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  1. Twoyearnurse

    Seeking guidance..

    It depends on the state. I was evaluated by an addictions counselor and never saw an MD or Psychiatrist whatsoever. My BON accepted my treatment and their recommendations as was. Maybe some folks from your state can chyme in and give you more specific guidance. It’s difficult because all of the BONs are so different from one another.
  2. Twoyearnurse

    Thinking about NP school

    Most schools require that you have an “unencumbered” license. If you do land in a program that doesn’t require this, you will have to face the challenge of finding clinical sites who are willing to provide access and oversight of your practice with the monitoring. I am not saying it isn’t possible (though in my state it is impossible), but will require a lot of work from your end.
  3. Twoyearnurse

    Seeking guidance..

    My experience with my board was that they followed the recommendation from the evaluator. I was evaluated and assessed to only require outpatient treatment and my board honored this. The guidance they gave you was good, get it over with now. This way you are complete and they can’t say “we require that you go through inpatient treatment”.
  4. Twoyearnurse

    Seeking guidance..

    I am in Alaska. I worked in an area outside of nursing. I looked for jobs that had the requirement of “four year degree in human services or related field” and figures, hey! Nursing is totally a related field. I worked in prevention for two years this way (I could have gone back into nursing within six months but wanted to focus on my recovery). When I was ready I interviewed for two places: inpatient psychiatric and public health. I landed both but opted for mental health because it is my love! I attended AA and then did outpatient treatment at 6 months sober, still managed to learn a thing or two while there
  5. Twoyearnurse

    Seeking guidance..

    Heya, we don’t have a monitoring program in my state (ever) and are monitored directly through our BON. Often the disciplinary programs afford the nurse going through them a clear license at the end with no visible record of having been involved to the public. Because we do not have one of those Golden programs everything is visible for all of time on my nursing license (including the board order). Please don’t get discouraged. This was a hard fact for me to come to grips with, but after four years of monitoring it is just that, a fact. And it doesn’t matter. I have a nursing job and many...many...many nurses who came before me and are going through it now are employed as nurses. Involvement has not effected my career. The people I know who have permanent marks are employed in the following areas: psychiatric, med/surg, even as an investigator into facility licensing. The biggest challenge for me was accepting it as quickly as possible (fortunately this happened quickly). Stick with recovery and you will recover. Your peace of mind, happiness, and yes, career.
  6. Twoyearnurse

    Still no job

    I second the psych nursing! So much fun!
  7. Twoyearnurse

    Relationships after addiction

    Relationships are tough. I didn't *just* get sober, therapy changed me. It changed the way I relate to my family and friends. Even if I had never used and just did therapy id be so very different (not bad different, just changed). It's hard for them.
  8. Twoyearnurse

    How to Acheive Balance?

    Harry Potter books on Audible :). (for the drive). I found that the first 1-2 years in recovery felt like all of my time was given to someone else (and never to the ones I deemed important). As it turned out all of the recovery things I felt consumed by were actually *for* them. There are a lot of folks who don't care for these programs...while I despise feeling intruded upon I also recognize that it has made me stronger in my recovery. I chose early on that I could either be consumed by or conquer this 5 year contact. It felt for the first two years that I was rushing from here to there, terrified of messing up, feeling guilty, sheesh. Now it's routine. There are some things you can't help for now (time to UAs, length of drive to work, meetings) but you can make the most out of the drive and give yourself some enjoyment and reprieve from the hectic pace (and your own intrusive thoughts).
  9. Twoyearnurse

    job approval

    Congratulations on your new job!
  10. Twoyearnurse

    Recovery program 3 years in one state, 5 years in another

    What what! Alaska is awesome :)
  11. Twoyearnurse

    Starting Diversion in CA next week

    You can do this. It takes a little time to get comfortable with the stips and check ins, but then it becomes routine.
  12. I think every individual has to choose what is right for themselves. I am the type to stress myself *more* over not following what my monitoring agreement stipulates. This is my career, I have worked hard to keep my license and an hours worth of embarrassment is worth it's weight in gold if it means I stay in compliance. Meeting with healthcare workers is an opportunity to educate them. And while that sucks (educating when you're supposed to be a patient) folks who have received felonies for drug possession do the same thing through the legal system with their PO. The more of us there are who are open in discussing our history with healthcare professionals the more normalized it becomes.
  13. Twoyearnurse

    Failed drug screen in VRP

    What's been done can't be undone. The board will make a decision. Let's day they extend your contract. Is your profession worth it to you? One of the first jobs I had when everything fell apart was in human services. I made 2/3 of what I make now (which was more than enough to survive on). I was able to use my degree (we have degrees! And we can use them outside of nursing). That is always an option for you. You can continue with an extension (worst case scenario, hopefully). You've proven you can do it. Through all of the exhaustion, you can do it. Pace yourself and allow this disappointment to work it's way through and past you before making a decision either way. In the meantime, research human service/ public health education positions in your area that require a degree in public health "or related field". You have options. Sometimes just knowing can help you feel freer. Because you are
  14. Twoyearnurse

    Needing some direction

    You know *you* best. That is a stressful deal. With that though... It's part time. Do they allow on-call? I currently work on-call in psych. I get up to 130 hours per month and I schedule myself. I go in, fill in where I would be available and show up if they don't call me off, and boom! I work :). This works for me and my recovery because unless I put the hours down, I don't work. Unless they call and ask me to, and then I can decide if Id like to go in. this has allowed me to put my recovery first, always (like you I have 3 years). Is that an option for you? Rather than committing to work you can schedule yourself and take it at your own pace?
  15. Hey hey! I've actually started bringing a copy of my contract a day or so before the appointment is scheduled. I tell the practitioner "I am in recovery and part of that is this contract from the BON. I wanted to make sure you had time to review it and get any questions you may have about my recovery and what this all means". Some practitioners are familiar with the process and others have been pleased that I afforded them the opportunity to ask questions. The deal is that not many folks are aware of this and I figured out early on that the negative reaction was related to them feeling tricked. They have licenses to protect too and are likely freaked by hearing anything about monitoring agreements. They don't want to feel like maybe they took a misstep in the treatment they've given. I've had zero bad reactions since. Id reconsider going back to the same practitioner, maybe they were just caught off guard.
  16. Twoyearnurse

    Observed Urine Screens

    That's what I thought too. Glad I am not alone in that!