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  1. catzy5

    Calling OR Nurses in CA!!!

    SoCal RN $6.00/hr level 2 trauma nonunion facility we hav24/7staff so your really only on call as trauma back up
  2. catzy5

    Report Sheets

    I copied my tools for you, the attachments were too big so couldn't send as a file, but the one with the times I basicly use as my sheet to keep track of things, I come in, in the morning and look at all my patients meds and circle the times so I know I have something due at say 1500....I also use the spaces provided to make notes like called dr 1330 so when I go to do my charting I have an idea of what time things happened.. In the end you have to find what works for you but it's good to have some ideas to get you started. I work on a tele unit so mine is geared to what we need to know for most of our patients.
  3. catzy5

    Mt San Jacinto RN Program

    I went to MSJC yes I needed a 4.0 to get in there were a couple people who did not buy luck of the draw, so don't let that discourage you from trying if you don't have a 4.0 just try your hardest either way. It's a good program, you get out what you put in like any other schooling. There are some really good instructors and some really bad, again like all programs. It's not the best but by far I am sure it's not the worst! It's very grueling especially the first semester, but you will still have time for yourself and your family, just work really hard to find that balance. good luck.
  4. catzy5

    common ob meds

    This was a discussion yesterday post conferance in clinical. Our instructor said, a lot of people say they are giving mag for hypertension during labor but what they are really doing is giving mag to prevent seizures. I thought that made more sense. she, did say it might keep BP lower slightly but the real reason is seizure control of preeclamptic patients.
  5. catzy5

    common ob meds

    Hi I am in OB right now and I have a list of the drugs we were told to know all charted out, if you PM me I'll email you them I don't know how to insert here or I would just do that.
  6. catzy5

    nurses over 35

    You can do it! I have 3 kids and started my pre reqs when the two youngest started kindergarten, I was 35. You said your mom will help with baby sitting so thats a huge hurdle. I recomend taking classes one at a time until you get your feet wet and develop some good study skills. I am 40 now and I am going to start my 2nd semester of nursing school in the fall. It's taken me a long time but I know in the end it will be worth it. I am glad I have pecked away at it, it might be longer but I feel my family has needed me and I had to find a balance.
  7. catzy5

    Report Sheets

    I am not the OP but thanks so much I like this and will use it in clinical tomorrow! I miss getting report our instructor is typically an hour late so we never get to see shift change.
  8. catzy5

    Mt San Jacinto Nursing program?

    I can give first hand info just PM me and I will be happy to share my experience. I am attending there now. there is no waiting list but you do have to have the GPA. they say they pick 4 lottery but they did not do that this past semester we started with only 22 students, not sure what happened there. Also the local hospitals have a program you sign on with them for x amount of time they will get you in and pay for the program, I hear there is no waiting list for that now (Hemit and Rancho springs) I would call their HR and inquire.
  9. catzy5

    Question about initial clinical experiences

    Oh yes yes, I feel this way too. We are thrown in and we almost never even see our clinical instructor. I feel very fortunate when I get a "nursing buddy" who takes the time to help me, they are so very busy so I do apprectiate it more than they know. (so if you are reading out there thank you!!). I have had my own patient for a few clinicals now, I see myself improving with each one, but I still "miss" things and don't do as fully a job as I hope I would do after I finish this training. I think the biggest thing I have learned from this whole experience is not to wait for someone to come to me, you need to take the initiative with everything in nursing school. I pull my nurse in when I need her/him, I call my instructor on my cell phone and I ask other nurses on the floor when I see interesting things that I want to learn come up. I also rely on my fellow students we work together on the floor in groups of 3 or 4. My biggest thing is feeling clumsy I feel all thumbs sometimes when I am working alone in the small cramped spaces and the patients who are so uncomfortable. Like someone else posted, it's the new students who aren't nervous that is scary.
  10. catzy5

    Important Things to know

    I think you will find you haven't forgotten as much as you think. Nursing school builds on foundations, many of the things you have learned will keep getting repeated over and over, there is a lot of repitition, in combination with building on your foundation.
  11. catzy5

    Love for the Perry and Potter book.

    hahahaha we used this the first 8 weeks of class couldn't agree more, but than again I haven't loved any of the books I am using.
  12. catzy5

    free downloadable nursing skills videos

    oh yes i have a couple sites i have used. nursing assistant - video lessons cso - videos
  13. catzy5

    4.0 in PreReqs? How RU Doing in NS??

    well we only have 6 weeks left I have finished two courses and started med surg a month ago, I have yet to find out my grades, I have two grades from Feb but still missing 4 exams and my final grade in fundamentals and pharm. So I can't say if at my school my 4.0 is a thing of the past yet or not, I am guessing I probably don't have a 4.0 I am hoping I haven't flunked anything, I hate to get to graduation and be told I actually failed pharm hahahaha.
  14. catzy5

    Motivation please!!!

    I am not sure what you mean by the spiritual side? do you mean religiously or more like caring and nurturing nurses do? I haven't really seen any nurses usue spirituality in their care, however if a patient needed it I am sure it would be available to them. I am going in this to be a care giver, I need to learn the skills and procedures, the nurturing and care I give is something I feel you have to develop on your own, everyone is different in that respect and I don't believe it can be "learned" only nurtured. That said it is what you put into it I supose.
  15. catzy5

    Students and nurses.......

    I am doing my clinical at a hospital in serious finiancial trouble, they have eliminated the aides posistion so the RN's do it all, they are over worked, under paid and have a right to be grumpy at us when we come in, they have enoug to do. That said I have had experience with both, many of us have had nurses who did not want us there and we have took it upon ourselves to find a better or I should say more receptive RN, or LVN. I understand them not wanting a student especially us first semester ones, but the ones that do take the time and are great at teaching us I thank them and try to do whatever I can to make their day easier. I have had nurses now request certain students so we can work together. I think nurses should actually get paid extra to have students they should be trained and volunteer to be instructors for us. I think that would certainly make a lot of people more happy and make the program so much smoother!
  16. catzy5


    in our school we have peds/ob in the 2nd semester they are 4 weeks each, not much time at all, then they do 8 more weeks of medsurg. I know a lot of people are upset this is a new program and they really wanted more time in OB and Peds, I can't imagine 4 weeks being enough, but then again not everyone is going into ob/peds.