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  1. Student4_life

    Maryland BSN hopefuls for Fall 2012

    JHU is ungodly expensive, add the commute to and from, as well as to the clinical sites + parking for both and tuition is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait it out and apply to UMB @ SG.
  2. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

    with one s in student not two
  3. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

  4. Student4_life

    Looking to buy UMSON BSN textbooks!

    I'll sell you all my stuff, and give you my scrubs and lab coat too (as long as youre a size medium). I decided halfway thru my first semester that nursing wasn't for me (left with A's and B's so its not like I flunked out, just didn't like it as much as I hoped), so with the exception of a few pages in the lab manual being filled out everything is in great condition. Email me to set up a when and where.
  5. Student4_life

    UMB Spring 2012

    The wait takes forever, but they are just as eager to tell you as you are to find out. That being said, when you guys find out I have books and gear to sell. After breezing thru and enjoying my pre-reqs I found that Nursing wasn't my thing, so I have a full set of barely used books for anyone in MoCo. Oh, one last thing, if you are applying to Shady Grove be sure to apply to the site specific scholarships that can be found on the USG website (I'd link but I'm on a phone w/o cut and paste, so just google USG Rockville and browse the home page for the scholarship app, it takes 30 minutes to do and they have a lot of scholarships (a few of my classmates and I got 2,500 scholarships, but there are scholarships from 200-full tuition and fees).
  6. Student4_life

    UMB FALL 2011

    It's not a survive or not kind of thing. Don't psyche yourself out. Don't get me wrong, it's difficult, but very doable (I am putting in the same effort that got me A's in pre reqs and getting high B's at UMFC, but my more studious classmates are pulling down solid A's (it's not called UMB anymore, either UM if talking about everything or UMFC if just talking about edu)). As far as books go, you are unlikely going to get anything out of us other than patho pharm, and even that's a maybe as we use the books in other courses.
  7. Student4_life

    UMB prerequisites, help please!

    Really focus on your 4 sciences. Those are the most imp. classes. Exactly how they view a failed class, req or not, is up in the air. I say take this event and run with it, pull all A's from here on in so that it's on admissions shoulders and not yours (plus you might as well learn how to put in alot of effort when the classes aren't so bad). The GNA is definitely a plus!
  8. Student4_life

    Petition to forgive student loan debt!

    And if communism is so great why has it never been implemented??? Without the promise of greatness, where does the motivation to be great come from? Why would doctors and engineers work so damn hard to get a degree if they would get paid the same as CNA's and Day Laborers?
  9. Student4_life

    Petition to forgive student loan debt!

    To all those that complain that school should be free: just look at how much money is wasted on Pell grants that never result in a degree. And even if school was free, there is still the cost of room, board, and books (not to mention transportation, entertainment and clothes). I'm getting by w/o loans or grants. All of school is being paid for by merit scholarships, room, board, books, fees, tuition, transportation, supplies, and spending money (even got a little extra to buy a computer to replace my aging POS. Not saying everyone can do this, but a little hard work can go a long way. And forgiveness, ha! You signed that dotted line, you drank the kool-aid.
  10. Thanks for all your input. After much internal conflict I have decided to accept the additional funds and use them to pay for "wants," namely a new computer that my other scholarships wouldn't have covered. Well that and to pay taxes and social security fees on what I have been given beyond the cost of books tuition and fees. Thanks again for helping me with this one.
  11. I should clarify.Let's say the merit based scholarships were all received legitimately, and that the first 3 paid for the complete cost of going to school, tuition and fees covered, as well as a sizable monthly stipend, also include another 10k in scholarship funds to be used as needed over the next two years (all told the first 3 scholarships meet the entriety of your need, sans a new computer which you'd like to have, but don't really need). In this situation, what would you do?
  12. Just a question. No malice around it, nor is it a class assignment. Just me wanting to know what you would do if you were given one more partial scholarship than you needed. Would you accept it and give it to a classmate? Would you buy your program new equipment? Would you buy new gear for yourself to replace worn out items? Would you fund a community outreach program? Would you pocket it? Would you do something completely different? Thanks for taking the time to share, now that I am in NS I understand how valuable time really is.
  13. Student4_life

    Maryland BSN hopefuls for Fall 2012

    You might want to worry a lil' bit, GPA alone doesn't get you into Maryland. You really got to bring it all: GPA, LOR, TEAS, volunteer work, and a well edited personal statement. My application GPA was well over a 3.8 and I feel that my GPA helped me make the first cut, but it was my overall package that got me into school, and seeing how amazing my classmates are, I am certain that Marylands goal is to fill their cohorts with students that are not just smart, but motivated and uniquely amazing. Just my sappy 2 cents. Good luck in the admissions process, it is one heck of a wait.
  14. Student4_life

    Associates vs Bachelors Degree

    An ADN isn't always cheaper. There are boatloads of for profits on both sides of the 2 year vs 4 year entry to practice debate. Additionally your public and prestigious private universities have more money to throw around to attract qualified and desirable applicants than a community college does (there are also more private scholarships available to 4 year students (to include transfer students than there is for students continuing on in Jr College). If I went to the local CC, I would be paying a third of what the local Uni costs, but because of scholarships the state Uni is free (actually scholarships are effictively paying me to go to Uni),so cost savings isn't always an universal factor in the 2 vs 4 year debate. Just my 2-cent euro.
  15. Student4_life

    You paid HOW MUCH for nursing school??!!

    I can't believe anyone would pay to learn path, or to work 12 hour clinicals. Now on a more serious note 40k a year is alot, but if it means that much to someone what is it for us to judge (personally I think it is a much better idea to get the grades to apply to competition based programs, but not everyone can swing that, and i am sure there have been alot of great nurses that finished the pre reqs below a 3.0).
  16. Student4_life

    Nursing Jewelry

    I think it is unprofessional. Do you see Dr.s, or PharmD's, or Lawyers wearing such things. Nope. But you do see rappers and wannabe thugs sporting their bling. By trying to show your peers that you are better than them because you have your BSN you are making yourself , and likely the other nurses in your hospital (GBA) look less than professional in the patients eyes.