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  1. +one

    After 7yrs, 75questions and 10th Attempt

    good job and congratulations!! :)
  2. +one

    Got ATT and scheduled for RN-retake

    Good luck and I hope you get it this time around!!
  3. +one

    nclex results

    i think it is still possible, try calling you BON or pearson vue??
  4. +one

    New Grads hired at my LTC facility

    I agree with Meriwhen!
  5. +one

    New nurse, new to the site

    Welcome to Allnurses! :)
  6. +one

    i passed!!!!

  7. +one

    Just got my ATT today & am freaking out!!!!

    Practice questions, relax, focus and be consistent on your review and you will do great on your test, Worrying leads to nothing.. :) Good luck and I wish you do good!!
  8. +one

    California Nclex

    Conratulations!! :)
  9. +one

    RN on your facebook name?

    I don't even want to write where I work in my profile, it's not because I'm ashamed, it's just to ensure my privacy, too much information on the net nowadays..
  10. I have tried LTC, was given a week of orientation and I started to work by myself, there was no formal classroom discussions or whatsoever. I learned by asking some of the nurses what to do when I was stuck in some situation. It got better, I was doing different shifts so I kinda knew the flow of every shift. I was working on different floors and was given harder sides since I was a RN. It didn't bother me, they put me on the floor, I perform. LTC is a good way to start Nursing career if the other options are still unavailable. I was handling 73 residents at one point for a week. Full Census.
  11. +one

    Am I a stalker????!!!

    yes you are!! (joke) If I were you I would still apply for several vacant positions not just in the place that you are working right now, I hope there are still positions for nurse externs in your area. The usual saying is that if they don't call you for a week that means they are still looking for somebody or the position has already been filled. Hopefully you get that position that you want. Good luck!
  12. +one

    BSN student looking to shadow a CRNA in socal

    Amen to that.
  13. +one

    Second nightshift completed

    Night shift is a good shift to learn the flow of your floor, usually it gets really busy in the morning, lots of visits, appointments and consults, rounds from doctors. I did nights for quite a while and loved it. What I did for an 8 hour shift was go to sleep until an hour before my shift, eat and shower then off to work. Go home sleep a good 8 hours, read or watch tv then sleep again. Believe me it will get better after a month or two. :)
  14. +one


    At least you admitted that you made a mistake, hopefully they would consider that you are still new from your job. Learn from your mistakes and move on, many nurses can have the same mistakes and sometimes forget lots of things. I don't think you will get fired since those two nurses are still there in you work place.
  15. +one

    I think Nursing was a mistake

    Being a BSN is not useless, most people go back to school from RN to BSN, consider yourself lucky since all you have to focus on right now is your test. IMHO. :) Try to inject positivity in you study habit. If you are tired relax for a few hours. Do what you like the most. Then focus again. It's all worth it after you finish the test, believe me. :) Good luck!
  16. +one

    Took my NCLEX yesterday

    good luck and relax for now.. :)