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  1. so i started out as a new grad working in same day surgery. Usually i was the circulating nurse, but i did work a very small amount of pre-op admission testing (mostly GI) and some post-op patient teaching. I also have worked SDS in dermatology clini...
  2. Say What??????!!!!!!!!!!

    the other day one of my patients thought the admit board was a television, asked me to change the channel, I was like nope that is not a tv lol
  3. 18 y/o RN!

    thats awesome.. I was a 17 year old LPN 3 years ago.. next summer I will be graduating with my RN- BSN at 21 y/o YAY!!!
  4. Say What??????!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to bump this up, I love all the comments, lol
  5. When Staff members don't get along!

    I also think that horizontal violence can be reduced or eliminated if the unit has a good NM, if the NM doesn't step in and diffuse a situation and explain what type of behavior will not be tolerated, horizontal violence probably won't be so prevalen...
  6. hello everyone, i occasionally float through the hospice unit my ltc facility has, but something doesn't seem right with the how things are done, i wanted to know it this is standard in hospice or if this is unusual.. most of the patients there are c...
  7. Can't get hired in a clinic.. with experience???

    well I am including agency jobs and all the open houses I see for nurses including RN's I know someone who graduated with her RN recently and she found two positions in less than 2 months. I don't think there is a shortage of nursing jobs here in NYC...
  8. Can't get hired in a clinic.. with experience???

    Thanks for the responses, I live here in NYC.. most LPNs work in LTC as in most other states.. usually the job just sits there until they find the perfect candidate.. my thing was why don't they just hire a candidate who is a nurse and who is qualifi...
  9. Hello!!, so to get right to it, I've beeen an LPN for 3 years working in LTC... everytime I apply to work in a clinic.. I basically never get the position. I applied to one full-time position and it turns out, its really an on-call position if someon...
  10. i was reading this article on medscape nurses and i thought it was really interesting and accurate. working in a facility that uses virtually no technology when it comes to the prescription and distribution of medications, (everything is pen and pape...
  11. G-tube Flush

    Yes from what I've learned it is to be flushed by gravity esp when the state is there.. To be very honest I have 40 patients plus about 10 peg feeders and other things to do and I usually bolus or inject it because often it doesnt flow fast enough by...
  12. what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    I can answer all of this.. I started LIU in 2006 and am currently in their Nursing program with 1 yr to go.. since you're a student with a bachelors degree already and from LIU you can get into the nursing program without taking anymore pre-reqs the ...
  13. $100,000 in student loan debt?

    I go to Long Island University school of nursing :down: and the total cost of the school for 4 yrs is $ 100,000 and counting why so expensive??? nobody knows.
  14. PCAs

    This link should help somewhat
  15. Need help with dx (abnormal assessment data)

    She maybe has an S3 or an S4 which are both extra and abnormal heart sounds. S3 occurs mostly in CHF whereas S4 occurs in HTN or CAD. Maybe you heard an S4 which occurs before S1 or the lub sound, but could sound like lub-dub-dub. Did you get to list...