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chevyv has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gero Psych, Ortho Rebab, LTC, Psych.

Been a student too many yrs to count. Completed the ADN program then a BA in Health Care Admin. Just finished the BSN Completion program in 2016.

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  1. chevyv

    Nurses are truly underpaid

    3 months is hardly enough time at one place and you have had several positions. Perhaps you need to give one place some time. It takes time to build trust with coworkers.
  2. chevyv

    Will I be stuck as a Psych Nurse forever?

    I've been in mental health for most of my RN career. I was a CNA for many years, then LPN in LTC while I completed my ADN. I then went on for the BSN. When I first passed NCLEX, I took a job in mental health and loved it! Still do almost 8yrs later. However, I would love to be able to develop the skills I barely learned in nursing school. I am wondering how to go about doing this because I'm pretty much the "mental health nurse" now. I found a skill brush up at the local community college, but couldn't get off of work. I planned to work my vacation this year around the class, but it wasn't offered. Now, I too am looking for some tips. I don't want to leave my current job and only work .8. Any pearls of wisdom?
  3. chevyv

    New Grad Psych Nurse

    First off, congratulations! My advice would be to be the sponge. My mentor was fantastic and I hope the same for you. Watch your co-workers to see how they handle tough situations and learn from them. Even the not so dedicated can teach you something. You already have a love for mental health, so that is huge! One safety tip that I learned the hard way is to be aware of your surroundings. Do not place yourself in a position where the patient is between you and the only way out of a room. I wish you the very best and welcome to the unique and wonderful world of mental health!
  4. chevyv

    Coffee marketed to nurses. Would you buy it?

    If it was tasty, if course I would buy it. I wouldn't pay an inflated price though.
  5. chevyv

    Gun Owning Nurses

    I'm a nurse and a cc permit holder. I have no idea what that coworker means by nurse like. Most of my coworkers carry and we are all very nurse like in my opinion.
  6. chevyv

    Psych nursing is easy

    Ah ha. If that is your definition of easy, take some time and cone work with us. Even with 7 pts, q 15 min checks, the volatile behaviors where it takes the police minutes to get there....I guess that's super easy. One call in and I now have 8-10 pts with extra volatile pts.
  7. chevyv

    Psych nurse. Questioning if psych is for me.

    I would not want to give haldol for sleep either. If the order states 'for agitation', then I won't use it, especially for sleep. I work Acute Mental Health and we normally have standing orders for Trazadone for sleep prn. I would have let her be as long as she was appropriate and then address doc in the AM (if you can't call on NOCS). The patient should have prn order for sleep aid. As far an feeling the burn....well that first year or more likely two, you are learning. It takes a lot out of you so you are not alone. Take care of yourself when you leave the facility. It's difficult to switch the mental health off, but you need to take care of you so you don't burn out. It's not an easy specialty, but I love it!
  8. chevyv

    Tell me why you regret about becoming a Nurse

    I am one of the ones who regret waiting so long. But, if I had to do it all over again, I would become a psychologist.
  9. chevyv

    Dilemma: choosing between ADN vs ABSN

    The debt is huge. I would go the ADN route and do a bridge. Work as an ADN to gain experience even if it's ltc while you bridge. You can always apply to hospitals after you start a bridge program and many will hire based on the fact that you are actively pursuing the higher education. Also, I too believe a male has a better chance of landing a position in a hospital and the floor of their choice. I've seen it happen so much. It's a good thing I love psych! Nice and safe in my little niche. I'm just completing and adult BSN Completion program and was able to land a job in a hospital that hires mainly BSN's. Once they found out I had 5 classes yet to take, they hired me within a week of the interview.
  10. You did what you felt you needed to do. It doesn't matter what anyone here or anywhere thinks. We don't judge! Sorry you have to go through this. I wish the best for your son and yourself. Perhaps some therapy sessions will help you as well. We all need support at sometime.
  11. chevyv

    Is Psych For Me?

    I guess it depends on which hospital setting. I worked inpatient at a county facility and currently work inpatient in Acute. Every facility is different. It's never the same day twice. It's rarely boring and when it is, it is a welcomed break. It can be physically violent and emotionally draining. Setting clear boundaries helps. I would change the response time for violent outbursts to 5 seconds. I usually have about 7 acute patients and am responsible for their care and safety. Admits throughout the shift. I conduct assessments both physical and mental and chart accordingly or request whatever they may need prn wise. Keeping a therapeutic and safe milieu is key. I'm not sure if this is what your looking for....
  12. chevyv

    Is Psych For Me?

    I have always been attracted to mental health. In fact, in nursing school they had only 2 openings for a psych rotation and I thought I was going to have to fight my way in! Nope, no problem getting a rotation lol. Upon graduation and passing my boards, I went straight into county mental health and have never looked back. I love love love psych nursing! If that is your interest, then go for it! I never regretted my choice and have been doing it for over 6yrs now. I currently work acute inpatient mental health. Good luck and listen to your heart.
  13. chevyv

    Results on hold pop up

    I knew my results within a week. I remember checking the website at least 5x day lol. I know trying to relax is hard, but like you said, its in His hands now. Keep us posted!
  14. chevyv

    Results on hold pop up

    Yes, that's what I hear, but I'm saying it turned out to be true for me. A friend did the same and she was able to get to the payment page while I was not. She failed. So although I understand what you're saying, I'm just throwing it out there what my experience was.
  15. chevyv

    Results on hold pop up

    When I took the NCLEX, I went home and tried the same thing. My results were also on hold. I found out that I passed, so it worked for me.
  16. We use them at my facility as well. Love the nursing care plan! Yes, that is sarcasm.