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  1. PghRN30

    Full sharps containers not getting emptied!?

    In my facility it is housekeeping as well. We do not even have access to the spare empties or the keys to remove the full from the wall/our carts. Ours do have the flip tops on them, but one time i told housekeeper standing next to me that mine on my med cart was full and needed changed when she had the chance, she reached over and flipped the flip lid and said, it still swings freely, it doesnt need changed. I told her no, it was full, we dont fill them til the swing lid cant swing. now I just lock the lids then tell them.
  2. PghRN30

    GRADUATED!!! Do I call myself RN yet?

    I think the easiest thing to say is "i have my adn/bsn (whichever is the case) and I WILL BE an RN as soon as I pass boards" Outside of nursing most dont understand..."graduated, but not an RN yet" or even what a GN is. And yes you are not an RN until you pass. My son (so my sister) gave me an RN charm for my charm bracelet for graduation. I accepteded it, but told my son that I wasn't an RN til I passed my test, so I wasn't going to add it to my bracelet til the day I passed....and he would be first I told. So day I passed I added it to my bracelet, and showed him when he came home from school. Maybe a little silly, but wasnt an RN until I actually held an RN license
  3. PghRN30

    Dysphoric Mania---what's up with THAT??

    Dysphoric manic for me sucks......Its like a TON of energy that I just cant get out...just want to scream to let it out but know it wont help....I pace am very easily frustrated, very easily ticked off, yell. I broke my laptop harddrive once because my laptop wasnt putting words on the screan as fast as I was typing....still not sure if my laptop was being sluggish at that moment or my mind was just going too fast...but slammed the top down hard....when calmed down and opened it it didnt work any more. Its not like mixed.....no depression...just irritable aggitated and mind going too fast For me the thing that sucks is my mixed episodes are never like its euphoric mania and depression stired together. Mine are bad dysphoric mania with depression. Am agitated and have too much eneregy that i want to DO something with....and im depressed and hate myself and constant negative self talk rotating through my head so all that agitation is directed at myself. Very potentially dangerous time. Fortunately I am stable on meds.....never would have made it through nursing school if i wasnt
  4. PghRN30

    Tuition Forgiveness Tax

    Think of it this way (also a UPMC school grad) .....that money is yours....it is still 100% yours. They are just forcing you to have a savings plan. When you hit 2 years, your pay check that pay period will have that almost $19,000 on ONE PAY CHECK as income (that you were already paid, but is written off on that pay as TAXABLE income). The goverment will want their chunk of that....and it would KILL your finaces to owe that all at once. In that same pay check, UPMC will also release that money they have been putting asside for you out of your pays. So your pay check will cover the tax due on that. It was estemated of what they expect we will need to cover the taxes, and hopefully will be a little over....anything over what you need for taxes will be on your pay if its a little under we may have to pay a little more into taxes. Also, this way makes it only taxed once when we are paid out in 2 years. If you set up a savings account yourself you would be paying tax on the money you are putting into savings, and then in 2 years when you went to file taxes that year, you would owe all the taxes, and be writting a check to pay the IRS with money you already were taxed on.
  5. PghRN30

    University of Pitt - New Nurse/New Hire Medication Exam

    Yep...and really its one of the few antidotes that ANY nurse should know. Peak rate I guessed because what I thought it was overlapped 2 of the choices they gave so I guessed the one that made more sence and it was right. Really its a very fair test. Any nurse competent to pass meds should be able to pass it
  6. PghRN30

    St. Margarets Nursing School

    Not that I know of. Many had jobs at graduation. Only a couple im not sure where they are or what they are doing. I took a while...started my job Jan 2nd....and I know one girl started last week.
  7. PghRN30

    CCAC Spring 2013

    COMPLETELY agree. They are TOUGH but you come out the other end knowing what you are doing. Ask an experienced nurse. ANY I have heard an opinon from on that would rather work with a new diploma grad then a new bsn grad or associates grad(in general). People can get through associates and bsn programs being book smart and cliniclly clueless. Diploma program will kick your ass if you are clinically clueless....and will do so until you learn...and you will either learn or not make it. I have even had an aid comment on the difference after I told her where I went. And I was one that was clinically clueless and got my ass kicked by the program for a while....but I got it eventually. I probably would have graduated still clinically clueless from a bsn or associates program. And my point is its in general. Someone who is more adapted to the clinical end and devotes them self to learning how to clinically be a nurse can be a good nurse from any program. Diploma school would give them more clinical hours though. But really....rather get my ass kicked by my nursing program for being clinically clueless then to land in a job and have my ass kicked by my job because im still cliniclly clueless. Its rough enough starting a nursing job having a clue and having the other nurses respecting you and telling you that you are doing really well....there is just a lot to learn that you did not deal with in school.
  8. PghRN30

    New License and CE hours

    So until Nov 1 2013 your ceu s do not matter. After nov 1 keep a folder with proof of your ceus in case you get audited....aparently it does happen. Like nov 1 13- oct 31 15.....need 30. I think when you renew you just say you have them and if they audit you you better have proof. Acls does give ceu ONLY for initial certification not renewal....forget how many...got them....but dont matter for me But they are easy to get. I probably already have 15-20 with the trainings ive done starting my job and taking acls prior to landing a job. Many online training are available. Make a Medscape account if you dont already. I know many of the nurses that work nights if the night is slow and pts are actually sleeping will spend some of the dead time of night on medscspe working on ceu. One thing medscape is good for. Many times in services are offered that you go and listen to and get a couple.
  9. PghRN30

    New License and CE hours

    NO. Thankfully the lady at orientation to my job explained this to us. First licence renewal is the end oct or april that is closest to 1 year out without being less then a year. I was licenced nov so april 2014 I renew. That renewal requires no ceu s. After that renewal is 2 years....and in that 2 years you need 30. So for me april 2016. AND one thing that stinks is it is only ceu from may1 2014-april 30 2016 (for me) that count. Just starting new job so many trainings and certifications woud give you ceu and they dont count now. I think they f igure you are fresh out of school and have to learn so much first year there is no chance for stagnation. Afterwards is when the have to force you to work at staying up to date on things
  10. PghRN30

    University of Pitt - New Nurse/New Hire Medication Exam

    First week of orientation is all nurses orienting to hospital....all more genaric not unit specific type stuff. How to use charting system, different policy and equipment type things that are hospital or even UPMC wide that may not be same as where you went to school. As important as knowing psych meds will be that is more something you will learn on your unit. This med test is entry into the job....are you safe to pass meds as a nurse. If dose is 500mg and you have 1g tablet do you know how much to give (if that is a calculation on the test that is just by chance.....I do not remeber the exact questions) It is a very generic med calculation test
  11. PghRN30

    University of Pitt - New Nurse/New Hire Medication Exam

    I just started at st margaret in jan. The test I think is same across hospitals. Basic calculation. Drip rates. Do you understand insulin.....like difference between basal and prandial coverage and what you would and would not give for npo pt type understanding. And knowing 5 rights of med administration
  12. PghRN30

    Nclex 1/3/12... Did I pass???

    PVT WORKS!!!! you passed........i know i did the same thing doing the PVT a hundred times until my license posted. Congrats to both of you. I know when I came out of mine, 75 questions in an hour I felt like I didnt know HALF of the questions they were so HARD. And SO many SATA (didnt count)............But you have to remeber if it is giving you HARD questions, you were doing well and making it have to keep going harder. You cant fail in 75 unless you are making the test resort to more basic questions because the moderatly hard questions you are getting wrong. With the adaptive testing everyone statisticly misses about half.....It just matters the difficulty level the test has to adjust to before it stumps you.
  13. PghRN30

    First Nursing Pay

    I should have mine in 2 or 3 weeks depending on how pay periods fall. (Start and find out tomorrow) First pay check will be to fill my gas tank and start paying my credit cards down. (and have them completely paid off in 2-3 pay checks. Once direct deposit gets set up I will have at least 20% going straight into savings....and then once I get caught up on debt, likly incease that. After 3 or 4 pay checks I am taking my family out to dinner and get some game cards for Dave and Busters. Spluge a little bit as a thank you to them for all their support through school (especially my son....he loves D&Bs). That will be my main spluge. Second will be replacing my POS phone that badly needs replaced.
  14. PghRN30

    St. Margarets school of nursing feb 2013

    Shoes, anything as long as mostly white. Athletic are ok. I got Danskos and love them. Just one thing to keep in mind when you are looking at shoes, especially athletic shoes, is you will be emptying containers of and cleaning every bodily fluid imaginable....at some point something WILL end up on your shoes. Get shoes that can be easily cleaned. Athletic shoes that are all leather are good. Ones that have fabric/mesh/any material you can not clean fluids off of will be destroyed once you have an accident end up on your shoes. Also you will be on your feet for 8 hours....and in PNR/once you are working, sometimes 12....figure out if you get enough support from you shoes. Even the most comfy athletic shoes for me only give me good enough support to last about 4-6 hours on feet non stop. Add really good insoles can maybe get it to 8 hours. Reason I like Danskos is they have better support for me. But that is me....everyone is different...and everyone's feet are different. Better to spend a little extra money for whatever is going to work best for your feet.
  15. PghRN30

    St. Margarets school of nursing feb 2013

    The meet and greet day is nice to go to, but it really isnt super important unless you are still deciding on if you are really sure this is for you, or if are deciding between schools. You dont really spend the whole day with a student. Only an hour or a little longer. It is good time to ask questions of what thier experience has been like and such, but you really do not see how the whole day is, maybe a few tasks. The staff goes over some of the same stuff that will be covered on admissions day. You get the shadowing experience, and then you discuss and ask questions. Clinicals do start first semester. It is only one day a week, half day. (usually half the class on thursday, other half on friday....so you get the opposite day of the last 5 weeks) More just to get your feet wet, get you in, used to giving morning care, taking vitals, doing an assessment and charting. It starts the 3rd week, so you have 5 days total. In Basic 2, adult 1, and adult 2 you have pre clinical(meet your pt/get info) Monday, and clinical tue and wed. In growing family you generally have clinical thursday and friday, but that sometimes gets changed. Through those 4 terms, you typically have a test just about every other monday. Then class all 3 days you do not have clinical. You get some off days scheduled in, but not many