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  1. Student4_life

    UMB FALL 2011

    PM sent
  2. Student4_life

    UMB FALL 2011

    Yep, that's what I did for this fall. I was accepted a month or so ago and just finished my pre-reqs last week.
  3. Student4_life

    CCBC Fall 2012

    But why fall instead of spring?
  4. Student4_life

    Does it matter: Community College or University

    Like it or not the general perception is BSN>ADN. There are regional exceptions where a hospital may hate the for-profit grads getting pumped out of 4 year programs, and like the CC students, but that is not the norm. You can always get your BSN online after getting your ADN.
  5. It doesn't really improve your chances that much, but since each school has a slightly different way of picking their top applicants you should see which of these schools' policies puts you in the best light. I was going to have 3 back ups (all were non-profit private schools: Catholic University of America, Stevenson University and Johns Hopkins University). But after realizing that I didn't want to move away from my spouse, or commute I dropped the back-up idea and focused on making myself the best applicant at my number one choice. This made things easier on me as well due to only having to worry about the pre-reqs of one school. It also cut down on application costs (not just $, but time put into essays and getting letters of rec from Professors (are they going to be ok with 10, not likely)). Narrow your scope, increase your effort and be the best applicant at one school.
  6. Student4_life

    Application Essay critique...

    It's written very well. although I don't like cliche stories that answer the why do you want to be a nurse question, this essay prompts that response and you responded very well. The essay progresses logically and is very easy to read. One of the better enterance essays I have seen on here.
  7. Student4_life

    Done with pre-reqs!!!

    Nice CCBC right? Congrats.
  8. Student4_life

    Program retention rates question

    You are correct that NCLEX pass rates alone are useless. Sadly students don't ask the retention question, and some schools do end up with a very small portion of the cohort sticking around until graduation.
  9. Student4_life

    Done with pre-reqs!!!

    Two years and 60 hours later my pre-req journey is complete, and with a bit of luck I should round out this semester with a 4.0 pre-req/overall college career GPA. Even if I dont keep my GPA at 4.0, I will be starting a BSN program in the fall so no matter what its party time, well after my nap. Good luck to the rest of you still slugging it out with finals.
  10. Student4_life

    Took pre-requisites 17 years ago - should I retake?

    So much has changed in the last 17 years, but I'd still say don't retake the classes. Cali seems to have alot of schools that frown on repeats of both classes and enterance tests (although I am sure they'd make an exception).
  11. Not sure if anyone else ending up applying for this, but the Scholarship has been abolished by the General Assembly. Kind of upsetting that they waited to inform anyone until after scholarship season had ended, even more upsetting that they would pull a program with no notice (and its not even to save money, the funds are being re-distributed to need based aid not that I am against funding needs, but need aid is at 40 million and merit aid is at 300 thousand).
  12. Student4_life

    Montgomery College, how long?

    A big reason MC is accepting people later than UM or GW is that MC's deadline was 1 April where UMB had a 1 Feb deadline (and took until April 12th to send letters of acceptance). MC is ranked #2 by NCLEX pass rates (after CCBC). MD BON has the data. Although I am not sure how great of a measure pass rates are of a whole program. That one stat doesn't take into consideration the amount of students that graduated on time vs the students that started and failed due to school weeding.
  13. Hey I was looking for some info on fin-aid for UMB and stumbled across some things that you might find valueable: From UMB FAQ "Can I take the prerequisite courses at a community college? Yes, we accept prerequisite courses from any regionally accredited college." "How many CLEP/AP tests will you allow me to transfer in? We will accept 2 subjects (6 credits) of CLEP/AP results." "Will you accept prerequisites that were completed online? Yes, we will accept online courses for all prerequisites except Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology I and II."
  14. I went to MC, not BCCC or CCBC, but I assume BI101 is biology for non-science majors and BI110 is biology for science Majors. I tutored for both and found 101 to be more difficult as it focused on trite little details, where 107 (my version of 110) got in depth on important things. 101 will go over a few things that are important for Micro and A&P but you are better off taking 110 as it's easier (focused learning) and lays a better framework for your advanced biologies. Your courses may be different so take a look at the course catalog and see what it says the class includes. Also you might want to stay at CCBC just to keep things simple, the more cogs the easier it is to break the machine and all that. Remember Intro Bio and Gen Chem are the weeding out courses and will require more than average amounts of effort to get A's in.
  15. Why the swap from CCBC? If you look at MHEC's data BCCC (or as they call it CCB (it's old name)), student that transfer from BCCC don't do as well as other transfer students. I doubt admissions will really care about that stat though, as they still accept alot of BCCC students, and even if they put some weight into the perceived strength of your community college (which I very much doubt), there are so many factors that go into the application review process that I think place of schooling would be a tie breaker at best (but again I doubt it is even a factor). To give yourself piece of mind (and I sense that is what you are after) get all A's, a 4.0 at middle state accredited cc A is the same as a 4.0 at middle state accredited cc B. This will alsohelp you with the often asked and never answered "what GPA do I need to get in?"