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Nursing student to be

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  1. Associate Degree program a thing of the past...

    Instructors need to have a PhD to teach at the BSN level. Currently, there simply aren't enough PhDs to produce the number of graduates to have a 100% BSN workforce. Some places may be picky about degrees, but there'll be opportunities for ADN grads ...
  2. He probably wouldn't want to see me, bald, 50ish, and male. T
  3. Scaring me!

    Go for it! Remember this site is a place where people can vent, so the less appealing aspects of the profession might be overrepresented.... Just my two cents. Tom
  4. Wanting to become an RN - Pediatrics

    Most schools are two years, but as someone mentioned you might need a year of prerequisites. I did, even though I already had a degree. I was a sick little kid and remember the great nurses (and doctors) I had. I'd like to get into pediatrics, too. I...
  5. question for those of you who take melatonin

    I take 600 mcg about 30 minutes or so before I go to bed.That dose seems to be effective for me. I was taking temazepam 15 mg, but it seemed to make me too foggy the next day. TomLM
  6. New Nursing Students age 50 and up

    I start in August. I just turned 52. Tom
  7. Canada's healthcare saved her; Ours won't cover her

    Those darned miserable Swedes and Dutch and their socialized healthcare.
  8. Canada's healthcare saved her; Ours won't cover her

    And why much ado about socialized health care? Do people complain about socialized law enforcement? Do people complain about socialized fire protection? Do people complain about socialized education? Do people complain about socialized roads, sidewa...
  9. Canada's healthcare saved her; Ours won't cover her

    The DMV! Oh the horror! I don't know what state you're in, but the DMV ain't that bad in the eight or nine states I've lived in. The car insurance industry is much, much worse than the DMV. Think about it. All Canadians with money come here for hig...
  10. Thanks Kim. The waitlist is new every year. So if you don't get in, either at first, or via the waiting list, you have to reapply next year. I was really stressing over what I would do if I didn't get in. My program is what they call a one plus one. ...
  11. I was on the wait list for what seemed like forever. I've been accepted at Vermont Tech for the Fall. What a relief. Tom
  12. I took chem and bio a lot more than 7 years ago. I think you'll be fine. There were even a couple of kids (I'm old enough to call them that) in my A and P class who had not even had a chemistry course. Tom
  13. Need some good summer reads!

    I happened across a book in my local library titled The Alarming History of Medicine by Richard Gordon, a British author known for his novels and screenplays. It's very interesting. We have come a long way.
  14. Oops, I Did It Again: Dottie

    My reaction? Goosebumps and tears. My mom spent her last two and a half years in nursing homes. She may have liked some aides or nurses more than others, but they were all her favorites. All those wonderful people are a big part of the reason I'm en...
  15. I GOT MY LETTER!!!

    Congratulations! I'm still waiting. The office said within a week, the letters will go out........