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    Narcotic restriction

    Hi - not sure what specific restrictions you may get but in Louisiana ours were - No night shifts, no OT No ER, ICU, no OR / PACU, no charge No narcs Can't be the only nurse on a unit No home health or agency work. I hope this helps you a little. Anne, RNC
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    Death and Repossession

    Oh dear! I am SO very sorry! Please know you and your family will be in my prayers. The loss of my a Dad has been by far the worst. He has been gone almost 3 years - it still feels like such a fresh loss. Sending you hugs!
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    Taxes done.....

    Good job! I've still got a bad taste from the IRS - my Dad passed in 2015 and I received a some money from an IRA and apparentdidnt do the tax withholdings right - so long story short last December I got the dreaded letter from feds and had to make arrangements to to make monthly payments. Yesterday I got the letter from the state guys. Grrr! í ½í¸± Anne, RNC
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    Advice ASAP!

    I live in Louisiana- a refusal is an automatic positive too.
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    New to Recovery program and not good news

    I agree completely! I definetly wouldn't offer them anything like that without knowing u will be positive. Anne, RNC
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    Medication Error

    That's crazy! Like others have said - if someone says they haven't made a med error most likely they aren't being honest. Try not to be too hard on yourself - it didn't harm the patient, right? Try not to beat yourself up about the error. As long as you are able to learn from the error that's a biggie. As long as the patient's ok and you report your med error when it happens and not try to cover it up - seems like they wouldn't be too hard on you. Anne, RNC
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    Diversion of lasix

    One of the residents at our local teaching hospital got caught with Toradol - I forget the details but she got busted for Medicare fraud - ordered it for a patient and Medicare pd for it - that was the first time I knew someone getting caught for non-narcotics. Anne, RNC
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    Diverted in a state while Traveling

    Hi Kammi! Just wanted to see how everything was going - thinking about u! Anne, RNC
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    Help my wife got caught diverting

    That's how it is here in La too.
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    Diverted in a state while Traveling

    Hi Kammi! Mu hubby and I are both RNs in La and have been through the RNP here - we both started our program in 99 - we had previously worked at the same facility years before we entered the RNP and started dating after we finished our programs. i have a friend that was diverting while working agency and I'm hoping she can give me a little info that may give u a few ideas. i know that when I was in the program Louisiana was a lot more "friendly" than some other states - please let me know how things are going - if I can give u info at all I'll be glad to. Hang in there! Anne, RNC
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    Paying to travel to other hospitals

    My thought exactly!
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    Need to Find an Alcohol Detox/Recovery Center

    I don't know if this will help you or your friend at all but I can share this with you. When I found out I was going to rehab I had just lost my job and with that I lost my health insurance - I had NOTHING put aside to pay for inpatient treatment. I found out the only place I would be able to go was our state hospital - they had inpatient treatment that was automatically 28 plus days. I was terrified due to some of the stories I had heard. I was there 29 days, and going there was one of the best decisions I could have made. When my mom arrived to pick me up and head back home the business office staff told me I had no bill to pay at all - I was very surprised - Mom and I both expected to be paying a large bill. This was in 1999, and i'm still thankful for that hospital- I have other colleagues who went to other facilities around the state, and some of them found out they would be paying for their treatment for years - some of those went to the "country club" type - I think that facility kind of scared the crap out of me at first and that's probably one reason I am still clean and sober today. Hope this may help even a little - Anne, RNC
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    Worst/Best thing a nursing instructor ever said to you?

    Walked in to my interview with the Dean. Didn't have time to give her my packet and letters of reference. She said "Honey, I don't think u have what it takes to be a nurse." I was broken hearted! Picked myself up and applied at the nursing school about 30 minutes away. Got accepted and started the next quarter. Fast forward about 10 years - I'm working as a charge nurse on a busy med -surf unit. A new pt comes in - the same dean that didn't think I had what it took. She kept asking me questions about who my parents were,where I was from, where did I go to nursing school. I told her which nursing school I went to - she asked why I didn't apply to her school. - I finally told her I did try but I was told I didn't have what it took to be a nurse. Her mouth dropped open - I was finished giving her IV meds and walked out, giving her a smile, asking if she needed anything. Her doc came on rounds - he came out of her room and asked for the charge nurse. I told him that was me - he had this smile on his face and told me his pt wanted a different nurse. He said when she told him that I was an excellent nurse and I had even taken care of him before. I explained - he just laughed and laughed. The MD that was taking care of her that day had been one of the references I had in my application packet that day. Anne,RNC
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    75 Q's Today... Feel Crushed.

    Awesome news!! Congratulations! Anne, RNC
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    RNP friendly CRNA employers

    Hi! Louisiana nurse here - hubby and I are RNs and went thru the RNP. We have a few CRNAs that may have some input. We live in north Louisiana - hopefully it may help a bit. Anne, RNC
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    75 Q's Today... Feel Crushed.

    I'm so sorry! How long do u have to wait until u can get the quick results?
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    ADN or BSN

    Same here in Monroe / West Monroe area. Anne, RNC
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    To all the nurses in NOLA

    Hi! Hubby and I are RNs in Louisiana -. 1. No 2. There are definetly hospitals that have the tuition reimbursement for AD to BSN. 3. Yes Hope that helps a little! Anne, RNC
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    Not abusing, medicating

    Can u request your BON to send u a copy of the order they are saying they sent u that you didn't respond to? I know in Louisiana when our RNP sent letters like that they were usually registered (where someone had to sign it) and a copy of that letter and order would have stayed in your file. Can u speak with an attorney? Anne, RNC
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    Desperate for answers regarding IPN

    Rosa, I SO know what u are feeling! I was caught diverting meds at work August 15th 1999. I had to wait at home for almost a month before I could get a bed for inpt treatment - I lost 15 lbs and got VERY little sleep - I was paranoid, peeking thru the blinds every time I heard a car door shut. I just really felt like my life (professional and personal) was over and I would never get it back. Hang in there,let us know how you're doing. Anne, RNC
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    Why can't we get a days notice before drug test day?

    It sure would make things easier if they did that! I know calling every am and having to rearrange errands, MD appts, and working could get difficult. Anne, RNC
  22. I'm glad it wasn't just me feeling like that at times! The only reason I didn't lose my house is that I was living in a rental house my dad owned. The only job I could find was working at Subway restaurant M - F from 12 noon to 1 pm. I had a really hard time finding a nursing job for quite a while. When I ran out of grocery money, I asked my minister at church about how I could find help. He gave me 5 "sack lunches" they handed out, which had a pkg of crackers, 1 plg of applesauce, and a can of Vienna sausages. I felt like such a POS through all that, and was DO happy when I finally found a nursing position that would work around my stipulations. Anne, RNC.
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    What do you do when Work calls on your day off?

    I let that bad boy ring!!! [emoji338][emoji338][emoji338][emoji338] Anne, RNC
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    Can I only ever work with children?

    Hi OP - my hubby and I are both RNs in the US (Louisiana). From what I've seen (and heard from other nurses in our state) staff is SO apt to be pulled to other units in the hospital. In facilities that have a Pediatric ER a lot of the time even the peds nurses get pulled to the adult side. The peds staff gets pulled all over the hospital - at times just to PP and Gyn but also to med-surg and even to ICU at times. Our facility doesn't have a peds oncology - but our adult oncology staff does also go all over the facility also. I'm not sure if that helps u at all - hope it does. Anne, RNC
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    what's your pet peeve?

    Oh yes! And they say "it's the round white heart pill! Don't u know which one? How are u a nurse if u don't know the white heart pill???" Anne, RNC