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sallyrnrrt ADN, RN

critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU
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sallyrnrrt is a ADN, RN and specializes in critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU.

decades critical care, amb. ortho. and LTC most recent, director of nursing, outpatient physician office...alternative naturalpathic care.

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  1. sallyrnrrt

    Anything but Fine: My Traumatic Brain Injury: Part 2

    Thank you for sharing.... I have had two, but recovered.... And still working at 69.5 yrs/old
  2. Im 69.5 years old.... had so many concussions, horses, MVA s I've lost count.. but landed on my feet ( at the outcome) like a cat -- failed retirement 4 times... still working... now in home health?.... a vacation from critical care..... best wishes, I hope you come out as I have..
  3. sallyrnrrt

    Continuing Education

    I use Ceu.elite.....big blocks Ceus cheap....... once you set up account they keep records of your ceu certificates....that you can always print if audited......they have been great for me...
  4. sallyrnrrt

    to break contract or to not?

    What about PACU, ER.....etc.... Best wishes Cardiac catheter lab also interesting.. CCU etc In same facility
  5. sallyrnrrt

    Forced resignation?

    Home health, PACU
  6. sallyrnrrt

    New grad bedside nursing disappointment

    I was charge GN in The CCU , I graduated at ...11am, charge G N at 3Pm.. of course same hospital my diploma program b was, and I had spent last 9 weeks charge nurse role in CCU.... but those days are gone for the most part
  7. I welcome change, it is challenging
  8. I'm 69yr/ 46+ years a RN, still got game, and still working....failed attempts to retire x4 ..... all be it I work home health now, comparing majority career in critical care.....I could pull a 12 hr shift in ER, but would be exhausted a bit......
  9. I agree with Sour Lemon..... In 1967 when I graduated HS... I had taken and passed algebra 1&2, Trig., & Gemometry.....passing with Cs, I believe since I knew math was not my strong suit, so the summer following HS graduation..... I was going to be a biology major, which at that time only required algebra and geometry I took each of those courses during the 2 summer sessions at my univ.......and I passed with my usual c grade..... Best wishes.......I wish at that time there was pre college algebra....
  10. sallyrnrrt

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    Please do do not take other posters as negative....yes we are a nurse, but family concerns in my book come first...... please keep us posted, and best wishes, stay safe.... sally
  11. sallyrnrrt

    Need Advice!

    My problem , my age 69 yrs.....investment and returns does not requal good business sense...... but if I would be your age....I'd be on the fence and go for it
  12. sallyrnrrt

    Where were you...9/11

    I was in my living room watching tV, recovering from shoulder reconstruction from a prior MVA.... I could not turn tv off, maybe stayed awake some 24 hours....... I was devastated, but safe in SE Texas
  13. sallyrnrrt

    Inclement weather conditions...mandatory to work?

    During Hurricane Rita (05), alll area hospitals did a massive evacuation of all patients, at that time I lived. Near the gulf coast in SE Texas.......my hospital ask for employees willing to ride out the storm to come in, could bring our family......it's a good thing some of us did.....as we were the only functioning ER within almost 100 miles....others flooded etc......it was miserable as AC was not on the generators......long hot shifts.........thank goodness when FEMA medical team came a couple days later, brought 18 wheeler size generator......and a team like a MASH unit, dozens of ambulance and Mets....it was a nightmare
  14. sallyrnrrt

    The blurred line, patients, social media, and safety

    I do not acknowledge a patient is or forme patient.... When I get to respond to said patient, I explain private medical knowledge and even acknowledging that she / he was a patient is against federally patient history, and explain I can not acknowledge they were even a patient, or give advice.... they must personally seek advive from facility....... I have seen too many health care employees ruined by social media responses
  15. Texas nurse here You are eligible if you practice within 5 years.....can your work be considered nursing research? I use Ceu.elite.... Texas does require an ethics ceu within each 3 renewal cycles...... Best wishes
  16. sallyrnrrt

    First job as an RN

    I worked charge GN in CCU....wake hospital I got my diploma RAn at"

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