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[coor=royalblue]the senior members rock, you guys are soooo encouraging!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

hi! i am enrolled with the college network. i am getting ready to take the nursing concepts 1 exam. can anyone tell me if the exam is anything like the practice exams that are at the end of every chapter in the book. :confused:

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Remembering back to the days when I took NC!....I did not use college network though. I found that this test was based a lot on critical thinking and the nursing process. I used the practice test at the end of the Excelsior content guide and found that the questions were very similiar to the real test. Good luck.


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I took NC1 in June...I thought it was hard. A lot of nursing jargon questions. I passed though...I just can't get motivated to study NC2. You will do just fine. It is basic nursing care. Good luck!


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hi there. to answer ur it was nothing like the practice tests in coll-net module. I thought that was what it was going to be like. i left that test center in tears because I failed..I got so confused. i hope i pass next time. :o


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Keep in mind that the OP was preparing for NC1 nearly three years ago.


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i used the college network to study when i took nc1-some of questions were similiar-the majority were not-try taking an excelsior practice exam-around 65 dollars for two sets of tests-alot of people said they were helpful.


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I just took my NC1 a couple of weeks ago. I found the questions in similiar format as the ones in TCN guide practice test found at the end of the book. It was not complicated just alot of critical thinking. Hoping Micro is the same?!?!


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I only borrowed the suggested textbooks .After reading one chpter, I took the practice exam in the CD of the book.Can anyone tell me are these questions similar with the exams of Excelsior?

I alwasy saw people suggested to buy the practical exam from Excelsior. What is that? Is it a CD or an internet one? Can students share so that it is like a second hand book students can buy from each other and get some discounts?


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The practice exams are online, available through the EC website and they gave me the best idea of the difficulty and content to expect on the real thing. We can't share/discount things like this because of copyright issues though.


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Did you take the Excelsior concepts1 yet? I am preparing to take this as well at the end of Feb. I only have the one text (Fundamentals). (I am nervous as to how this test will be. The info seems sort of abstract.


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:lol2: hi, and 2 all...i've gotten through this program pretty much with the help of the practice tests online courses and some....send me a private message...i'll tell you more,;)

cheers and good luck... jeni


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OOOh I just sent you and email form my AOL account. Could you please read it. It is safe to open. :)

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