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  1. medicrnohio

    Initial CRNP License in Pennsylvania

    Check with the board to see what they require. Some require the final transcript to apply and other just won't release scores until you send the final transcript. It truly does take them about 6 weeks or so to issue the final transcript at Pitt. That being said, you will likely be able to accept a position that will be contingent upon you passing boards. I started my position before passing boards and wasn't really even able to function until January when all my credentialing was finished.
  2. medicrnohio

    Initial CRNP License in Pennsylvania

    Graduated early August 2011 Took boards AANP October 31, 2011 CRNP Licensure from PA Board of Nursing November 30, 2011 Prescriptive Authority in December 2011 Part of the issue is that Pitt takes awhile to issue transcripts. Did they say when they will have transcripts ready? We needed transcripts with degree posted to apply for boards.
  3. medicrnohio

    The Stranger Within: Living With Mental Illness

    Thank you for sharing this story! I found it at just the right time. I am a nurse practitioner with severe depression. I've been depressed for as long as I can remember. I've been treated with meds several times, each with a little to a lot of success. I stopped the medications the last time I was put on them because I didn't like the way they made me feel (GI distress). I thought everything would be okay, but.......it wasn't. The spiral down really started to speed up about a month ago and for the last week all I could think of was getting out of my internal hell. I wanted to die! I had it planned and I had a list made of what needed to happen before I could carry out my plan. Thankfully I went to therapy Wednesday evening (I had cancelled the appointment and then called back to see if I could come). My therapist encouraged me to check into the psych hospital and I did. I was scared of everything that I could lose by going there.....my family, my job, etc. I only stayed 2 days. They wanted me to stay longer. I was so worried about how my time there would affect my family and my job that I begged them to let me leave. The reality is....I should have stayed longer. I don't want to hurt myself right now, but I know that I need to get better. I am at my rock bottom. I have a lot of work to do. They started my meds, but it could be 2-3 more weeks before they start working. Depression has been devastating for me. It has caused me to make decisions about my life that I would not have made had I been in the right state of mind. Now, I get to spend some time cleaning up my messes.
  4. I am a FNP that works in geriatrics. I work in the long term care setting. My position is designed to handle two things: acute change in condition and palliative care. I handle acute changes in condition for any of the residents in the facility. I can write orders to treat, but I also communicate with the resident's attending. I do a lot of work with palliative care and hospice residents. A lot of this is symptom management and goals of care conversations. My position is not typical of the geriatric NP in long term care. The other NP that works in our facility works for a specific physician. She does regulatory visits, admissions, discharges, etc. Hope that helps!
  5. medicrnohio

    someone put soap in my drink!!

    People who do those types of things need mental help! That is not just spiteful, it is dangerous. Thankfully it was just soap.
  6. medicrnohio

    Was asked if I was bisexual?!?!?

    I doubt that the question was asked with malicious intent. However, it could have been asked much differently. A more appropriate question would have been "Do you have sex with men, women, or both?". Unfortunately, some providers have a difficult time talking about sexuality and things don't come out quite right. I once had a physician say to me "You are a heterosexual, aren't you?". I was in such shock that I got up and left. It was very clear to me that being a lesbian was not going to be acceptable to him.
  7. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    I don't think you can go wrong with either specialty. If I were ever to go back for another specialty it would be psych/mental health. I think my program prepared me well for the exam, but I think studying different review books is also very helpful. I graduated in August 2011.
  8. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    Thanks! I agree that I didn't feel that it really tested my knowledge, except for a few questions. I got my score report today and I got 722 out of 800 points. I was happy about that.
  9. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    I passed the AANP FNP test on Halloween! That test was hard. I felt like I studied and reviewed a lot of material. I didn't feel like a lot of what I studied was on the test. I'm just happy that I passed. Now the waiting game to get my license from Pennsylvania.
  10. medicrnohio

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I thought I'd give a little update on myself since graduating from EC! EC ASN - January 2005 EC BSN - July 2008 University of Pittsburgh MSN w/ Family NP Specialization - August 2011 I've had the opportunity to work in telemetry, ER, home care, medical ICU, cardiothoracic ICU, LTAC, and long term care. Currently working as a FNP in geriatrics. Love my job!
  11. We just recently had a outbreak of norovirus in the LTC facilty that I work in. It was awful. Most of the residents and many of the staff members were very ill. Staffing was awful, because everyone was off sick. (Worse yet, they wrote people up for being sick with norovirus that they caught at work.) Knock on wood, I think we've finally come to the end of this in our facility for now. My hands are still recovering from the handwashing every 5 minutes.
  12. medicrnohio

    Drexel MSN programs online?

    The FNP program may have changed since the last time I looked at it, which was several years ago. I'm sure someone from the school could explain it to you. If you live in Pittsburgh, I would suggest you look into local programs as well (Pitt, Carlow, Duquesne).
  13. I used to work in home health and I loved it. I worked in all kinds of neighborhoods - the good, the bad, and the downright awful. Honestly, I never had any problems. Although I did always make sure that someone knew where I was going. My experience was that people even in the worst neighborhoods respected "the nurse" and would not tolerate anyone "messing with the nurse". I often had a family member who would offer to walk me out to my car. Be safe and be smart!
  14. medicrnohio

    Drexel MSN programs online?

    I did get accepted to the program for Fall 2008 and attended for two terms. The program was okay. Some of the instructors were great and others were downright awful. Although you could find that in any program. I decided not to continue in the program because I wanted to switch specialities from ACNP to FNP. The FNP program at Drexel is not a distance program.
  15. medicrnohio

    Excelsior students going on to get NP

    I have my ADN and BSN from EC and I am currently enrolled in an MSN-FNP program. I took some of my general ed requirements through EC and some through colleges in my local area. It really wasn't an issue at all though. The school looked to see if I had my BSN from an accredited school. The only question that came up about coursework was a stats course during my undergrad. With that being said, I think it would be beneficial for you to do any of the courses that typically have a lab component (micro, A&P, chem, etc.) at a community college or somewhere near you that offers the lab component. From what I have heard from other EC grads, those courses are usually the sticking points. Good luck!