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  1. ibmaryann

    Itawamba Community College

    No I didnt work for NMMC prior to getting my RN. I worked for home health years ago as an aid but I have been a stay at home mom for about 15 years. Mary Ann
  2. ibmaryann

    Itawamba Community College

    Congrats!!!!!! I graduated from ICC RN in May. I am in orientation at NMMC with women's/childrens line. Good luck. God Bless, Mary Ann
  3. I accepted an offer in the women's/pediatric line at a local hospital starting June 2.
  4. ibmaryann

    What is the RN pay for New Nurses in your areas?

    Northest Mississippi in hospital $20.00 and $4.00 shift for a new grads.
  5. ibmaryann

    Weeks to go and afraid

    I finished my last clinical of nursing school last night. We have one more lecture in neuro before last test of nursing school. I was just thinking today. I have been taught all that I am going to be taught before going off to the real world and it is SCARY!!! lol :uhoh21: God Bless, Mary Ann
  6. ibmaryann

    meal trays + MRSA, C. Dif, or VRE

    WOW! Forward to April 2008. I am a nursing student graduating next month. I have brought up this concern to my instructors. We can't take anything out of the rooms or anything in the rooms but food trays move freely in and out without concern. I wonder when this will change. Mary Ann
  7. ibmaryann

    Priority: Job vs. Board exam

    I graduate in May. Most of our grads already have job offers. I have been told that it really depends on what area you live in as to the nursing shortage and the area I am in is not included in the shortage area. I also believe that is once you get some experience it will be easier to pick the job you want. The hospital most of us are going to offers a nurse residency program that includes a couple weeks of orientation before we orient of the floor we will be working on. They are cutting back and told that due to the ecomony and Medicare changes they will not be offering Extern Program as they have in the past. God Bless, Mary Ann
  8. ibmaryann

    I Can Finally Get My Life Back!!

    That is wonderful!!! A new life now!!!! God Bless, Mary Ann:yeah:
  9. ibmaryann

    wondering if I made to right decision to go to nursing school

    I'm in 3rd semester of AD nursing. I just took my second test this semester. While I was reading the questions I was thinking "OK, maybe I'm not able to do this!!!!" I felt a little better when there were other "smart" students that was saying the same thing. I went to clinicals yesturday and I got my confidence back, AGAIN... It won't be the last time I feel that way I'm sure. If you feel this is what you are supposed to be doing then just keep going.
  10. ibmaryann

    Cant seem to get the answer- Maybe because I am Tired:(

    I really need to learn how to do it other ways. I was so lost till someone finally did need/have x quantity.
  11. ibmaryann

    Quality Improvement project

    Wow!!! That really puts it into a new prespective. One of the ideas that one of the team member threw out was a Nursing mothers room. She is a breastfeeding mother who pumps at school. She has to go into one of the teachers offices to pump everyday. What do you think of that idea or is that not what they were talking about? Thanks and God Bless, Mary Ann
  12. ibmaryann

    Quality Improvement project

    My group has to come up with an improvement project for our school, building, or RN program and present for a grade. We are in the brainstorming phase right now. Does anyone have any suggestions that we can see if they apply to us. Thanks for any help. Mary Ann
  13. ibmaryann

    GPA now that you're IN the program...?

    My school gets over 600 applications for only around 150 slots a year. So only the cream of the crop get in based on GPA and ACT scores. I am amazed at all the people on here that did make A's. We have had only a couple that I know of that got an A the first year. I guess it does depend on what the norm for your school is. My NCLEX pass rate is over 99%. I guess that is why.....the classes are hard. I was so proud of both my B's I got in the two semesters of nursing, and that is not like me. I hadn't made a B in any pre-req course till now. Don't worry about your GPA, if it is for scholorships you can still keep them with a B. Good Luck and just study hard.
  14. ibmaryann

    ? About Med/Surg (2nd Sem)

    I just completed my first semester which was Fundamentals. I DID learn the fundamentals last semester, alot of which was not actual "hands-on" (important none the less.) Will we actually be getting "indept" into actual nursing things the 2nd semester? I really want to get into the "hands-on" nursing stuff to see how well I am going to do with it. I feel you never know how good of a nurse you are going to be just by grades and such but by how well you can figure stuff out. This probably sounds confusing but I really want to get into the nitty-gritty. Mary Ann
  15. ibmaryann

    "How to" notecard ?

    I made all A's in my pre-req's. I used notecards for everything. I made a B in Fundamentals. I could not figure out how to make my notes into NCLEX style cards. Any advice on how to do this for next semester? I will be taking Med/Surg and Pharmacology. Thanks in advance. Mary Ann
  16. ibmaryann

    Do young nurses ever have fun???

    Wow!!! I guess I'm in the minority......I'm 35 and feel like 60. Maybe I'm not doing something right. Mary Ann

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