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  1. Bevi

    Arterial blood gases

    Does your nursing text have any of those values? Your critical care nrsg bok, perhaps? Or lab book?
  2. Bevi

    My School is Gone!

    I must disagree here. You have every right to be concerned with losing your school. Your entire life has been upturned and that is very painful and scary. You have every right in the world to wonder what is next in your life. As those issues get addressed, you will more and more find your feet. That will provide you with a little more security. I hope you find a way to finish up your time.. good luck.... Bev
  3. Bevi

    taking classes with spouse, good or bad

    Well...... sounds cool to me. There's nothing like the kind of understanding you can get only from another nrsg student. I can't imagine a better way to set yourselves up for absolute success. You will be able to draw upon one anothers strengths and help ona another through weak times. You may even be able to save some $$ on books and gas, and who knows what else. very cool.....
  4. Bevi

    Congratulations! But.......

    oh goodness..... i've never seen someone tell ppl not to be too enthusiatic here on allnurses.... it's kind of sad.
  5. Bevi

    pearson quick results

    Wow..... i would be bummed to read that. what a dark cloud. :stone
  6. Bevi

    Three Rivers Community College

    Helloooo ddett, Three Rivers has a great program. Be prepared to work hard... It can be frustrating and a bit overwhelming at first, but as the weeks pass you will find yourself just doin' it, as opposed to wondering HOW you will do it. You can expect your week to be just as Rob said it would be. The upside is, you'll be well prepared for your second year. In your second year, you'll not be going to the hospital the night before a clinical to get your pt info. You will be getting all that good stuff in report, the morning of your clinical. The careplans can be long, and are a lot of work. They are also invaluable tools in that they help you hone your assessment skills, and help you learn a way of looking at the bigger picture when planning your pt care. And save 'em all....you'll use those med pages over and over. Think of it as building your own little data base. Some advice ... take it as it comes, one bite at a time. Try your hardest not to fall behind, 'cause stuff'll snowball on ya... Keep your eyes forward and no matter what anyone throws at you, meet it with a "bring it on" attitude. Enjoy the challenge...time will fly! Take care, Bev
  7. Bevi

    Curious. How many "older" students

    I'm 38.... i think..... yep.....38 finally my turn, i never could have been the student i am now 20 years ago... I just didn't know enough about myself and life. Thank goodness for late bloomage.
  8. Bevi

    Eat Before You Get Here!

    Wow...... i'm a little startled at this one.
  9. Bevi

    Eat Before You Get Here!

    I mean.... the issue was (IMO)kind of speaking to ppl thinking there is dining services in the ER? Was it a value judgement on ppl who need to rely on state money to help them get care....? Does it make a difference? Should we worry bout making value judgements and of painting ppl with a broad brush..? Just wondering.... not trying to get anyones ire up...
  10. Congrats on your fat letter ! :) I would choose the option above. If you start A&P in the summer you only have a bit of hell during fundamentals instead concurrent-for-the-whole-semester-hell! Believe me... you will be one happy camper if you aren't studying for a WHOLE semester of both at FINALS TIME!!!!! Do yourself that favor! Good luck and Have a damnfine time!
  11. Bevi


    Hi Shannon, Welcome! Make yourself comfy and jump right in! Bevi
  12. Bevi

    Why there is a debate re: ADN/BSN

    I know an ADN who works in management!
  13. Bevi

    Why there is a debate re: ADN/BSN

    (big lonnnnnnng sigh) no berk... i am not calling you gay. and i really..... REALLY resent your implication that being called gay would be some sort of insult. You sound as if perhaps you're young...or....well....intolerant in respect to diversity issues. (that is MY opinion, and i may be wrong, and i acknowledge that i may be wrong) A flamer is someone who comes to a board with the express mission of getting people into an uproar. A flamer is someone who likes to see ppl get all worked up. have a tolerant day.
  14. Bevi

    Why there is a debate re: ADN/BSN

    Berk........ are you little flamer or what?
  15. Bevi

    What do you do with a little extra time?

    I'd get my butt offline and go STUDY!!!!!! then use my 2 free hours tonight.....with my honey :kiss yay! guilt free snuggle time!
  16. Bevi

    nursing overseas

    How bout contacting Doctors Without Borders?