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Just curious what are the pre-req's required for the nursing program your in?

I'm applying to two programs. For one, you only need intro chem and intro bio, and you need to be a CNA. They have you taking several typical pre-requisites during the first two semesters, interspersed with nursing classes. The other program requires: CNA registry, general chemistry, A&P1 completed, A&P2 completed or in progress, medical terminology, composition, and psychology.

general chemistry, developmental psych, microbio, a&p 1 and 2.

Hard Sci- 8 hours A&P, 4 hours Chem, 4 hours micro.

"Fluff"-9 hours English, 9 hours humanities, 3 hours sociology, 3 hours gen psy, 3 hours human growth and development, 3 hours social science, 3 hours college algebra (that I am taking a break from studying for it's midterm right now), 3 hours statistics, and an elective that I filled with general bio.

My school requires an art credit. Pottery just about killed me this summer, I took a five week class. Also needed one gym credit on top of the usual stuff.

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Sciences: General chemistry I, general chemistry II general biology, A&P I, A&P II, Microbiology

Gen Ed requirements (they are really specific): intro to sociology, intro to psychology, nutrition, statistics for social sciences, biomedical ethics, developmental psychology, English composition I & II, intro to cultural anthropology, spanish for health professions

Clinical: we have clinicals in the second year called Basic Clinical competencies and

health and wellness assessment.

This is an integrated nursing program so they put nursing courses right into the second year. It is a pretty awesome program. :]

Micro, Anatomy and Physiology, these are the main science pre reqs for all programs I'm considering.

Pre-reqs: one semester chemistry (either general, or college-specific "Contemporary") and anatomy and physiology I

For mine, English 101, psych 101, A&P 1, A&P 2, Micro, Nutrition, Human growth and development (Lifespan Psych....goes by different names), Sociology 101.

The first 3 and one other science (the A&P 2 OR Micro) are truely prereqs, required to even apply. The remaining are permitted to be taken concurently as long as they are completed by the term that requires them. The school however does recomend completing most if not all prior to starting the program as it is 5 days a week full time, including summers, so that leaves either night class or weekends to take any that are still being taken. And I think most people do complete all before starting.

The 8 I listed seem to be the norm. For associates, there are several other "non nursing classes" needed.....maybe eng 102, and often elective courses. Many programs require chem, mine does not.

My program does not require a CNA prior, and after the first 2 terms (24weeks) of the program you are able to take the CNA test if wanting to.

I think a college algebra was required also if did not have at least an algebra with a C on high school transcript.....though I am not sure.....was not a concern for me as I went up through calculus in highschool and have college calculus credits.

I am completing the pre-reqs at my local CC and here is what I have to take to transfer for my BSN:

- Microbiology (4)

- Anatomy and Physiology I w/ lab(4)

- Anatomy and Physiology II w/ lab (4)

- English I (3)

- English II (3) (need Basic Composition I and II just to get in to english I)

- Oral Communications (3)

- Intro to Chemistry (3)

- Intro to Chem Lab (1)

- Principles of Biology w/ lab (4)

- Nutrition (3)

- Intro to Psychology (3)

- Life Span Psychology (3)

- Statistics (3) (need FOUR math classes before you can take stats)

**I also did the CNA program this past summer semester (not required) and I am taking the required classes for the PCT (patient care tech) program this semester (medical terminology and communications for health care careers). I will be doing the PCT course next semester.

**I will be done with all of my pre reqs fall of 2011 semester. So I've got one more year.. I am not taking my classes in a full load. I am doing two or three each semester so I can do my best.. between work, school, keeping up with the house, and two kids.. it's a lot of work!

Comp 1, Human Growth and Development, Math (equivalent to intermediate algebra), and chemistry. You get extra points for having anatomy and physiology 1 and 2 and microbiology, but they are not required to apply.

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I just applied to two different programs.

Both require below to apply:

Int algebra

Eng 101

Gen Bio

A&P 1

Comp applications


Before starting:

A&P 2

During / before:

Micro nur sem 1

Lifespan or child psychology nur sem 2


English 102



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