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chicagoing has 8 years experience as a ADN, RN.

Passed NCLEX-RN June 2013!

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  1. chicagoing

    Nurses and their pens

    Another fan of Pentel Energel 0.5 mm in black! I label my pens with my name :)
  2. I am also a new grad...passed the NCLEX in June and didn't even start applying to jobs until October. I applied for exactly three: one hospital position and two in LTC (one in my city, the other 20 miles away). I received one rejection (hospital) and one call for an interview (LTC). I chose to work for the LTC facility (the one farther away) am now in my second week of training at the LTC facility and so far, it is enjoyable. We receive 8 weeks training and the pay is nice ($33/hour). As much as I would love a hospital job, I would rather be getting experience as an employed RN than work a non-nursing job (or no job at all) when the time comes to interview at a hospital. An employer will question why you're working a non-nursing job when there were opportunities to work as a nurse (even if the position was in LTC).
  3. chicagoing

    Washing scrubs

    I am a new grad and was require to wear scrubs during nursing school for clinical days only. I am not a germaphobe but always thought that once the scrubs left the house, they were "dirty". Even though I had two sets of tops/bottoms, I washed the one set as soon as I got home from the first clinical, so I could wear them the next day. I wouldn't want a student RN or RN to have intentionally come to work with scrubs that had not been washed since the last wearing.
  4. I took my exam on a Tuesday and did the PVT a few hours after I finished. I couldn't find my information on the testing service site even after my license posted.
  5. chicagoing

    Nursing Shoes

    Walmart Danskin Now white shoes with velcro. $12. Got me through two years of nursing school :)
  6. chicagoing

    Tragedy during program

    I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew...it is never easy to lose someone you love and it seems to hurt so much more when the person is young. I wanted to share with you my story from this past year. Nearly one year ago, my father was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer (this is one you do NOT want to get). I had just started what was considered the "hardest" course of my ADN program and this diagnosis last September knocked the wind out of me. I knew that this cancer was essentially a death sentence (a positive attitude helps, but it alone will not save someone). Since I lived at home with both parents, I had the opportunity to spend time with and care for him for many months, which was a blessing. My father died this past March, exactly 50 days before my pinning ceremony. I was there to hold his hand and tell him I loved him and I would NOT quit nursing school no matter what. That being said, your loss was so sudden....and I don't wish to compare experiences because loss and grieving is so individual. Being in the program this past year probably saved me from having a breakdown of sorts. ASK for HELP if you need it, both from nursing school friends and instructor. They are the ones who are going to be your family away from home and there's no better group of caring individuals than those in a nursing program :) But if you do feel as if you need time off to grieve now, there's no shame in doing so. (((hugs))) My story ended decently. I graduated with honors in May and passed the NCLEX June 18th. I took the summer off to decompress and will hopefully start job-hunting soon. Please message me if you need anything...
  7. I tried doing the above and my information was not in the system. I got the "good" pop-up an hour after I finished the NCLEX and paid the $8 two days later (PASS). I had heard of this other method from a classmate but it did not work for me.
  8. chicagoing

    Read any good books lately??

    My program's pinning ceremony was May 11. My RN license # posted to the IDFPR (Illinois) website July 16. I have read at LEAST 10 books in the past 65+ days!! :) (And I'm talking fluffy James Patterson and Danielle Steel books!)
  9. chicagoing

    What was your FIRST semester?

    Hello! My first semester of an ADN program was Fall of 2011. We were required to take Med Surg I (16 weeks) and Physical Assessment (8 weeks). MS I required 4 hours of lecture, 2 hours of lab, and 7 hours of clinical each week. The skills we learned and had "returns" on were passing oral medications, injections (sub-cutaneous and intra-muscular), IVs (hanging meds + tubing change only), IV piggyback, head to toe assessment, and Foley caths. Class time for physical assessment consisted of 2 hours each week. We learned basic head to toe and that's about it. :)
  10. That's a very good score! To answer your question, it depends on the scores of the rest of the applicant pool, as well as how much the score is weighted in the admission's process. I know that at my school, an applicant with a lower PAX score but straight A's in all the pre- and co-req courses (8 of them?) will be stronger during admissions than a student with a high PAX score and a C in one completed course.
  11. chicagoing

    Are "pre-reqs" really pre-reqs? and more...

    My community college only had 2 pre-requisite courses: A&P I and chemistry. All other courses were co-reqs, although it seems as though many of my fellow students have difficulty understanding the difference. More classes completed (pre- and co-reqs.) = more points on our application...so it made sense that many of us completed the bulk of these co-reqs. before we even applied. I'd look into how the applications are evaluated...if applicants at your school of interest receive more points for more classes completed, then you just may have to take classes while working just to have a competitive application. Also, I haven't heard of other schools requiring both the HESI and NET exams, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen (is there somebody at the college you can e-mail re: entrance exams?) Anywho... I've heard from a few former nursing students that if you can at all do this, finish these co-reqs. before you being your core nursing classes.
  12. Oooh, gotcha. Thanks. I thought caddy meant Cadillac...which would somehow lead to gold-digger.
  13. What is a caddy girl?
  14. FWB all the way. I gotta keep my eye on the prize and that does not include a boyfriend a long the way.
  15. chicagoing

    FAFSA for nursing students based on parents?

    I was just going to state the same. Thanks, Dudette.
  16. chicagoing

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    A&P II: A This was the last pre/co-req. class I needed to complete. And I've now officially accumulated 200 semester credit hours