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critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU
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sallyrnrrt is a ADN, RN and specializes in critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU.

decades critical care, amb. ortho. and LTC most recent, director of nursing, outpatient physician office...alternative naturalpathic care.

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  1. sallyrnrrt

    Knee Question #16

    well yes some days , but Im 72 ?
  2. sallyrnrrt


    great to hear from you CapeCod
  3. sallyrnrrt

    HELLLLLLLOOOOO, Retirement !

    Im allergic to retirement, 48 years here
  4. sallyrnrrt

    RoboNurse Prevents A Fatality!

    way to go Davey :)
  5. sallyrnrrt

    Ventilator Tubing Condensation

    PS I am not an ADN but an old fashion diploma program RN, and a RRT
  6. sallyrnrrt

    Ventilator Tubing Condensation

    Keep a closed system closed, decreases chance of infections
  7. sallyrnrrt

    Coronavirus Driveby

    I poured on my cattle's back, and injected IM in a feeder pig......when we had our ranch..... keep wondering if I pass a worm, but nothing yet The preventive program is pretty simple, take one tablet, the three days later another, and one e...
  8. Hello Viva,   I forgot my password on allnurses, for a year, getting older not for the faint of heart, but at 72 working full time home health

    1. VivaLasViejas

      VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

      Welcome back! It’s amazing that you’re still working full-time. I’d have retired at 70 if I’d had a choice in the matter. As it is, I only made it to 55, but I had a good career for the most part. Glad you’re enjoying yours. ?

    2. sallyrnrrt

      sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

      I tried retiring at 69y, but that only lasted 6-8 weeks,  got bored, I had already trained my replacement at the clinic I was working in, but the lady that owns this HHA, was a friend and former patient at my old clinic, I called her up, told her I was bored and wanted to work, did not care if it was part time, or part time,  part time, next week I was working mostly part time, which quickly became full time.......

    3. VivaLasViejas

      VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

      I’m glad you’re doing what you love. As long as you’re physically and mentally fit to do the job, there’s no such thing as “too old”. I once knew a nurse in her mid-80s who was still working the med/surg  floor. 

  9. sallyrnrrt

    Coronavirus Driveby

    not for me I am taking prophylactic ivermectin
  10. the why I disappeared, is got a new laptop and I pad, and forgot my password, took almost 2 years to recover


    1. Davey Do

      Davey Do

      Good to see you back, Sally!

      Join the party!

      P.S. How's Rex?

  11. Offer #2 cvicu.......for me my choice
  12. sallyrnrrt

    Buttersoft Scrubs

    I love them, possibly 90% of the far to many scrubs I own and wear
  13. No false positives, My advice just comply with what the program ask...... And fly under the. Radar Best wishes, it can be done with a successful ending of the program
  14. sallyrnrrt

    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    We know what we know because we did it....there is a devolution on clinical in today's nursing education ....of course I'm coming from a '72 diploma program......our critical thinking skills were developed in our 70% clinical
  15. I hope the older experienced nurse takes my attitude, I love to help a younger nurse develope and mayoress, wish you were working with someone similar to me, who realizes, teaching and nurturing the younger nurse is an asset... Again, Best Wishes Sal...