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  1. sallyrnrrt

    Back In The Saddle Again

    do you promise it will only be two weeks and i will stop feeling ran over by a truck after a shift, i just got drafted from retirement back to a LTC as director of nursing
  2. sallyrnrrt

    WHITE Scrubs--Oh Dear

    I found wearing the tank tops a must :)
  3. sallyrnrrt

    Degree vs Diploma?

    this diploma nurse, with 38 yrs exp. has never been held back from administrative positions, as director of a ER coord. nurse clinicians, ER supv. in a Wash. DC hospital etc........HN of a CV/MedSurg floor in the Texas Med. Ctr. and this was within the first 8 yrs of my graduation. A bacl. degree is just that a 4 yr. college degree. I have also been a clinical preceptor for BS new RN grads. in ICU............ I was simply a RN with a lot of clinical and administrative experience.
  4. sallyrnrrt

    I give up! How long did it take you to find a job?

    For me LTC was the ans. for a job that fulfilled my stipulations for 3 yrs. I did the MDS rpts., which they need for re-imbursement. and helped as ADON...
  5. sallyrnrrt

    suggestions for RN positions without access to narcs

    oh utilization review for the ins. companies etc...... forensic nursing for attorneys
  6. sallyrnrrt

    suggestions for RN positions without access to narcs

    Wow, I am proud of you. For me, LTC as MDS coordinator was the lifeboat for me. Get RUG ( medicaid assessments) qualified along with MDS ( a medicare and medicaid assessment) certified......there are workshops some free from state agencies.... LTC facilities need these mds/rug assessments to get paid........ Also case mgt., risk mgt. infection control etc........ are routes with out access. Good luck to you, we need you.
  7. sallyrnrrt

    Refresher course starts tomorrow

    I am so very proud of you, and as I said earlier, WELCOME BACK, you are needed !
  8. sallyrnrrt

    Success Returning to Nursing

    ok, you are really being afforded an increased opportunity, in that med surg does not have the benefits of the monitor technology, and you still have to make same critical thinking skills, and ER you never know what will be coming in the door. You have the foundation, fairly decent time of orientation. Just keep on doing it...... I had been out a lot longer, and now am working ER in a small rural hospital....... Some times it is like riding a bicycle, other times, where did they put my training wheels....... Just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, your confidence will return, with clinical practice and repetition.
  9. KAPLAN ROCKS !!! very good program
  10. sallyrnrrt

    ? about FirstLab or drug testing...

    thought it was nubain & stadol in addition to the regular screened substances.
  11. sallyrnrrt

    PHESONLINE and hepatitis shots, CPR etc

    I would direct these questions to phesonline
  12. sallyrnrrt

    Anyone ever get their license back after revocation?

    I have a suggestion, and I know of a "need" for LVNs and RNs get "RUG certified" for me cost $40.00 online as Texas Tech., and get proficient in the LTC MDS assessment 3.0 which is coming in Oct.2010..... not enough MDS nurses are 3.0 prof. yet........ it is a marketable job, which enables you to satisfy just about any BON stipulations and this job enhances a LTC facility re-imbursement, thus you would be "valued." Emotional it was good for me and finance it was good for the facility. HCpro.com has the 3.0 books another $40.00something I believe, so for under $100.00 you become a valued, needed, nurse, with new tools, that are required ! ps: stay sober work your program.
  13. sallyrnrrt

    Success Returning to Nursing

    the clinical experience will enhance your confidence, plus it is a great place to market your self:nurse:
  14. sallyrnrrt

    Refresher course starts tomorrow

    awe, Justkaren2.......... thanks, at 61yr., I do not feel it, and am even thinking of returning to critical care this Spring.....( In a small hospital of :lol2:course >snicker
  15. sallyrnrrt

    Refresher course starts tomorrow

    go to your board website, and you can usually find approved refresher courses.... they honor.