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  1. sissiesmama

    Does the bad pop up for Pearson Vue mean you fail?

    Franks and beans! Anne, RNC
  2. sissiesmama

    Shockingly Humbled

    Definetly ready for the next chapter. My popcorn is popping already! Anne, RNC
  3. sissiesmama

    Ain't it the truth?

    Awesome!! :)
  4. sissiesmama

    Ain't it the truth?

    No doubt! The only times I went in the break room at one facility was to find the CNAs who were on a "smoke break". How are u, Bortaz?? Long time no talk! Getting ready for my little granddaughter, Sophia in October. Hope yours are doing well. Anne, RNC
  5. sissiesmama

    Code Blue Experiences

    I've been a nurse sine 91, and I have worked quite a few codes. I work in the ER in a large hospital and usually go as the "Code nurse" for codes on the floor. I was working on a tele unit and had a man s/p FOB. He was begging for coffee, but acc to the MD orders, he was NPO for maybe 30 more minutes. I told him I would have a good cup of coffee as soon as the time was up. He smiled and said ok. As I was leaving the room, (his room was directly in front of the station and monitors) the tech asked me to check his leads, "because he looked like he was asystole." Back to the bedside, I found that it wasn't a lead, he was coding. Called the code, and he went at least 2 minutes in asystole. As fast as he crashed, he came right back, and was fighting the ambu bag. "What are u trying to do, kill me??" I told him what happened, and he didn't believe me. Finally I showed him the strip that ran in the code. Freaked him out - A few hours later, I was in the cafeteria getting lunch and the operator called code blue to my guys room. Didn't take just a minute to get there, and it was the same as earlier. Came right back, and cardiologist took him for a pacemaker implant. The next day, I got to roll him out in a w/c to go home. I had NEVER seen anything like that, and freaked that he was getting out so soon, after coding twice in 12 hours. When he was getting in the seat, he turned to me and said "If only you were 30 yrs older, I'd marry you and take you home with me." What a great patient - I loved the fact that he did so well and got out. He definetly put a smile on my face that day! Anne, RNC:w00t:
  6. sissiesmama

    Mean Doctors....

    My thoughts exactly! I do try and listen and try to fix the problem, apologize if I screwed up, ect. If they are just that kind of person, they end up sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown - "mmmwah mmwahh, mmm..." Thank goodness the good usually outweigh the mean ones. Good luck to u! Anne, RNC
  7. sissiesmama

    New and scared

    Welcome!! I could see so much of myself in your posting. I wasn't sure if my hospital had called the police dept when I was caught, and I can still remember the feeling I got every time I heard a car stop at my house, peeking through the blinds - that sick feeling! I have beneiftted so much from our state's weekly nursing meeting. I have 10 years now, and some days I didn't think I'd make it through one day, much less a year.. I could not find a nursing job when I got out of treatment, and ended up working at Subway every day from 11 am to 1pm. Did not pay the bills, but it did help. Feel free anytime to pm if u need to - good luck and hugs to u! Anne, RNC
  8. sissiesmama

    Nursing school drug test

    OP - I'm sorry that happened to u, but it does make me feel like I wasn't alone. Little over a year ago, I started having seizures. EMS brought me into the where hubbie and I both worked - I had retired due to health reasons a year or so before this. So, I get in the trauma room and doc comes in. Draw labs and I go to CT. Right before going to CT, I pee in a cup. After 45 minutes, I am done in CT and go back to the ER. The ER doc is waiting in the room and first question he asks is "ok, where did u get the drugs?" He tells me I am pos for PCP. After a lot of fussing back and forth, he finally agrees to a repeat UDS, but says it'll have to be a cath. So, I get the cath specimen and it comes back negative. Doc didn't want to believe it, but didn't have much choice. Anne Good luck to u!
  9. sissiesmama

    I don't know what to do anymore (a spectator's grief)

    Aknew - Hello. I am so sorry to read your post - your anguish is palpable. I don't have much to offer other than good thoughts and prayers. I know that doesn't help much - but please know u are in my prayers daily. I hope u are able to find someone near to u to listen. We all need that - Anne, RNC
  10. sissiesmama

    Do give up your seat for a doctor?

    I do - I'm probably not "old school", been nursing since 1991, but I've always been that way. There's only one time I can think of that I didn't and the doc was a total ----. Probably shouldn't have not gotten up, but he was just that bad! Anne, RNC
  11. Thanks, happy! I appreciate it. I have had quite a few people telling me about the financial aspect, but my hubbie is also an RN - he works as a nsg supervisor. We have looked at finances, and we would have o make some adjustments, but it won't be a big stressor. Thank goodness for that. I applaud u for making the switch - I can identify with so many aspects of your post. Anne, RNC
  12. U have read my mind - my thoughts over the past 4 yrs or so. I have been a nurse for 19 yrs, and love working in the ER but ... I was in EMT B school at the same time as nursing school, and had to give up one, so I gave up the EMT. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Hubbie and I have been talking about it, and I'm hoping I can think about going back for it. Thanks, u have made me feel a lot better!! Anne, RNC