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  1. catzy5

    Calling OR Nurses in CA!!!

    SoCal RN $6.00/hr level 2 trauma nonunion facility we hav24/7staff so your really only on call as trauma back up
  2. catzy5

    Report Sheets

    I copied my tools for you, the attachments were too big so couldn't send as a file, but the one with the times I basicly use as my sheet to keep track of things, I come in, in the morning and look at all my patients meds and circle the times so I know I have something due at say 1500....I also use the spaces provided to make notes like called dr 1330 so when I go to do my charting I have an idea of what time things happened.. In the end you have to find what works for you but it's good to have some ideas to get you started. I work on a tele unit so mine is geared to what we need to know for most of our patients.
  3. catzy5

    Mt San Jacinto RN Program

    I went to MSJC yes I needed a 4.0 to get in there were a couple people who did not buy luck of the draw, so don't let that discourage you from trying if you don't have a 4.0 just try your hardest either way. It's a good program, you get out what you put in like any other schooling. There are some really good instructors and some really bad, again like all programs. It's not the best but by far I am sure it's not the worst! It's very grueling especially the first semester, but you will still have time for yourself and your family, just work really hard to find that balance. good luck.
  4. catzy5

    Southwest Health Care Systems

    I talked to a recruiter at Loma Linda, she was so nice really lovely! She said times are difficult now but please keep applying to any job that interests you. Each application is looked at individually so if you apply to one unit the other units will not be seeing it, so if you see something you like just apply, and personally call the recruiter and show your interest. I went to a job fair this summer and was so turned off by San Diego Hospitals they were so negative and wouldn't give me the time of day. Loma Linda, and County riverside, all agreed times were tough and they were not hiring but at least, they were honest and said please keep applying! They didn't want to burn any bridges with new grads and were very positive. So I say just keep plugging away and keep on the follow up! I have many classmates who have been successful this past semester with that technique.
  5. catzy5

    Southwest Health Care Systems

    I am starting there next week. They had an overwhelming response to the new graduate program, and they had very few openings. I Think you should keep trying and keep plugging away it is very difficult right now but I have seen my cohorts be offered jobs that we thought were closed. Keep up with all the new grad positions through this link. http://www.canursingresource.com/
  6. catzy5

    mt. san jacinto nurses/students

    I am not an LVN, but I completed the MSJC, RN program 12/09. The LVN, at MSJC seems to be a really good program, friends that have gone through it really liked it, and the nurses that I have worked with who transfered over to the RN transition program, really knew their stuff! they have a full time and a part time option if you are already a CNA. Good luck
  7. I took the test on the 15 and passed, I finished school 12/18, but took some time before studying, I really cracked down after the first of the year. My date was set for 01/26 but moved it up because the anxiety of the test was doing more harm then good. As for what I studied, my game plan was to take Saunders NCLEX book and go over all the topics we skipped, or brushed over, I also went over all my lab values and charts I made during my 2 years of nursing. Then I just dove in. Goodluck
  8. catzy5


    realnurseed (education for real nurses by a real nurse) i love this website!! it has really helped me.
  9. catzy5

    giving a massage after a bath..?

    I discovered the back rub last semester in my first clinical rotation, to me this has been the best thing I can give to my patients and it has won me over many a time! I had one gentlemen tell me he couldn't even get anyone to help him wash his face little loan offer him a back rub he was thrilled. I also had a patient with severe dementia completely snap back to reality she went from being on restraints to having coherent conversations with me, I discovered the magic potion is in the Lotion! I will always use this in my care as a nurse, my instructor brought out especially with some of our older clients coming in from nursing homes etc, having someone actually touch them is very rare and it is so apprectiated so yes, the message back rub whatever you want to call it, get your hands on your patient and give them care and comfort.
  10. catzy5

    what are the best books or study aids?

    A good NCLEX book. I love my Saunders I use it for every unit we do, it has a break down follows my texts nearly exact and gives test questions at the end with rationales and test taking strategies for each subject.
  11. catzy5


    I had 2 days of OB nursing school is mostly med surg then you specialize.
  12. catzy5

    Fluid and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy question

    i don't know anything about that particular book, although i love incredibly easy books. if your looking for acid base balance, the below website is fantastic! on the left is a tool bar scroll down to the ez abg realnurseed (education for real nurses by a real nurse)
  13. catzy5

    Alkalosis/ Acidosis- Question?

    this is the best link i have ever foun in explaining acid base. realnurseed (education for real nurses by a real nurse) if it doesn't bring you right to the page look on the tool bar on the left hand column and scroll down to ez way to remember abg
  14. catzy5

    Skipping Nursing Calc?

    yes you can study for this on your own, it's very simple math, but also it's things like measurement and conversions, there are some online sites. but i would also recomend getting a book and looking through that to self teach you. here are some links i have on tutorials. dosage calc basic drug calculations review nursing calculators
  15. catzy5

    Reading chapters

    different things work for everyone, you have to find what works for me, I have to read everything, I can't skim.
  16. catzy5


    You'll do fine, clinicals to me are the best part, I really enjoy everything I do in that setting. Theory for me is more difficult but doable, just very time consuming a lot of reading and then just figuring out the "system" of the school. good luck to you!