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Hi Everybody. I'm new to this board, but it seems that there are a lot of older/returning students here. Just out of curiousity, how old are you and where are you in life??? I'm 33 and a... Read More

  1. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    i'm 32 years old, married since i was 16yrs old (15yrs going on 16), i have 3 children, 15yrs old, 8yrs old & 7yrs old. i have been a s@hm for most of the time, i've worked off & on as a housekeeper, but nothing like a career. i've devoted my whole life to my family, now my youngest is in school full time, and i thought, huh?? what will i do with me life? i've never really stopped to think of what i want? haaa..never! crazy isn't it? then i made the huge step & believe me it was a big step..i come from families where women dont' work and stay home, so getting my mind set to do something i wanted was really big. i"m so excited and loving school! i'm all a's & b's. i feel like something is for me and not just giving (which is good) but its nice to take care of ourselves too right?

    congrats to all of us working hard for nursing!

  2. by   doubleplay
    Hi, I'm 38, and starting clinicals this January. I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I have been married for 15 years. I worked in a factory painting cars for more than ten years, and now I'm going to do something that matters.
  3. by   MB37
    27, married 14 months, no kids yet. DH is 10 yrs olde than I am, and he's ready for babies. I ought to graduate with my accelerated BSN in May 2009, and then we start trying immediately. I'm doing mine at USF, if any other Floridians are in the Tampa area. Just taking it one day at a time!
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    A student no longer but I did go back to school when I was 38 to become a nurse. (Previous major in college was Social Work). I had 3 kids then, 7 and 11 and 13. Now I have 4 kids, 5 and 17 and 21 and 23.

    I agree with the poster who asked what is the definition of old anyway?

    Good luck to everyone!

  5. by   LMRN10
    Hey there! I am Lori and I am 30. I have a FT job and I also have a 1 year old dd, Amelia.

    I am just about done with all of my classes and ready to begin my Nursing program (hopefully) next fall. I'll take Micro in the spring next year.

    I took a this past spring & summer semesters off to be with my daughter, but I'm now easing back into school with an online course. So, Intercultural Communications this semester, Micro in the spring and then hopefull my Nursing classes in the fall. (fingers crossed!! )

  6. by   RN2bemommyof3
    I am 27 and a SAHM to 3 wonderful kids. (2 dds ages 4 yrs and 8 mo. and a ds age 2) I am currently in my first semester of pre-reqs. I hope to be accepted into a part-time ASN program for Fall 07. We'll see
  7. by   stellasmommy
    Hi. I'm 23 years old and married with a 2 year old. I'm a stay at home mom and working on my pre-reqs.
  8. by   catzy5
    Quote from DaughterofRuth
    Love it! That's exactly right!

    I'm 39yo, married with a 10yo, work full-time as a legal secretary (which I've been doing for 15 years) and am knocking out pre-reqs part-time at my local community college.

    As I'm facing 40 in two months, I prefer to think of myself as chronologically challenged rather than old
    I guess I am in this catagory too but i am noticing a good portion of students in my classes hoping to get into nurses are also in thie age catagory.

    I am 38 have 3 kids 7 7 9 and have one more semester after this whe before I can apply to nursing school
  9. by   ibmaryann
    I am 33 and just started nursing school. I am by far not the only OLD person in our class. We are about equal. My teacher called me YOUNG the other day!!!!!!!!
    God Bless,
    Mary Ann
  10. by   morningdew
    Hey all! This is my first post so I thought I might as well post in here. I'm 21 years old, and after changing my major twice, I've finally settled on Nursing as my chosen career. I am positive I won't be changing my major again because this is basically the point of no return for me lol.

    In the spring I'm starting my pre-reqs at Andrews University in MI, so I'm hoping that I won't die from overstudying, lol.
  11. by   MySimplePlan
    Old???? Ha!!

    Do not let my birth certificate confuse you....
  12. by   CMSNYC
    I'm LOVING this topic!

    I'm 35 and work full-time as a legal secretary (been doing this for a little over 10 years). Before that, I worked as a production manager in an advertising research firm. I got into law school 2 years ago and dropped out after 3 months because I HATED was SOOOOO boring and I couldn't see myself practicing law for the next 30 or so years.

    Last year I started volunteering at an AIDS hospice and I haven't been the same since! I love taking care of the patients on their final journey in life and I can't even describe the feeling of fullfillment that I have when I finish my volunteer shift. I decided that I would rather spend 50-60 hours a week doing that kind of work, then sitting at a desk filling out expense reports.

    I'm going to start working on my pre-reqs in the fall and then on to nursing school and hopefully a career either in hospice or working with AIDS patients.

    I figure I'll be in my 40's whether I start a second career or not, so what do I have to lose?
  13. by   charebec65
    I graduated from college the first time at age 25 as a paralegal....was a single mom to 3 kids. I got bored with paralegal work, ended up working in education for 9 years with kids with multiple handicaps and headed back to school once again at age 40 for my LPN. I've never been able to be a stay at home mom (except during PN school)...too many kids (ages 15, 19, 21, 23, 23) a husband and a dog. I am an LPN now working on my RN at age 41. At times I feel old d/t health issues but for the most part not. I only dread the day that my 'baby' leaves and our days of soccer, basketball, track, etc. are over.