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  1. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I know they held a lot of interviews yesterday. The start date is in January.
  2. morningdew

    OR training programs in PA

    Temple hires into an OR program as well for new grads. It's through their New to Practice program, not sure when they're going to have another application cycle but you should be on the look-out for that.
  3. morningdew

    New Nurse in Philadelphia - Where 2 Apply?

    UPENN hired a couple of my classmates.
  4. morningdew

    Ran out of time[nclex-RN] ..255 questions

    When you run out of time the computer looks at the last 60 questions you answered, if they're all above the passing standard (not necessarily correct) then you will have passed. This information is provided in the literature they give you at the test center. I know someone who ran out of time and could have sworn they failed but passed because of the rule they use that I mentioned above.
  5. morningdew

    Any registerd nurses?

    I think it's good to get a job as a nursing assistant, and to have some exposure to the nursing profession. You should find out if your local community college has a nursing program and what the pre-requisites are. You should also do research regarding other nursing programs in the area such as hospital programs or bachelor's programs and what their requirements are. Most pre-req's include psychology, sociology, English, algebra, chemistry, anatomy and physiology etc. so you're probably good with starting with a few of those courses. If you really find you want to be a nurse, you shouldn't waste time taking courses that do not achieve this goal. You can probably do that CNA course while you take the courses required to be admitted into nursing school. Good luck!
  6. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    Haha, well congratulations on being placed in your top choice!
  7. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I'm hoping for maternity/newborn nursery. Did you email the HR recruiter about where you were placed?
  8. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    Congratulations! You must be so happy!
  9. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I still don't know which unit. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! Do you know which unit you were assigned to?
  10. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I applied June 7th. June 14th I received confirmation of my application for the new to practice program by the nurse recruiter and was advised that I would be emailed once Temple decided when they were going to run the program this summer. I was emailed by the nurse recruiter June 18th to email back recommendation letters, resume and unofficial transcripts. I sent that off the same day but it was due by June 25th. July 8th, I received a group email about being chosen to begin the interview process and screening process, the first step was the screening exams. I took the required exams July 11th. I found out I passed the NCLEX and had a license number July 12th, so I emailed the nurse recruiter and she called me later that day to schedule an interview for Monday July 16th. I got the email telling me I'd been chosen for the program on July 26th. So all in all about 1 month and a half total from my application date to being hired.
  11. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    Maternity, Nursery and Neuro. How about you?
  12. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    Congratulations BrianaN! And good luck on your interview Monday dbassi, the panel that I interviewed with was very nice and engaging, they relaxed my nerves. The Nurse recruiter is also very nice. Can't wait to find out when we start and what unit...I'm nervous/scared but really happy. I think this program is probably one of the best ways to make the transition from nursing student to RN.
  13. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I got the email today that I've been chosen for the New to Practice program. Still haven't found out which unit, but I'm just grateful and thankful to God that I received a position. Can't wait to start! Very excited. Anyone else?
  14. morningdew

    Is the ATI predictor accurate?! Please help!

    I had a 94% chance to pass the Nclex on the first try and I did so I'd say it's fairly accurate.
  15. To be honest I took the predictor the day before and took an extra Med Surg exam and then didn't do anything after that not even review. Actually the entire weekend before I didn't do much because I was away on a trip. Relaxing beforehand did help.
  16. morningdew

    Temple's New to Practice Program

    I just applied for their New to Practice program through their careers website. I actually stumbled upon it while applying for other positions. Not sure if they have the posting up anymore but it was job ID 10284. I also emailed the Nurse Recruiter once I passed my NCLEX and was licensed, she gave me a call the next day to set up an interview.