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Hi Everybody. I'm new to this board, but it seems that there are a lot of older/returning students here. Just out of curiousity, how old are you and where are you in life??? I'm 33 and a... Read More

  1. by   me5115
    I am 26 Ill be married for 5 years in aug. and I have the sweetest 18 mnth little girl. I work 30hrs a week in an out pt cancer center. I only have my associates but Id love to continue. first i need to get oncology certified.
  2. by   tacobarlass
    I am 38, a single mom and still working on pre-reqs. I will be applying for fall 2008 for my ASN. 2010 seems so far away!

    BTW, I have an acquantaine who had an 80 year old in her nursing class! And she graduated, fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse!
  3. by   Texican
    Quote from blessed061987
    Hi Texican,

    Welcome to allnurses! Good luck in your pre reqs and all!

    I am 38 y/o and mother to 4 kids ranging in age from 8 to 13. I will start nursing school in August. I have never been to college before this so it is all new for me! After I get finished with the ADN program, I plan to go on and get a Master's and become a nurse practitioner. Good luck to all~
    Thank you! And good luck to you too from one Texan to another!
  4. by   OgopogoLPN
    I'm 31 and starting the LPN program in September

    I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a teenager, but didn't take the right science courses in high school. I'm married with a 7 year old and a 4 year old.

    I'm hoping to have my BScN by the time I'm 40, but who knows where life will take me in the next 9 years. If I stay an LPN longer or forever, I would be OK with that too.
  5. by   TxGirl1982
    I'm 25 y/o, not married, no children...I took some detours between graduating high school and now, but I'm back on track where I want to be, I've got one more semester of pre-req's...I will be applying in August for a January 2008 start (keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get accepted) I was accepted for Fall 2007 but I lost my spot but that's ok. I hope to be done with my Associates by 27 then it's on to a Bachelors and a Masters Degree...Good thing I like school!!! :spin:
  6. by   serendipity123
    I'm 18, single, and no kids. I'm a first time college student as well.
  7. by   pug540
    Quote from np_wannabe
    Hi Everybody.

    I'm new to this board, but it seems that there are a lot of older/returning students here.

    Just out of curiousity, how old are you and where are you in life???

    I'm 33 and a SAHM to two children: dd(3), and ds(1). I'm hoping to get into UF's accelerated BSN program next summer and somehow find time to balance it be honest, it's a little intimidating to think about.

    Good luck to us all!!!

    I'm 27 and have finally figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life =) I've been in college off and on (mostly on) since I was 18, earned a BA degree (that I have deemed to be useless), traveled around the world a bit, and have settled in beautiful Daivs, CA. I don't have kids. Just a full time job and a pug. I've been doing my pre-reqs full time since last summer. I finally get to start applying this fall!
    Just trying to balance it all and have a little bit of fun on the side sometimes.
  8. by   meant4me2
    From my own experience..

    I was raised in a family where "manpower" was still very much the norm..most of my family is/was self-employed and did well for many years..
    So, I was under the strange impression that no matter what I did or where I went to work..that WORK ETHIC was key and that having a degree was not the end all/be all..
    Boy was I wrong!!! Maybe that is why we are seeing so many adults over 30years old pushing for a degree. I had to learn the hard way..the only way they will pay you for your work ethic is if you have the degree...if you dont, then they dont. And opportunities are very limited. So im glad ive learned the lesson..I dont want to be limited..and I would like to be paid for working my butt off!!

    Am I the only one who has felt this???

  9. by   coolpeach
    I think mentality was a lot different back then. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and I am only 37 years old, but how things have changed. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I remember going to the doctor when I was five, and telling the nurse one day I am going to be just like you. We never discussed college when I was young, and I was NOT the best student growing up. I hated math!!!! My dad was a steelworker, and my mom did clerical work in an officer. They got married right out of high school, and never went to college. When I told my dad my dream when it was time to move on he told me I was a pretty girl, and should find a nice guy to marry. I was very sheltered, and I had no idea how one went about going to college. I did know it would cost money etc, and I didn't know about loans and grants. I ended up finding a man, getting married, and having two kids. He turned out NOT to be such a great man, and developed a drug problem. I was still very young, and left with pretty much the kids, and the clothes on my back. This time I did a little investigating, and found out about grants. Again I went to my dad and told him what I wanted to do. I explained I could get a grant to pay for my education if only he would help me with daycare for the kids. Again he said, NO that I would find a nice man because I was a pretty girl. A couple of years later I found another man, and we got married, and two years later we had a child. This nice man turned out to be abusive, and again I left, but now I had three children. I got Zach (my youngest) in 2nd grade, and I got those loans, and grants and started to school on my own. My dad has since gotten on board with the idea. My mom says he see's my passion for what I want to do. He says that he was wrong that he now realizes in todays world everyone needs an education. I think its because he realized that I am really bad at picking husbands, and decided I couldn't do worse choosing a career lol.
  10. by   Skyetropics
    I'm 25, newly married (no kids) and I am completing prereqs for nursing school after a having to leave school for 3 years due to massive financial issues. However before that I was pursuing a corporate career which was going ok but my heart and spirit were not in it, nor was it a stable place tobe, so I knew I had to go back to my true calling. Now its all working out!! I'm a PCT-CNA and keeping my fingers crossed on getting accepted in nursing school this fall. You just have to take it one step at a time and make the right decisions for yourself sometimes.

  11. by   bratt8781
    Hi everyone, I am 25. I am thrilled that I will be with more mature women and maybe some men too. I am comforted to know that I won't be stuck with all fresh-out-of-high-school 18 year old kids! I have been out of High School 10 years! And by the way, 30's is NOT old
  12. by   dana7582
    I just turned 25 today. I will have my bachelor of science degree in biology in december and then start my BSN in January 2008. I'm taking prereqs and finishing up my bio classes for my B.S. Biology.
  13. by   Nj~RN
    Hello I Am 25 Engaged To My Long Time Boyfriend ( Since We Were 15) And We Have 2 Beutiful Boys Together Ages 6 And 4. I Will Be Starting Lpn School In Sept. And When I'm Done My Mother And I Will Together Go On To Rn. I Think You Are Never To Old To Learn. I Do Sometimes Wish I Started Earlier But This Is What Works For Me Now. I Know My Head Is In It Now.