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So far no homework/reading to do before class starts....but in our acceptance letter we were told the syllabi would be in the university copy center, and we should have our first assignment read (this was for one class, not all of them, I think). Well, I probably won't have my books until (IF I am lucky)...I am going to TRY to borrow my fil's credit card when I get my money and order online. I figure I can save about $200 if I do it this way...that's enough to buy the supplies/uniforms I need!


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For my NA Training class this fall, we're required to read the first 2 chapters of the textbook & complete the first 2 chapters of the workbook before the first day of classes. This is the first time I've had pre-term homework. I am studying ahead for A&P II on my own, however. I've got the notoriously hard A&P instructor this fall and figure I'd better start now. ;)

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