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  1. Justanotherday

    8 month old baby dies because iv line could not be accessed

    When I was in a pediatric ER during clinicals, the hospital used Hylenex when they could not access a vein for fluid replacement so I was able to see a baby with this in her back. The children's hospital they took critical cases to did not have this method, which I thought was interesting. Here is a link: Hylenex® recombinant (hyaluronidase human injection) Indicated for use as an adjuvant for Regional & Local Anesthesia â€" Official Site - Hydration
  2. Justanotherday

    Wife, mother of 5 and want to go to nursing school. How hard is it

    I also have five children, and my advice would be not to be in a hurry and enjoy them. For me, I have had to take prereqs for the past two years just to apply to my nursing program. If you do also, perhaps you could start out slowly with a class at a time? Most of my classes have been available online except for on-campus testing.
  3. Justanotherday

    Spanish for Nurses

    I have been trying to teach myself Spanish, too. I use Visual Link Spanish. It is a computer program with three levels. Level I gets you speaking everyday sentences in about 10 minutes and makes you feel like you can really learn it. Levels II and III go more into verbs and tenses. It is "always" on sale on their website. There are free demo lessons to check it out. I think the money is well, well worth it (I am on Level II). The site is learnspanishtoday.com. Cheaper when compared to a community college class, and you can review the lessons again and again, unlike a class that will end. It really helps if you have someone to practice with/on. I'm sure your Spanish speaking patients will appreciate your attempts to communicate with them.
  4. Justanotherday

    How long until I can get my GPA up?

    I am assuming all these classes are just to get into nursing school? My community college has about 12 prereqs specifically to enter their nursing program, and they *only* count those classes in your GPA when applying, no matter what other classes you've taken in the past. From the looks of your post you still have 16 classes to take, am I reading that right? My school encourages students to retake classes with a C or lower to raise their GPA (but they accept students into their program solely based on the GPA of prereqs).
  5. Justanotherday

    Spanish class or Rosetta?

    I just wanted to recommend Visual Link Spanish. It is a computer program, and they offer three levels. The first one really gets you speaking in simple, everyday sentences, which is helpful to practice on each other around the house. If you go to learnspanishtoday.com you can do some free trial lessons to try it out. Levels II and III really step it up, teaching a lot of verbs and tenses. I am only up to Level II. Also, my library has a small children's Spanish section. Some books have both languages printed on the pages, and some are only in Spanish, but they are good practice. They also have videos in Spanish. Playing a DVD with the Spanish track on can be good exposure, too. If I play a movie in Spanish, I need the Spanish subtitles on to read what they are saying as I can never catch it all.
  6. Justanotherday

    Moms to small children that are in nursing school?

    Well, I am going to give the opposite advice from all the "supermoms" on here (I don't mean that in a bad way, you know, just the ones who seem to "do it all". I get it that some moms *have* to do it all.). You say your husband has a good job...I encourage you to have a baby now, stay home and enjoy every minute with them, and finish your prereqs and start nursing school when they are older. I realize the lure of getting it out of the way and the extra money you could be making, but if you have the opportunity to "just" be a mommy, I say snatch it up and spend your days at the park while you can.
  7. Justanotherday

    Hardest Prerequisite

    Pottery. Yep. I thought for sure it was going to keep me out of nursing school, I was so bad at it I thought I was going to have to repeat it!
  8. Justanotherday

    54 year old sahm, am I nuts to think I want this?

    I have run into several 50-ish prenursing students at my school. I say it's now or never, why not do it?
  9. Justanotherday

    fun: what does this photo say to you?

    I hate it when I have Krazy Glue on my fingers and I go to scratch my head!
  10. Justanotherday

    Becoming a nurse at 40?

    I will be 46 when I become an RN. I have older children, and my youngest are 6 and 9 which we homeschool. They are a big part of why I chose nursing. Right now I work retail because there aren't many options working evenings or weekends, but nursing will allow me to continue to work around our school schedule so they will be home with their dad. I can work part time when they are young, and transition to full time when they are older. I will be attending an evening/weekend nursing program.
  11. Justanotherday

    Worried about fall schedule....

    Does your school not offer summer classes? I am about to finish a five week class and start another at mine. Seems like you could knock out the Algebra, Nutrition, or Sociology this summer to lighten your load for fall.
  12. Justanotherday

    Frederick Community College?

    I haven't checked in here in a while! But my spring semester went well and I just started a five week summer class. I met a nursing student from FCC last summer who said she went into the program with a 4.0 and was only able to maintain B's & high C's once nursing school started, so I am imagining that is pretty typical. Have students ended up dropping out from your class? How are your teachers? Did many of the students choose to get their CNA after the first semester? Questions, questions. Keep up the good work! Can't believe I only have three classes left to take before I start. I noticed that even the fall program is now up to a 21 point requirement with over a 3.5 gpa, whew!
  13. Justanotherday


    Did you look on Amazon, too? Have you looked in to renting textooks? Bookrenter.com is one site.
  14. Justanotherday

    My bright idea....

    I wonder if the director of a crisis pregnancy center in your area might have some advice.
  15. Justanotherday

    Language or Experience?

    That's what I was thinking too. Eventually the new hire will be an experienced nurse and bilingual, which is an asset to the hospital. The patients and their families will appreciate her, too.