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chevyv has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Acute Mental Health.

Been a student too many yrs to count. Completed the ADN program then a BA in Health Care Admin. Just finished the BSN Completion program in 2016. Considering a Masters but I'm on the fence cause sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

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  1. chevyv

    VHA application

    I don't have any insight into credentialing outside of the US but I can tell you that they are strict about paperwork and the process tends to take awhile. Good luck! I love my job!!
  2. chevyv

    Healthcare Costs and Unvaccinated Patients

    I apologize for voicing thoughts and not digging up facts that may or may not support my thoughts. I just come here to unwind after work.
  3. chevyv

    VA Proficiency Nurse II to III help

    The proficiency process needs a long haul update! Nobody should be as stressed as we get doing a yearly proficiency!! We looked at the amount of monthly proficiencies and the days the committee meats and we figure about 5 minutes per proficiency. A...
  4. chevyv

    Healthcare Costs and Unvaccinated Patients

    Our inpatients are just about half and half. Half are fully vaccinated and half aren't. I was off of work for nearly a month with covid in November. I am fully vaxxed and my hubs refuses to get vaxxed. He tested negative 2 times and never got it. We...
  5. I've seen nurses come back that are symptomatic. They just don't have the time to stay home and they say as much. I was out for almost a month in November. Used almost all of my sick time. I get it but it's playing with fire. Management loves it thou...
  6. Take care of you now! Experiencing suicidal ideation is a huge red flag. The high anxiety you state you're having can directly affect the SI as well. Your whole post screams high anxiety. These are such difficult days in nursing. I really want you ...
  7. chevyv

    VHA application

    What's the ICD?
  8. chevyv

    CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    And I would also like to know if the nurse needs to chart on all 19 pts or is charting by exception done at the facility. Surely the nurse knows the tasks involved for the CNA to complete. I worked many yrs as a CNA so I'm on it with the team work. I...
  9. chevyv

    transfer from one VA to another out of state

    We have 2 RN's that recently transferred in from other states. It takes a while cause..well it is the VA.....
  10. chevyv

    ADN-RN-CRNA with a dismissed drug case

    If the charges were dismissed and it was like 20yrs ago, I'm not sure how of if it would affect your chances. Have you talked with a school about it? Does it show up when you check yourself?
  11. chevyv

    Paying Off Student Loans - Happy New Year!

    I've been paying double or triple on my loans since the government deferred payments. I just read they are deferred again through the end of May of 2022. I'm hoping to knock off a few more grand before the interest starts up. Living lean and not spe...
  12. chevyv

    Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    Did you actually get written up or did she print out what you charted to make a point? I just can't believe she didn't just approach you and tell you to chart BM next time. Jeez
  13. chevyv

    Narcotic abuse suspected

    I would think that they would escort you pronto to have a UDS done...
  14. chevyv

    CNA's Are Tired Of Laziness

    To the OP, if I'm reading this correctly, you work on a behavioral health unit with 19pts and the LPN didn't lift a finger to help out?!? I give you kudos for not going off. That is just poor nursing on her part. I always help out but understand th...
  15. chevyv

    Any Nurse Considering CARN?

    I've been considering testing for the CARN but have not been able to find any good study guides. I recently found Statpearls has an online study/test/ceu guide that includes over 300 questions/answers with rationals. I was absolutely pumped and sign...