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Hey ladies and gents! I thought it might be a good time to bring out little community together for the new comers and the old! Simply type your sobriety date (or time sober) and where you are in the journey! And maybe add how you're feeling, that way maybe some of us can get those precious private messages of encouragement if we're needing them! I'll start! Officially clean and sober for 60 days. Met with a board investigator and now waiting to hear ffrom the BON. Felt anxious this morning but now feeling excited and hopeful.


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Clean date: apr 16 2013

In Virginia's HPMP and frustrated but working a solid program seemingly despite hpmps best efforts to force a relapse... Found work at a dialysis clinic which I am thankful for despite the "differences" between dialysis and crit care/ ED trauma that is my background. Finishing an online BSN and looking at different NP programs. Any advice or pointers greatly accepted. Good luck to all of you out there, we can and will do this.


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Clean date is 11-25-10. Took time off to recover, now feel ready to work again and am currently sending out applications with little interest in return. I'm feeling very frustrated, but still hopeful.

Clean date Oct 11, 2013. Weary today but in general pretty awesome! Life is so much better...this is my second time around after 10 yrs of sobriety. Living it and loving it one day at a time! Thankful for those who give a guiding hand in the forum. Always just when I need it!


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May 2012 and looking for a job but things are certainly clearer than a few years ago


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February 2, 2013

Been under contract since March 2013

Edging closer to one year in my contract with 2 years left to go!

Working in Dialysis, quite a change from my ER/Critical Care days.

Hoping some day to be a FNP


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March 15th, 2014. Making meetings daily and enrolled in a monitoring program voluntarily with no promise of my license back that I surrendered 3 years ago. Jumping out of my skin some days but sober today one day at a time.

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August 15, 1999.

I had a little trouble getting someone to give me a chance after entering the RNP in our state (La)

That is what I needed to help get my feet wet in the world of recovery - I just didn't want to believe that at time but I am SO appreciative now. While looking for a nursing job I took a job as a pizza delivery girl.

I have some "usual" meetings that I really look forward to - my home meeting is at noon Monday thru Friday.

I was the oldest of 4 kids growing up - my brother was 2 years younger than me and also had a lot of issues with drugs and ETOH abuse. Never had the best of relationships before but was able to make some amends and put our relationship in a better place. He kept telling me he was going to rehab but he just didnt get there - he passed away on Mothers Day weekend 3 years ago in his sleep.

Anne, RNC

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Sobriety date: 1/2/1989

Still go to 3-4 AA meetings a week. Lately I've been attending more. Having a rough time the past few weeks because we just passed the 1 year anniversary of my dad's death. Emotions all over the place. However, I know this is normal & it will resolve with time.

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4/7/1987, seem to live the steps today, not as much effort to work, experience more of the promises....

was extreamly lucky to work three year stipulations off in LTC/SNF doing MDS assessments.....personally despised some of the hoops i had to jump thru, but accepted and did them.......hated having to check in each day.......especially in the beginning, ........but learned if i did what i needed to do for just that day, and continue to do what i needed to do for each day, eventually there was an ending, and i was a better person for it.

extreamly grateful to be able to give back in nursing today.

have been DON several LTC and was able to afford site monitoring for several other nurses.

it is not the number of days, months , years or even decades that matter, it is just TODAY, i will

use the tools i have acquired to retain my sobriety, JUST TODAY! :yes:


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Congratulations to you all on your sobriety!


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26 November 1995 (Gawd, I'm coming up on twenty years..)

RN student working a full time job as an aide - Less then eight months of school/clinicals left

NCLEX after that...

Grateful but tired, burnt, and off the beam - definitely ready to finish

Looking forward to having some normalcy and consistency in my life.

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