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  1. Stupidest reason to go to ER

    I never get sick of hearing these no matter how many old threads there are on this board. I want to share in the stupidity that I like to call, JOB SECURITY! "Walking outside and saw a bat fly by. I want a rabies shot." "I was visiting my neighbor ...
  2. transferring pts. from ED to floor

    The above would never happen in my ER. The second we get a bed, we have to call report no matter what time it is. I do not know one charge nurse in my department that would let any staff nurse wait until shift change to call report just to "hold on...
  3. Just thanks, ER nurses.

    First I would like to say that I am so glad that friends hubby will be fine. I am glad to hear of a positive experience in the ER. We are mostly chastized for being cynical, and uncarring a lot of the times becasue of the way we feel about people u...
  4. In ER for final preceptorship

    You got some excellent advice already. I will add a few. 1. Believe it or not and dare I say, (sshh! don't tell anyone). Every once in a while there will be down time in the ED. Ususally between 3:00am-8:00am depending on what time you are orient...
  5. Med Ed seminars

    Thanks everyone. Finished the seminar today and enjoyed it. I want to try and take the test asap though, just found out they are changing it July 1st.
  6. What do you love about ER nursing?

    The unexpected, the organized chaos, the teamwork/support that is unlike anything that I have ever experienced, taking care of the entire lifespan instead of just one particular age group, knowing what is wrong with a patient without all the bells an...
  7. Capnography

    We use it for every intubated patient. We are a level 1 trauma center. It is the trauma surgeons that request it.
  8. Eye care on ED intubated patients

    During the "Golden Hour" so to speak, I will take a quick second Before going to scan and tape the eyes shut before I start pulling at monitors and tubes. Once the trauma resuscitaion is complete and before family comes in I will take the tape off.
  9. Med Ed seminars

    Anyone ever take any of the Med Ed seminars? I am taking the CEN one. They boast a 98% pass rate on the CEN and money back if the exam is taken and failed within 90 days. I took a CEN exam prep course last year that was given through a local hospi...
  10. Art lines in the ED

    Level 1 Trauma center 35,000-45,00 patients a year. We do A-lines and central lines on a daily basis.
  11. I cannot take care of anything and actually said that in my earlier post. Not being arrogant and actually said that ER nurses are not ICU nurses, but they do critical care nursing to an extent. Also said that I was not an ICU nurse, never said that...
  12. Unit bed was available at time of acceptance. We are the only level 1 trauma center in the state. This particular patient had to be packed up and transported to us which took quite some time. During transport to our facility there was two codes on...
  13. Nope! We have still had to take them from other hospitals that were transferred to us when no unit bed was available. CTU doc comes to the ED and sees the patient, writes the orders and we wait until a bed is ready before we take them upstairs.
  14. Actually, I do know of CRNA schools that except ER nursing as long as that ER is in a level 1 trauma center. I am a ER nurse and a critical care nurse, however, I do not work in the ICU and do not want to or thats where I'd be. I have taken care of...
  15. searching for ER myths!!

    If a room is empty, shut off the light. Never say the Q word (We all know that one is not a myth) Hanging a pressor at bedside for a hypotensive patient, epi drip for analphylactic patient, etc. wards off the evil spirits. The first time you don't ju...