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  1. Do you cover your books?

    I too covered all my books. I bought clear sticky/type covers at walmart. They worked great and you really couldn't tell they were covered. Plus, the covers remove fairly easy when I sold them back.
  2. Help Please--where are the best salaries?

    New grad pay rate here in Massachusetts is $23/hr plus diff.
  3. Are you working as a CNA during nursing school?

    Hi, Being a CNA on a med/surg floor is one of the best things I did while in nursing school. I started at the end of my first year. It has given me the opportunity to see plenty of assessments, treatments, etc. My nurses know that I am in school, so ...
  4. Cheapest place to find scrubs?

    [oops, duplicate post
  5. Cheapest place to find scrubs?

    I have used a company called Jack l. Marcus and have have great luck. I'm a plus size gal and find there prices to be far better than the local uniform shops. They have plenty of solid colors and prints. Plus, free UPS shi...
  6. Have Anyone Read This Book

    The book was on our recommended reading/purchase list. I borrowed it from the local library. I did read it cover to cover and picked up a few useful tips, however, I wouldn't purchase it. Reading it once was enough. Berta
  7. Anyone attend Brockton Hosp Sch of Nur?

    Have you applied to Massasoit?? I attend their nursing program and I love it. It's not that expensive. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, feel free to PM me. Berta
  8. working in MA as nursing student

    Hi, I am a senior nursing student. I am working on the south shore as a nurses aid. The pay isn't too bad. I make a little over $11. I had no luck trying to find a job as an aid by myself. I applied to all the local hospitals and got no response. Fin...
  9. Moving to Boston in January

    Welcome to Boston!!! Sorry, I can't recommend any cell phone companies. They all seem overprice to me. :uhoh21: Berta
  10. will i be the last student standing???

    My final exam is Wed, Dec 22. YUCK>>>> I just want it over with..pleassseeee.... :angryfire
  11. Just a quick ?

    We do one nursing process paper per semester. Each clinical day, we have a prep sheet that has to be turned in as well. Lastly, we have to to a IPR (theraputic communication) paper. So, I don't consider that too much.
  12. Boston - CNA salary

    I don't know what the pay scale is in the immediate Boston area. I am a nursing student getting a little over $11 plus diff working on the south shore.
  13. Massasoit

    I am a senior at MCC. YIPEE...Yes it is difficult to get in. Last year, when I got accepted, the had something like 500 applicants and took 50. How did I get in? I am not really sure. I am a solid B student, scored ok on the placement test, and had a...
  14. I gave up on doing all the assigned reading, it was just way too much. I just skim over the chapter and focus on what was covered in lectures.
  15. The excitement is gone!

    Yep, same here. The thing I am dreading is the cost of daycare, studying, work, kids, housework, and the finances. If I think on it too much my head hurts. :rotfl: I am looking forward to finishing and graduating come May.