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  1. Seeking guidance..

    It depends on the state. I was evaluated by an addictions counselor and never saw an MD or Psychiatrist whatsoever. My BON accepted my treatment and their recommendations as was. Maybe some folks from your state can chyme in and give you more specif...
  2. Thinking about NP school

    Most schools require that you have an “unencumbered” license. If you do land in a program that doesn’t require this, you will have to face the challenge of finding clinical sites who are willing to provide access and oversight of your practice with t...
  3. Seeking guidance..

    My experience with my board was that they followed the recommendation from the evaluator. I was evaluated and assessed to only require outpatient treatment and my board honored this. The guidance they gave you was good, get it over with now. This wa...
  4. Seeking guidance..

    I am in Alaska. I worked in an area outside of nursing. I looked for jobs that had the requirement of “four year degree in human services or related field” and figures, hey! Nursing is totally a related field. I worked in prevention for two years th...
  5. Seeking guidance..

    Heya, we don’t have a monitoring program in my state (ever) and are monitored directly through our BON. Often the disciplinary programs afford the nurse going through them a clear license at the end with no visible record of having been involved to ...
  6. Are we limited on this?

    Heya! These are good questions and while I don't have direct experience in this... I'd take a guess that you would need to clear teaching ACLS with your monitoring program. From your description it sounds like you'd be technically teaching folks unde...
  7. Too young to get license back?!

    Oh, my apologies, I should have quoted what I was replying to. I have one year left in my monitoring agreement, sober for 5 years
  8. Too young to get license back?!

    My state doesn't have an alternative program so I am monitored through my board. It took them 12 months to contact me
  9. Too young to get license back?!

    Hi you! 27? Only working for 2 years as a nurse? Diverting? You are *exactly* where I was 4 years ago (I've got one year of monitoring left). The board cleared me to work after 6 months, I opted to wait almost 2 years before I felt really ready to ge...
  10. A Recovery Poll, Sort Of

    I intend to see how I feel when I am done with my monitoring. I have genuinely built relationships in AA with people who I look up and admire. I mean, good grilled cheesus, some of those folks have 30 years sobriety and have done incredible things w...
  11. I Need the Hassle of Monitoring

    I share in the sentiment that my monitoring agreement helps me. We don't have an alternative to discipline program in my state so it all goes through the BON. My agreement doesn't even try to pretend that it is for my interest that it exists. It exi...
  12. How much will your employer know?

    In my state I had to give all findings to anyone supervising me. I think it depends entirely on the program
  13. Fingers crossed

    Wishing you the very best on this most fitting Independence Day!
  14. Still no job

    I second the psych nursing! So much fun!
  15. Death and Repossession

    Very sad for you today, what terrible losses.. thinking of you from Alaska and sending all positive and healing vibrations your way
  16. Sick.. need medicine!

    I've always gotten prescriptions for OTC just in case. It also helped me establish an open and honest relationship with my doctor early on so when I got real sick I didn't feel like I had to suffer before it becoming emergent
  17. Relationships after addiction

    Relationships are tough. I didn't *just* get sober, therapy changed me. It changed the way I relate to my family and friends. Even if I had never used and just did therapy id be so very different (not bad different, just changed). It's hard for them.
  18. How to Acheive Balance?

    Harry Potter books on Audible :). (for the drive). I found that the first 1-2 years in recovery felt like all of my time was given to someone else (and never to the ones I deemed important). As it turned out all of the recovery things I felt consume...
  19. job approval

    Congratulations on your new job!
  20. Recovery program 3 years in one state, 5 years in another

    What what! Alaska is awesome :)
  21. Eval on Tuesday, getting nervous

    Take a deep breath. Generally speaking, the level of treatment recommended is based upon your evaluation. You may *need* inpatient, or maybe you only *need* outpatient. It's not necessarily the amount of clean time that determines the level of care y...
  22. Starting Diversion in CA next week

    You can do this. It takes a little time to get comfortable with the stips and check ins, but then it becomes routine.
  23. I'm back!

    Hello all! I can not believe it's been over a year since I posted anything. So glad to be back and that the same folks (and welcome to all the new) are here! Things have been good- 2 1/2 years sober now, still working full time in public health (st...
  24. Allergy medications

    Hello all! Spring is here and my seasonal allergies are out in full force. What over the counter allergy medications are safe while drug testing? Thanks all!
  25. Has anyone had any issues with rudeness when giving urine?

    You can choose to feel humiliated or to have humility. Shoot...even I don't choose humility, but I have accepted it. At the end of the day it's not that big of a deal and is moments of an otherwise typical day. I have to pee sometimes in front of a ...