, you should be doing more than blood draws as phlebotomy is not a covered skill for Medic...
  14. Weekend work

    Yup, most SOCs happen Fri, Sat, and Sun. Medicare gives the agency 48 hours from the time of the referral to do the SOC, so if it comes in on Friday, SOC is happening by Sunday unless you get a physician-ordered SOC date.
  15. What degree do agencies prefer?

    Asalaam aleikum, UmmNasim. I agree with above, but just wanted to say hello. Ramadan Kareem and Eid mubarek, a little early. :-)