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    Clinical Simulations?

    Busybeaver, I know what you mean!!!! I am so relieved and once again I also have my nursing exam same day as you Monday!! There goes my weekend :) I am so glad you did well and I hope that you ace the final exam as well!!!!! Best of luck to you and everyone else on finals!!!!

    Clinical Simulations?

    Busybeaver, I also have my CBE on wednesday. Only have three skills to choose from suctioning, wet to dry dressing, or foley cath. It's still nerve wrecking!!!!! I can't wait until it is all over so I can just concentrate on my final and be done with this semester. Best of luck to all !!! Busy I will think of you before I go in for my CBE!!!! Good luck let me know how well you do!!!!! Sharon

    I passesd

    Congrats to you. I know how you feel same thing happened to me. Talk about bittersweet. We stood in the parking lot crying our eyes out, by the next day she sounded so much better and will continue taking other classes until September. I felt better when I knew that she was ok and I know that she can do it. She will be a great nurse.

    got into BSN program

    Congrats best of luck to you!!!! Enjoy as much as your time off as you can !!!!!

    Passing grade for your nursing school

    Catma63 What I meant was that in addition to having a 75% overall average in the class, you also needed to have a test score average of 75% in order to continue in the program. My friend failed the first test we took so by the time of the final she needed to make at least a 75 on the final in order to get an overall test score average of 75. Her overall grade in the class if you tallied test, quiz, and research paper would have been 76% but she still failed because she did not meet the 75% test score average criteria.

    Final Exams and Grades..Yippee!!

    I am soooo happy to be finished too!!!!!!!! I feel like I can breathe again. I am just so disappointed that my two best friends didn't make it. I just can't help but feel like it won't be the same without them but they are both going to continue on with other classes and get them out of the way so I feel alot better now that I know they are ok!!!!

    Passing grade for your nursing school

    Our school policy is that you must have a 75% but you also have to have a 75% average on your test in order to pass. So if you have a 76% in the class overall, and your test average is 74% you are out. That is what happened to one of my best friends she needed a 75 on the final exam and she got a 74!!!! , but she had a 76% overall I think that sucks.

    Written exam was today, tomorrow-SKILLS

    Congrats Jen, I am so happy for you. I was a basket case before I went in for my skills but like you I got lucky. I had to wash the patients face vs. a complete bed bath, next i had to move the patient up in the bed using a drawsheet, and last place the patient bed in a semifowler position how lucky was I!!!!!! Now on to more stress like a presentation in healthy communities and a test in fundamentals best of luck!!!!!

    Written exam was today, tomorrow-SKILLS

    Justjen, First of all I hope you did well on your skills!!! Congrats on your B that's great!! I know how you feel. Last week I took my health assesment exam (got a 95) Thank God!!! and this week wednesday I have my skills exam (on a dummy as well) Talk about stressed out. Let us know how well you did Natty sn
  10. NATTY SN

    I got accepted for NEXT fall...

    congrats to you !!!!! I am so happy for you. It's good to know for sure. Best of luck to you.
  11. NATTY SN

    Anyone starting next month???

    Yes kay I start clinicals for a BSN program on Aug. 25. There is so much to do before I start. I take my physical on the 18th, I have a cpr class to take on the 22nd, I have to get all my shots, take tb test. I feel like this is crunch time. Best of luck to all!!!
  12. NATTY SN


    Zach and kim congrats to you both!!!!! I am soooo happy for you both. Best of luck to you in the future :roll
  13. NATTY SN

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Hello all I am 34 year old wife and mother of 3 sons. I'm just finishing up my prereqs and start clinicals in August for a six semester BSN program. I am getting a little nervous or should I say anxious now. Best of luck to all!!!