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  1. roze

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    4th attempt june 3rd but i will reschedule it for sure coz im not ready yet.Goodluck to all of us!
  2. roze

    Did I pass NCLEX-RN?

  3. roze

    Are these enough?

  4. roze

    Nclex RN June 2011 lets study together.

    Hi shiloh..sorry to hear that.Dont give up, you are not alone...Goodluck!
  5. roze

    NCLEX-RN Exam on April 2011, need motivation?

    Omg!!!congrats tildor!!!God is sooooo Good!!!
  6. roze

    Just took NCLEX, freaking out!

  7. roze

    Just took NCLEX, freaking out!

  8. roze

    OMG I PASSED 2nd time - I hope this will help others

    Hi tildor that is confusing to me too..coz i myself when i had ectopic preg I couldnt stand the pain.coz it was already ruptured..I felt like it's better to die than having that pain.. I dont know the answer to that question..maybe follow ABC?
  9. roze

    Recommend me good CONTENT review books

    Lot of nclex takers use saunders for content.
  10. roze

    Cranial Nerves

    congrats srangel!!!u made it!!!
  11. roze

    Cranial Nerves

    Goodluck srangel!!
  12. roze

    Pinoy nclex takers

    hi!i live in the valley too,city of van nuys!i would love to join but i cant..coz Im in l.a during weekdays...
  13. roze

    April NCLEX Support Group/for those testing in april

    hi shiloh ,im from cali too ,graduated in philippines...Try the PVT again...
  14. roze

    Pinoy looking for study buddy

    hi!Im from Los angeles ca..i would like to have study buddy too but its hard to find one coz mostly they prefer to study by themselves..