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I am looking for advice. I have LPN 10 years, Bachelors from Empire State in another field. I am in my 40's and want a mostly online program. I have my heart set on but I see NY is no longer on the list 😫😫😫 Has anyone used another address in a state they approve? I am currently waiting on my Florida license to be approved. I don't mind traveling to clinicals in Florida either. Why does NY suck no compact no online schools. I am not doing Excelsior. 

I also saw Utica (campus in Albany) but the cost is high and I already took out max loans for my last BS

or Rockland community? I assume they have a waitlist like most all around here?

what about the Mount st Mary's? 

PS I have all pre reqs


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What about a traveling nursing position?  2 of my sisters and mom are nurses and my older sister travels and the pay is amazing.  Also I know the head charge nurse at Winnie Palmer and Arnold Palmer.  They take traveling nurses.  You do assignments for a week and go home and wait for next assignment.  Also home health pays well.  I had a Medicare agency we started from scratch and 5 years later we had 40 clinicians on payroll and our head LPN was making 180k a year doing 100 visits every 2 weeks.  Good luck!

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