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Hey Everyone,

I took the NCLEX Saturday 3/20 at 2pm and tried out the PVT as soon as I got home and of course several times since including today. Well, I keep getting a pop, but not the one to relieve my anxiety over what my results might be. I got the one that states the following, "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time."

I figured I would share my experience as there are only a few postings where people have received this pop up when attempting to register again to see if the "good pop up" comes up to informally say one has passed the exam.

Tuesday should be the day I will be able to do the quick results thing, however, from what I have read, people with this pop up have waited longer even if their state offers the quick results due to the reason behind the hold which for one person was they took the exam too fast, another person was told by their state's nursing board that their ssn was missing thus causing the delay-both of these people ended up finding out they passed the exam. I have found one person posting that this pop up came up and they later found out they failed.

I will keep you all posted as to what ends up happening in my case. I would love to have others that may have experienced this pop up post as well.


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I took the nclex pn today at 8:00 this morning and I get the same pop-up - results are on hold... please let me know what you find out? Thank you

Wishing you good luck.


So I have been waiting patiently for the results. Checking over and over again. Finally it said I can now check using quick results. So I paid the 7.95 and found out I PASSED!!!!!!!:lol2:

With that being said, there is still hope if you get that hold pop up. The only thing we really can do is be patient.

Thank you to all that responded and good luck to OneGoalAtATime. Please keep us posted as to what happens in your situation with the lovely hold pop up.

When I check the pearson vue site now it says that I already have a registration and to contact the member board...

Thanks for all of the good luck wishes! And good luck to those who are waiting!! I will keep you all posted!

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ha ha ha onegoalatatime, you pass!!!! congrats!!

:lol2: I passed!!!!!!
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I tested at 2 today and tried the trick and got the same window too. I really have a hard time believing that I could have passed though. At least this calms me for now.

I took the NClex yesterday and I am getting the pop-up that states my "results are on hold" and would not let me proceed to the credit card screen. It does say delivery successful. In reading all these posts I am wondering if I actually have a chance of passing. It sure felt like a hard test. I felt like it was asking me similar questions over and over. Stupid California won't let you find out early and I am just chain smoking over here :smokin: ... I NEED TO KNOW!

Can anyone help me? Do you think I should call PearsonVue and ask about the hold thing?:uhoh3:

They might just be overloaded guys. Hey Elshadica, try other relaxation techniques (walking, go to the movies, etc)- no chain smoking, lol. I know you feel that the wait is agonizing, but relax (try to).

goodluck to all!

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