Emory DABSN FALL 2024

Applied to EMORY DABSN Fall 2024 program January 25, wondering if anyone has applied and/or gotten accepted yet. Nursing Students Online Learning


Hello! I applied to Emory's DABSN program for Fall 2024. They're doing rolling admissions now, and I haven't received any acceptance or rejection update yet. Everything on my profile is checked off and it seems like everything has been reviewed but I haven't heard back. Just curious if anyone in a similar situation has heard anything yet ? 

I applied for the Fall 2024 back then Nov 15, and received the admission on 12/20 I guess. 

Hi Karissa! Have you received an admission decision yet? I applied very late a few weeks ago. Haven't heard back. Curious if anyone knows how long it usually takes to hear back. 

@Ash121 I heard back a couple weeks ago! They sent me an email. It took them about a month to get back to me! 

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