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  1. iliel

    FYI for CCSN programs

    I just recieved some info that I thought I would pass along. I am no longer in the RN program, but still get stuff in the mail for it. CCSN has started a part time ADN program this fall. The full time program will take 96 students and the PT will take 34 (i think) Starting in fall 2005 the full time program will take 136 students. There is no waiting list for CCSN, there hasn't been one in several years, they take everyone who qualifies. They also changed some of the pre reqs. You no longer have to have A&P II completed to apply (I did) and some of the courses like Soc don't have to be finished until the 4th semester. They have raised the GPA to 2.75, it was 2.5. I'm a student at NSC, yes, I have a habit of saying NSH so excuse me, but I am not in their program, I am in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology. I thought this might be useful to someone, you can see the sch for the full and part time programs on line http://www.ccsn.nevada.edu
  2. iliel

    UNLV Nursing Program

    I'm a NSC student and for some reason I always say Nevada State Henderson. LOL I agree, I'm not in the program, but if you look at the reqs for the program, they are the same (just about) The school is run like UNR.
  3. iliel

    I have to take the SAT's?!?

    What you need to take is the ACT residual exam, the will only test you in one area. I took it and it's only good at UNLV, it's not a real ACT or SAT.
  4. iliel

    Opened My Letter W/ a Pit in My Stomach

    I'm sure this is directed at me so let me clear up the statement I made about "just to see if I get in" I wanted to be a nurse so bad for so long. But as I began to shadow and talk to nurses (not just on this board) I started having second thoughts. Will I be able to be the type of nurse I want to be in a healthcare system that we have today. My answer to that was most likely no. HOWEVER, I completed all my prereqs etc. and I've decided to change my major. When that paper came in the mail, I started to think about it. Did I just need a break from all the nursing talk? Maybe. Do I still want to be a nurse, YES. Do I want to stress myself out to no end and work in what seems to be a dangerous situation (here in Vegas), NO. When it comes down to it, and I get in, I might have a different view and it may come back to me about why I wanted and worked so hard for this in the first place. After we get the letters we have 2 weeks to tell the school or they give up our place. If I decide not to do it, then the next person get's my spot. If I don't turn in the track paper, and want to be a nurse, then I've lost my spot. I'm not hurting anyone, I'm covering my bases. I think in this situation, others would do the same.
  5. iliel

    Advice On Schools

    Hi, it's hard to say who has the BEST program, they are all good. UNLV has a lower pass rate but I don't know how many ppl drop, etc. CCSN has one of the best reps with students. It's pass rate is higher it's drop rate is high too! Nevada State Henderson is new, they haven't sent out a grad class yet but if you want an idea of their program look at UNR. NSH is the umbrella school of UNR...all their classes are the same. Good luck!
  6. iliel

    Opened My Letter W/ a Pit in My Stomach

    I had to respond to this. I decided a few months back that I wasn't going to do nursing (after all I went through to try to get in). I turned in the app before I made my choice and I still haven't told the school I'm not going to do it. Today I got a letter about which track I want to do, full or part time. I'm going to send it in, I'm not sure why, but I want to see if I get in. Who knows, if I get in I might have a renewed intrest in it. My fiance also think I shouldn't go into nursing. He supports me no matter what I want to do, but he has his opinion about me and the job but he mostly keeps it to himself....I know he just wants me to be happy. We'll see what happens. I wish you luck, it's hard to make a choice when you work for something and then start having major doubts.
  7. iliel

    CCSN: In your own opinion

    Hi there! I attend CCSN and Nevada State Henderson. I've decided not to go into the RN program but I can tell you when I was working towards it, everything was very easy to do. I recieved consistant information and the school was VERY helpful. I really like the school and thought the teachers where awesome! I wish I could tell you more about the program.
  8. iliel


    sorry, but don't wear the sport guards everynight. they are not made for that and can cause more problems. I have a night guard that's made from a very hard plastic, it's made to fit my bite and is very thin and comfortable. I'm a MAJOR grinder...always have been. I'm a dental assistant and the dds I use to work for was shocked at how I ground down this NG. He still hasn't seen anyone grind like me...lol
  9. iliel

    Breast impants..again..

    One thing everyone needs to remember is just because you have breast implants dosn't mean you have big ol jerry springer stripper boobs. A lot of women who have them come from every aspect of life. Some have larger more "fake" looking boobs and others have more realistic. I bet you know someone who has them and you can't even tell. And just like very large women, small breasts can cause emotional scars. I had a friend who's uncle use to ask her if she was a boy (she had very short hair) and he would also tease her and ask when she was going to hit puberty (at 20) There is one part on every ones body that they are unhappy with and I can almost be that everyone would do something about it if they where given the chance. I had the chance and I'm very happy. This wasn't a gateway for me, I don't want to run out and get them bigger or get lipo or a nose job, I'm happy and my clothes fit.
  10. iliel

    Breast impants..again..

    When you are as flat as a board and you go to try on everthing from bathing suits to fancy dresses and even regular shirts you realize these clothes aren't made for you. Bras had to be so padded to even fit into some clothes they where uncomfortable. Random remarks made to you about being flat as a board etc. It gets old real fast.
  11. iliel

    Breast impants..again..

    VERY well said!!! I agree 5000 was well worth it!
  12. iliel

    Breast impants..again..

    Mitchsmom...I think it depends on how big the person gets their boobs. I hardly look big in the midsection. Besides, you could say that for anyone who is large chested with out fake boobs.
  13. iliel

    Breast impants..again..

    I have them. I was flat as a board...really flat. I did under the muscle. I did it for self esteem reasons but I first made sure it was the only self esteem issue I was having. They aren't too big or small, I'm very happy and no more self esteem issues. I guess I would say that now I feel like a woman and look like a woman. It's all up to you. Some ppl told me to wait until I have kids but even my mom is still flat as a board so I took the chance. Good luck in what you decide.
  14. iliel

    Not So Sure About This

    Never, ever, ever make money a issue when going into any health care job. Money should not be a factor for any job for that matter. The ppl I know that went to college for computer science degrees because they knew out of school they would make atleast 60-70K are so unhappy. They hate it. I know several who have left. I would take a semester off if it was me. Take some stock in whats going on. I also hated volunteering, I dreaded it every time I went in and I was also a CNA several years back so I pretty much knew what I was getting into. Doubt is comon yes, but just because you are this far along dosn't mean you need to finish. No one says you have to do this, but no matter what make sure you are doing this for the right reasons.
  15. iliel

    Nursing and body piercings

    And your doing the same to a lot of ppl here. How would you like it if I found out something about you and then in turned called you low class or trash? I'm suprised you are even being allowed to sit here on the BB and call ppl names, names that are obviously ment to hurt.
  16. iliel

    I'm afraid my hearts not in it anymore

    Thank so much everyone! I'm going to do the "big drop" today so it'll be offical. I also found out I can salvage this semester, there are 3 classes I can take that will count towards the SLP program. I also found out this program is under the umbrella of University of Nevada Reno so they pretty much expect the students at Nevada State to transfer up there for their Masters in SLP and Audiology. There are also 3 programs back in Philly...but if I had to choose between in state and out of state tuition...well, it's pretty clear to me. I'm a little nervous but looking forward to this transition. It was back in 96 that I shadowed the SLP and I'm so happy that I get to do it now. I'm not too far behind and all of my classes transfered easily...actually, the advisor kept asking me if I wanted to do elementry education because I had just about every thing I would need...we need teachers here just as bad as nurses...but I declined..can't imagine myself with a ton of little kids running around!! :)