13 pound infant...thank goodness it was c-section!

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I had to share this... :eek:


In L&D the largest baby I witnessed being born was 10 pounds.

The story doesn't mention if mom had GD...

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That's a big baby! My daughter was 10lbs. 2 oz. at a week early and natural. I couldn't imagine 13 lbs. naturally. Thank goodness it was a C-section at that size. :)



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hope they are on a really good blood sugar protocol...............

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We've had a 12.5 pounder....vag delivery too! whoops! Poor thing had bilateral brachial plexus :o Amazing thing though...the kids sugars were perfectly fine!

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I still remember a baby born, 13 lbs and at home. The only reason that I ever saw him was that he was I believe #17, and mom ended up damaging her pelvis and called for an ambulance to take her to hospital becuase of all of the pain. Paramedics noticed that baby didn't look great, you should have seen him in the crib in the NICU isolation room, filled the whole thing up.

And mom was not a diabetic.

That must have really hurt.............. :uhoh3:


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I witnessed the c-section birth of a 13 lb, 9 ounce baby girl once. Mom was diabetic and had a history of big babies. This kid had a 15 inch head and long black hair that curled around her neck. She was 24 inches long. None of our nursery blankets were big enough and dad had to run to walmarts for bigger baby blankets.

I always loved the big babies. They always loved to be cuddled. And I always loved to cuddle them.

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I attended the birth of a 11lb. 2oz baby boy back in March. This was turned out to be a c-section, but mom really wanted to get natural... as in NO epidural, not just a vag delivery. It was a wonderful birth though. What actually got me was that the doc seemed disappointed that she didn't want to go for a vag delivery!! I tell ya, this type of doc is rare this day and age. :coollook:

Editing: Forgot to mention that even though mom was a bit overweight, she was not diabetic and baby's sugars were fine. His sister weighed over 9lbs 2 years ago.

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Man and I thought my last was big at 9 lbs. 10 oz!!! My MIL's neighbor had an 11 lb. some odd ounce boy with no meds. what-so-ever. It was her sixth though so she was probably used to it! LOL!


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My little brother was 12.13.

I gave my first injection to my mom when I was 4 years old!


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My preceptor midwife caught a 12 pound, 9 ounce baby boy at home a couple of years ago. They made USAToday as the biggest baby born in UT in a decade or more. Natural birth, no tearing. No GD.


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renerian :eek:


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Nevermind giving birth to it, it must have been a HUGE and uncomfortable task carrying that baby the last few weeks!!

I know on my parenting board right now we've got a couple ladies around 30 weeks that are complaining about how uncomfortable they are lately, can you imagine a 13 lb fetus inside you?!? :eek:

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