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  1. PghRN30

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    YAY....finally, License was posted on state board!!!! I am a RN!!!!! Now i just need a job
  2. PghRN30

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    it did say "delivery successful"
  3. PghRN30

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Does it work? Do you have to wait a ceratain amount of time before its accurate? Or is it never very accurate I just took NCLEX-RN this morning at 8:30, 75 questions, ~1 hour. Just got home and tried it and got the "good pop up" Is that too soon and just getting "have a test schedualled" because of that or does that really likely mean I passed? I really didn't think there was any chance I could fail if I shut off at 75, but it was hard, and a lot of SATA, so am still nervous.
  4. one of my nursing instructors when we did pharm review in our last semster said two biggest ones to remember is if is talking about interactions and asprin or lasix are an option, it is usually the answer. just saying. I have yet to see a question in review test or books that that was wrong on (sure there are but havent seen it)
  5. PghRN30

    OR training programs in PA

    I am not sure if you are still looking, or if Pittsburgh is an option for you, but UPMC has an OR nurse resedency program.....they are taking applications now for starting in Nov
  6. PghRN30

    What do you keep in your clinical bag?

    Also eatting well before clinical cuts down on need for snacks. With my current term ive been doing 12 hours shifts, both 7a-7p and 7p-7a, and i never go to a 12 hour shift without eating eggs and toast. Usually 3 srambled eggs (2 just whites, one whole) and a slice of cheese on toast...egg sandwich keeps me going for a while without being hungry. could go on a small lunch later in the shift and be fine
  7. PghRN30

    Holder vs. Neck Draping for Littmann Cardio III?

    I keep mine in my scrub coat pocket. If not wearing scrub coat, in scrub top pocket, but usually wear the coat. dont have to leave it anywhere, and it is not hanging.
  8. PghRN30

    Got a new pricey stethescope and it's no good!

    I know for nursing school I got the Prestige medical clinical I, it is comprable to the Littman classic II but costs a bit less. I know when if first tried it, I could not hear a dang thing out of it. It came with the hard ear pieces attached, and 2 sizes of soft earpieces. Put the small soft ear pieces on, and could hear beautifully.
  9. PghRN30

    UPMC Mercy, Shadyside and St. Maragret MERGING???

    Pretty much there will still be 3 seprate schools, but they will all be operated the same, same curriculum and such. I know St Margarets will have the biggest change, since as it is now our curriculum is the most different. Non nursing classes are completed on our own, most prior to addmission, not built into the program with another college. That is going to change. We also do not have a seperate psych course, seperate pharm course and such. Everything is just integrated together, we have Basic nursing 1, basic nursing 2, Adult nursing 1 (completes first year and first level, med surg nursing) (then 2nd level, second year)Adult nursing2 (Critical care), Growing family (Peds/maternity), and Professional nursing responsibily (transitions). All of that is competed in 19 months, instead of 22. That is all going to change for us from my understanding. I think we will also be 22 months, psych, pharm and such will have thier own courses. Curriculum can not change for current classes, as they were already started on the old track, the class that starts next Feb i think is supposed to be the first of the new curriculum. (we start Feb and June)
  10. PghRN30

    Ad for an MA program

    I think the reason for government potentially "going to be" getting involved in it isn't a "we need to protect people from themselfs" type thing. It has to do with the fact that government grants end up paying a chunk of it. Which government grants operate on the assumption that helping with getting someone a degree puts them in a better place to provide fore them selfs, which reduces their need for assistance, and then they also feed back into the tax basis of assistance, and into the economy. With these schools aiming at people that almost all will be eligable for those grants, and does not put them back into a better situation, its pretty much the govenment dumping money into a company to make people feel like they are improving their lives.
  11. PghRN30

    Ad for an MA program

    Eh, the "for profit" schools do the advertising, making it look prestegious, going to making "great money" when done (which yes it is better then minimum wage which is where most of the clientel are), and done in "no time" (and yes its fast compared to 4 year colleges). They aren't going to point out a MA is not a 4 year training elsewhere....they let people assume that they are paying the money for a fast track into "the medical field" "working along side Drs and nurses". Heck I love they always have the "pharmacy tech" ones running here. In most places, you can be a pharmacy tech with JUST on the job training and certification. Same with "restraunt management"......trust me, someone with several years working in a restraunt is going to get a manager position way before someone with the "restraunt management" certificate from such schools with no experience.
  12. PghRN30

    Thank you gift for a school nurse?

    I am a nursing student in my peds/OB semester. One thing we have to do is spend a day with a school nurse. I went to the high school of my son's school district and the main nurse for the district arranged for me to spend a day (next friday) with one of the elementry school nurses. I am going to write her a thank you card for her time, but I would also like to give her a small gift. Was thinking maybe just a giftcard, but was wondering if any school nurses had any better suggestions on something that would be a nice small gift. Thanks
  13. PghRN30

    Does your supervisor call & text you at all hours?

    I have not read all post, so I am sorry if anyone has hit on this, but the way I look at it, and have advised others to look at it (INCLUDING pts I have had that were going crazy with family calling thier cell phone) is this. I have a cell phone for MY convinence. No one else's. It is is so *I* can make/return calls when *I* want. So I can be available to take calls when *I* want. Period, end of story. No guilt. It is your convineince, not to be a leash for work or anyone else to always be able to get ahold of you (now kids with cell phones is a little different) If my son is somewhere and may need to call me, I have it on loud. If I am expecting a call I have it on loud. Otherwise, who knows what it is set on. May have it on silent or even airplane mode all day. If i only had a land line like i did when I was first on my own, I wouldn't have a phone on me when I went out, when I was at the store, out to dinner, at my parents. I would get a message when I got home, and return it if it wasn't too late to. Why not treat a cell phone the same. Yes do not be rude, do return a call, but you do not have to always be available to answer just because it is on you.
  14. PghRN30

    Did you learn IV in NS?!

    Once again, the REASON my school does not teach it is it is a hospital affiliated school in a VERY large hospital system, thus ALL of our clinicals are done in the system. And it is HOSPITAL policy in the system that NO students are to start IVs from any of the DOZENS of schools that rotate clinicals there. Thus where are we to get the clinical experience? And many of us from the school will work for this hospital system when we are done, I for one am signed up for tuition forgivness so owe them 2 years when I am done. So the hospital is going to resent me not being trained to do something THEY did not allow me to be trained in? Or be reluctant to hire because i lack a skill that THEY have demed to be something done "on the job" and want certified through them? Really THAT is the reason why schools do not teach it......Lack of being allowed to practice on clinical.....not schools being lazy. And since many hospitals have that policy, most will understand. Yes maybe it will tick off small rural hospitals that have limited resorces and want you to know it coming in, or nurses that feel that "*I* learned it in nursing school so you should have too", but for the most part you would probably find it to be a non issue.
  15. PghRN30

    Organizational MUST HAVES?

    A GOOD planner. I like moleskines weekly planner/journal, weekly planner on left page, right page just ruled page, tons of room for notes to myself. But whatever works best for you, monthly layout, weekly layout. Post it notes, post it page tabs. a good binder that deals with opening and closing a lot for power points......i like avery heavy duty. keep a 1" one i carry with me and 2-2.5" that i keep at home and empty the 1" one into after tested on material. Flash drive to keep on your key chain.....nothing ever beats having that when you need it....and its not too expensive to get one. Flash cards if that is how you study. Recorder, ipod with recorder, smart phone with recorder (if recording is allowed of course)
  16. PghRN30

    Did you learn IV in NS?!

    My nursing school we also did not insert IVs. It is actually a system wide hospital policy that students are not to start IVs from what I have heard. At the end of my critical care semester our instructor did show us how to on a fake arm, and allowed us to try if we wanted on that fake arm. Other then that, in the system, unless we are ED or ICU nurses, we will not be inserting IVs. The IV team is called.

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