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Here I was lounging and watching all the TV shows when I decide to go online and check my e-mail... Low and behold an e-mail from my patho-pharm teacher telling us to download our syllabus, notes and calendar to read everythin in advance before for the first day of class which is in about a week and a half...

She actually told us to "plug in your brains" (that means we are in for

Boy! Did she wake me up...LOL!


I used to feel sorry for whoever had to read or get their syllabus in advance now I guess I get to feel sorry for

Well at tleast I'm looking forward to it!

How many had to read everything in advance for a class?


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Good luck to you, I don't have to read anything, but I'm going to read for A&PII.

Do you think a week will be enough time to get done what you need?

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Originally posted by nursing 101

How many had to read everything in advance for a class?

I'll be lucky if I get my textbooks ordered in time for fall classes to begin this year! LOL


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My school doesn't allow Pell recipients to purchase books until 2 days before classes. If I get an email or notice to read anything before classes begin...alot of administrators, instructors, faculty, etc will be hearing from me!


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We were asked to read chapter 1-5 for one class, and one chapter each for two other classes. Those assignments were for the first week of school for three nursing classes. I guess it's time to get busy. Let the fun begin!!!!!! lol


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When I started nursing school.....I think during two different semesters the teachers gave us materials and chapters to read before class started.


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Last week I received the following "Homework Package" from school:

120 math problems to be done on the computer along with two math test on the computer.

Another math test to passed in on day one.

Lastly, 6 chapters to read before class. I really don't mind getting ready ahead of time, however, the book I need the school is having a hard time getting it in. We'll see...


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The only thing we have is a "general math quiz" the first day of class. No clue as of to what that will consist of, but since I have been in college, I have taken 3 math classes, and Chemistry, so I'm not worried

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Everyting should be o.k. for a week and half but I have to go and purchase this book tomorrow. I didn't plan on getting it until next week. OH well there goes no grocery shopping this!

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I managed to count my change jar and add it to my 20 bucks to have enough grocery money to last me until the 11th of September.

If i eat half of what i normally eat. Which isn't that hard, been eating a lot lately.


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Let's see....two chapters to read and review for Community Health. Then 41 drugs to memorize and five chapters to read for Psych nursing....guess my vacation is over!!LOL!


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We had 1200 pages of summer reading in preparation for semester 1 of nrsg program.

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