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  1. tacobarlass

    Pitt County Memorial Hospital (now Vidant Medical Center)

    Flamengo, I just sent you my email via PM. Thanks!
  2. tacobarlass

    nurse nonrecruiters

    I have spoken to five recruiters over the last few months of my job search. Only one wasn't helpful in that she gave me incorrect information regarding pre-screening telephone interviews. The other four were wonderful. One recruiter returned my call only to tell me that they didn't have any positions for new grads right now and that she understood how tough it is right now for us. She was very encouraging even though she couldn't help me. Another was clearly enthusiastic about her facility as she had began her nursing career there. She even talked to me about what to ask in an interview. I just wanted everyone to know that some recruiters are courteous and DO return calls and reply to emails.
  3. tacobarlass

    Networking Post

    As of today, there are several postings at Elliot & CMC, and Concord Hospital has a couple).
  4. tacobarlass

    Please is anyone willing to critique my resume!!!

    I would suggest changing your objective. The one you have now is all about YOU, not THEM. What can you offer them? Also, you have the "Offering" items listed at the top and then they are listed again later. Do you want them on the resume twice? Good luck!
  5. tacobarlass

    my first job interview next week..need some help/tips

    I would suggest putting a thank you card in the mail immediately, if you haven't already done so. In it you can also reiterate your interest in the position. Good luck!
  6. tacobarlass

    finally got a job in the bay area

    Congratulations!! Good for you for persevering! If I may ask, how do you think you "separated yourself from the pack"? I just graduated and passed boards and find that making yourself stand out to even get an interview is really challenging.
  7. tacobarlass

    Passed NCLEX RN!!!

    Congratulations! :smiley_aa
  8. tacobarlass

    Took NCLEX-RN this morning...

    Way to go!!!:balloons::w00t:
  9. tacobarlass

    Guerrilla Job Tactics?

    Hi Everyone, I was considering buying the book Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters and was wondering if anyone has tried any of the tactics suggested in the book. If you have read the book, do you think it is helpful to new nurses? Thanks!
  10. tacobarlass

    NH market for new nurses

    Hello, I just graduated and the job market here is poor. I have an email from HR at Concord Hospital stating that they are not hiring new grads this year. I have a letter from LRGHealthcare; they backed out of the TuitionLink contracts they had with students in my class because they had no positions for them. They cited the economy. My friend interviewed at New London Hospital only to be told they wanted 1-2 years experience. I attended a symposium/job fair in April; the federal prison was hiring. If you didn't have any experience then the only options were per diem positions. Even LTC required experience. I am not familiar with any other hospitals in NH but a Rivier professor told my friend that everyone is taking out of state jobs this year. I am applying out of state myself. It has been very competitive, recruiters that I speak with tell me they have 200+ applicants. Good luck in your search.
  11. tacobarlass

    Lakes Region Community College--- anyone go there?

    I just graduated from LRCC... Hi Dee!! I highly recommend their program. The professors are wonderful and caring. It is a small program, class of 2010 had 23 students. Transitioning to senior year was a little tricky in that some things were done differently, e.g. careplans (which were actually easier senior year). Each professor has their own style but I can say you won't be "a number" there. Other faculty members and staff are wonderful as well. The campus is small and you have the opportunity to really get to know everyone. Good luck!
  12. tacobarlass

    Do recruiters actually read cover letters?

    Hello, I am a student with one semester left in a ASN program. During the second semester of my program I asked a lot of different nurses that I encountered if they had done an externship while they were in school. If they did, I asked them where. I got lucky and met someone who had done her externship at a hospital that was 45 minutes from my home. I immediately checked into it. She had told me the name of her nurse manager but I looked at the website and went with a higher-up person. (There wasn't a nurse recruiter) I got the interview. I ended up getting the nurse technician job but I believe it was my cover letter that got me the interview. My advice is to network, network, network. It's never too early to start! Even if you don't have a referral, you can do some research on the company's website and somehow bring in some info about their program/company to put in your letter. It will show that you have done your homework and that can make a good impression. I also advise you to ALWAYS find out the name of an actual person and never just address the letter to "Nurse Recruiter". It might take some doing but usually you can find this info on their website or by asking the receptionist. I've attached the cover letter I wrote (names removed) for an example. BTW, I am applying for new grad residencies now, 6 months before I graduate. Don't wait! Sample Cover Letter.pdf
  13. tacobarlass

    Woohoo....i Did It!!!

  14. tacobarlass


    Hi Matt, I am taking A&P II right now. My other class is at NHTI. I am going to take micro by itself this summer. How is that class? I think it must be pretty intense with all the reading Prof. Bloom told me it requires. My name is Jennifer... maybe we will meet next fall.
  15. tacobarlass


    I look forward to meeting you! It's great to find someone going to the same school who knows about allnurses because when I talk about something I have read on here no one knows about the site. Congratulations!
  16. tacobarlass

    I got in!

    Congratulations to you!!!!!