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Tele, Home Health, MICU, CTICU, LTC
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medicrnohio is a RN and specializes in Tele, Home Health, MICU, CTICU, LTC.

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  1. medicrnohio

    Initial CRNP License in Pennsylvania

    Check with the board to see what they require. Some require the final transcript to apply and other just won't release scores until you send the final transcript. It truly does take them about 6 weeks or so to issue the final transcript at Pitt. T...
  2. medicrnohio

    Initial CRNP License in Pennsylvania

    Graduated early August 2011 Took boards AANP October 31, 2011 CRNP Licensure from PA Board of Nursing November 30, 2011 Prescriptive Authority in December 2011 Part of the issue is that Pitt takes awhile to issue transcripts. Did they say w...
  3. medicrnohio

    someone put soap in my drink!!

    People who do those types of things need mental help! That is not just spiteful, it is dangerous. Thankfully it was just soap.
  4. medicrnohio

    Was asked if I was bisexual?!?!?

    I doubt that the question was asked with malicious intent. However, it could have been asked much differently. A more appropriate question would have been "Do you have sex with men, women, or both?". Unfortunately, some providers have a difficult t...
  5. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    I don't think you can go wrong with either specialty. If I were ever to go back for another specialty it would be psych/mental health. I think my program prepared me well for the exam, but I think studying different review books is also very helpfu...
  6. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    Thanks! I agree that I didn't feel that it really tested my knowledge, except for a few questions. I got my score report today and I got 722 out of 800 points. I was happy about that.
  7. medicrnohio

    Passed AANP!

    I passed the AANP FNP test on Halloween! That test was hard. I felt like I studied and reviewed a lot of material. I didn't feel like a lot of what I studied was on the test. I'm just happy that I passed. Now the waiting game to get my license f...
  8. medicrnohio

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I thought I'd give a little update on myself since graduating from EC! EC ASN - January 2005 EC BSN - July 2008 University of Pittsburgh MSN w/ Family NP Specialization - August 2011 I've had the opportunity to work in telemetry, ER, home c...
  9. medicrnohio

    Any other new grads considering a PhD?

    I'm not a new grad but I am considering getting my PhD. Currently I'm in a MSN-FNP program. I want to do research and teach.
  10. medicrnohio

    what area of nursing do you never see yourself working in?

    OB/GYN and management
  11. medicrnohio

    how long do u get for lunch?

    Well, they take 30 minutes out of every day that I work for this thing called "lunch". However, I don't get to take that 30 minute lunch. Sure I might get to eat, but it's at the desk and it's never uninterrupted. In my current job and the two before...
  12. medicrnohio

    Anyone have a nursing supervisor require you to work while sick?

    I think hospitals need to be held accountable by a higher authority for creating a threatening environment in which nurses who are ill or injured feel they have no choice but to come to work. I lost my position because I called off work even thou...
  13. medicrnohio

    Maumee, Ohio / I am moving there soon

    Susan, You have many options for hospitals in that area. Look at the following: St. Luke's Promedica system which includes Bay Park Community Hospital and Toledo Hospital Mercy system which includes St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, St. Char...
  14. I worked in a hospital that required multiple swabs to screen for infectious disease. We did nasal and rectal swabs, but also swabbed all wounds, trachs, sputum, urine, peg tubes. And yes, we did this for every patient.
  15. medicrnohio

    Well color me embarrassed!!

    No need to be embarassed. You never know and it is best to keep your family safe.
  16. medicrnohio

    Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, (which to purchase?)

    I have an HP ipaq which is a stand alone PDA and a Samsung Omnia which is a pda phone. I like them both. I prefer the ipaq for reference use, because the screen is bigger and I can write/type things on it easier. However, I usually carry the omnia...