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  1. Jmb002

    Teas test. how to prepare?

    I checked out the ATI book from my college's library and reviewed that. The one thing I found invaluable was the sticky thread on the TEAS test here on AN. I went through each posting and took notes on the things people talked about. I then looked them all up and studied those as well. Hope this helps. :) Good luck.
  2. Jmb002

    Teas 4 any help?

    I took the TEAS (version 4) last October and got an 89.4%. What I did to study for the exam was go through the thread here on All Nurses and look for things other people said to study that I had no idea (mainly science stuff including cloud formations and tectonic plates) what they were. I checked out the ATI study guide from my college library and studied that for several weeks before the test. I also purchased the 2 practice tests on the ATI website, which gave me a whole different set of questions to study. The science stuff seemed totally random to me and was my lowest score by far. I think what helped me the most was going through the All Nurses thread and looking up all the things I didn't understand. It was very time consuming since there were like 100 pages or something, but well worth my time. Good luck. P.S. Another thing I studied was the McGraw Study Guide. I sent it to you at the email you provided! Hope that helps! :)
  3. Jmb002

    What classes are you taking in the summer?

    I am taking Spanish for the healthcare worker, Public Speaking, and Pharmacology all online this summer. I only have micro to take before nursing school starts, but decided with all of my 4 kiddos sporting events during the summer I will have to cram that in some other time. I am hoping to start nursing school in September! Yeah....prereqs are done! :)
  4. Jmb002

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    Haven't gotten grades yet as semester ends in 1 1/2 weeks, but I am holding all A's in Anatomy and Physiology 2, Nutrition, and Composition 2. Lets hope I can keep them. I am pretty sure I will be okay as I have grades in the high 90s in all 3 classes. Chem is a KILLER! I studied my butt off for that class. I did get an A, but who knows how other than a LOT of hard work. Good luck this summer! I am taking Spanish for the healthcare provider, statistics, and public speaking all online for the summer quarter. Should be an interesting quarter. Jenn
  5. Jmb002

    Why do you want to be a nurse?

    Like others said, I think what you wrote was really good (possibly omitting the part about why you finished with a Speech Therapy degree). I think your story is unique and very inspiring. Good luck to you. I have always loved the healthcare field (I worked in a hospital for 12 years in a secretarial position). I was not satisfied with my level of interaction with the patients and families in the position I held in the hospital. I always wanted to go to nursing school, but the time never seemed right (have 4 kids under the age of 13). I finally decided it was now or never. I love people and helping people, which as you said sounds a bit cliche but is the absolute truth! **I am from Nebraska too! I live in a little town outside of Lincoln and hope to start the ASN program at Metropolitan Community College in the fall! :) Jenn
  6. Jmb002

    Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!

    Congrats NurturingSoul! Good luck! I am still waiting to hear from my school, but I am not holding out a lot of hope for this go around. I don't have A&P (extra credit points for admission), so that probably will come back to bite me. I am taking A&P1 now, but that doesn't count towards admission. I also got a B in Chem (1 stinkin point from an A....GRRRR) and a B in math (again double GRRRR...2 points from an A). I scored pretty well on the TEAS (89.4), but I don't think it will be enough. I wish they would just hurry up and tell me to wait until next semester to apply! LOL. The waiting is the worst! Congrats to all that have been accepted. What a fantastic accomplishment! J
  7. Jmb002

    Low GPA :(

    I think it totally depends on the program. In my area different schools do things differently. One school I looked at just added people to a wait list and you got in when there was an opening (LPN program has a 3 year wait list and RN program has a 3-5 year wait list). My GPA is 3.5, which I am not sure is good enough to get into the program I applied to. They go off of a points system by multiplying your GPA by 10, adding your TEAS score divided by 10, and giving you extra credit points for A&P 1 and 2 (2 points each). I don't have A&P at all yet (am taking 1 this quarter), so my points add up to about 44 points. They told me the cut off last admission was 46. I guess you never know who will apply each time and what they scored, but I am not holding my breath. I was 1 stinkin point away from an A in Chem AND Algebra. I was so disgusted, but what can you do. I did fairly well on the TEAS test (89.4% version 4), but even with that I don't think it will be enough! I know it is so disappointing sometimes. My husband tells me all of the time "you did your best, so don't worry about it." I am going to keep moving forward and hope that it is enough. If not, I will apply again in Spring! By then I will have A&P so I will get those extra points and hopefully get in. Good luck to you! Hope you find somewhere that works for you! J
  8. Jmb002

    Medical Terminology / It's not that easy?

    I took medical terminology several years ago, but my class was fairly easy. We didn't have to worry about all of the parts of there ear and function (as you example gave). Sorry yours is so difficult. The only thing I can say is that once you get med term it will help with other things I am sure. Since your class seems to be more difficult, hopefully it will give you a leg up in A&P. I would suggest that you make note cards with all of your roots and suffixes and base words and study them. Once you get them, medical words are a lot easier. I am a medical transcriptionist, so trust me I know medical terminology can be a pain in the rear. Keep doing what you are doing and try to memorize what you can. I think you will retain more than you think especially once you start applying to real world things. As far as as your GPA, how does the school you are applying to work? At the school I am applying to they only "count" the GPA for required prereq classes. Sorry I am not much help! I do, however, sympathize with you. Medical terminology can be tough! Good luck! J